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Desired lump of

got acquainted With future husband on the Internet. Nearly a month of correspondence and first meeting. It is love at first sight, from the first word. After everyday meetings within a month I learn that it has me not one, and to tell more true, - at that time he lived with the woman. I endured such news very painfully! Managed to fall in love with it and did not hope any more for anything, everyday threats from that girl did not stop and from its party no actions especially existed... But month through three we already lived on the rental apartment. Decided to go to have a rest at the sea, but already there I felt sick during the heat and tore at one drink of wine. About pregnancy and the speech did not go though from the very first day of our acquaintance we were not protected and both dreamed of the child.


In a week after arrival home, at a delay in couple of days decided to make the test unknown to darling. While my boyfriend was busy with soccer viewing, went to make small fraud with the test in a bathtub and... did not believe the eyes - two stripes! From such shock even the voice was gone somewhere, and thoughts everything mixed up. Ran behind phone (I cannot still understand, why) and it was again locked in a bathroom: began to keep ringing to the girlfriend. My blessed decided that I change it and took in head to catch “on a crime scene“ - rushed into a bathroom. But I already swung before his nose this test. How many at it was emotions! Even athletes do not jump so high, and eyes shone with happiness as two beams in darkness. So our first pregnancy began! Everything that happened to me, he endured at all not less me.

a week More I did every day in the morning the test, and every day there were two stripes. I could not believe in it in any way. Went to paid clinic to do ultrasonography - of 5 - 6 weeks, showed my future baby and gave a picture. In a week began to feel sick me every day, and I almost ate nothing. Began to grow fat and considerably felt that it is not enough what I get into. On the term 7 - 8 weeks was hospitalized with suspicion on appendicitis, made a laparoscopy and left to lie in the same place 2 more weeks with not confirmed diagnosis.

After an extract 2 more weeks sat on the sick-list and suffered with toxicosis. But I promptly grew fat! Each ultrasonography showed that everything is good, but so there was no wish to go to work (I only settled and did not manage even to understand the functions). Therefore, referring to waist pains and in a stomach bottom, sat on the sick-list.

In the third trimester again toxicosis, stomach muscles painfully stretched. Sleeplessness and fear of childbirth tormented at night.

of PDR was put on on April 13 - 15... And on April 12 in the evening I felt strange pains in a stomach bottom - called “ambulance“ and took away maternity hospital with fights. So far reached until changed clothes and issued and defined in chamber prenatal - fights stopped... Transferred to pathology where I till the morning lay on an inconvenient bed. Almost did not sleep at night. Woke up in the morning, and pressure is lowered - I cannot move. The nurse gave to tea with cookies, and it became better. Called the husband - I did not want to lie and wait. It came tearing along and took away me, but so far went home, fights infrequent, but strong began again. Descended with the husband in shop, he even entrusted to carry one package, walked on the area. And, when it was impossible to go already in general as on each fight skryuchivat nearly in half, went home. I moved to a bathroom, the husband - made a dinner. On ignorance I burst while could sit, laid down - it became easier not. Waited to the last. In 21. The 30th husband called “ambulance“, the doctor examined, wrote down... Also took away...

B 22. 30 I already were in maternity hospital. Again registration, made an enema - it became easier, tore terribly as before these ate. Did not watch time at all, appear, there passed the whole eternity until from prenatal transferred to a rodblok. The shower was not, the ball was not given too. Lay with the fastened device KTG to a stomach, shouted and writhed from pain during fights and watched how the car fixes heartbeat and the movement of the kid... At 9 in the morning told that now the anesthesiologist will come, and it will be easier for me. But these came only in 11 “now“. All night long midwifes looked on me periodically and encouraged. After the anesthesiologist allowed to have a rest some time, but it was not succeeded to have a sleep. Disclosure was watched twice: before taking away in patrimonial and when were going to pass to a chair.

So far the head of the kid did not fall, I both lay, and went on boxing, and stood at a couch, and all followed from me and followed... I shouted loudly as I thought, but it was the most obedient for that shift and the most silent. Transferred to a chair, and process “tuzhsya - not tuzhsya“ began. Tried to do what was asked, but the brain which is disconnected still on arrival in maternity hospital refused to give necessary commands. - pressed thanks to the doctor on a stomach at the most necessary moment, and in a moment I saw how for a coat hanger pull the peanut. Such dark, small and groaning. Pain passed instantly, and it was replaced by happiness tears.

it was put on a stomach and put to a breast. So Valerka weighing 2670 gr was born. and 49 cm in height

should have These feelings, you will not tell it and you will not explain. For the sake of such small lump it was worth suffering so. In five days we were already at home. And now to it year, and we wait for the second childbirth...