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Summer language camp: we have a rest and study at the same time!

Summer, sun, sea, beach! What can be better than these integral components of good rest, especially, for children?! It is possible to spend vacation with a bigger advantage, having sent the child to summer language camp. So it will turn out to kill two “hares“ at once: to strengthen children`s immunity and to improve knowledge of a foreign language.

Summer educational camp become more popular than

every year. For a long time the stereotype sank Into oblivion that only the most wealthy parents are able to afford to train children abroad. Today the market is rich with any offers and is capable to satisfy not only the most experienced client, but also the one who looks for option “cheaper“. At the same time quality of the provided services remains at permanently high level.


Before shipping the child outward, it is necessary to approach with special care the choice of the country and the most language camp. It is the best of all to address for consultation in the company specializing in education abroad. It is strongly recommended to use services of that firm which is registered in the Federal register of tour operators. It means that the organization has financial guarantees and in case of unforeseen situations it will be possible to receive material compensation. Such companies bear heavy responsibility for the clients and approach the work with professionalism. Besides, it is desirable to specify how long the firm exists in the market of educational tourism. Long history of the company demonstrates that her experts know all subtleties of the organization of trips of children, possess the checked information on concrete educational institutions, are informed on all special offers and have personal contacts with representatives of foreign educational schools, colleges, camps, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS.


Choosing language camp, it is necessary to specify many important points:


Having chosen optimum for the child and your finance option, you can be sure that the forthcoming summer will for a long time be remembered to your son or the daughter by bright events, new friends and fascinating acquaintance to other country. And still - training process, knowledge of a foreign language through games and communication, but not just through habitual school textbooks. By the way, experts revealed that for a month of intensive studying of language abroad the child acquires as much, how many in a year at usual high school!

are Most popular

summer language camp in various cities of England. Each of them is unique and has the set of “options“. To democratic it is possible to carry Hayling Island (Portsmouth), summer language schools in Malverna, Stratford on Avon and the Southern Hastings. The prices - from 1070 euros. At this Hayling Island, for example, is ideally suited for sports teenagers. He settles down on the sea coast and offers the pupils a big variety of water sports. Also in its territory there are constructions for rock-climbing, tennis courts. Regularly here sports meets, games, excursions and other entertaining actions are held. At the heart of teaching English the communicative technique which is directed to increase in fluency of the speech and expansion of a lexicon is put here.

the Camp in Malverna is nice that in it the Russian children plunge more on the English Wednesday and culture as here not so many Russian-speaking study. In the center a language course is carried out standard and intensive (30 lessons a week). Distinctive feature of a campus is existence fine new fitness - a complex. There is an indoor pool, playgrounds and tennis courts. Also all students, at desire, can play equestrian sport or football with coaches of sports club “Chelsea“.

More experienced parents, as a rule, give preference to intensive courses of language with training in pass - groups. The most popular option - Rugby School school. It is one of schools most known around the world - boards - the hallmark of Great Britain. The campus on the basis of which a summer language course for children and teenagers is conducted settles down on 20 hectares of the earth. In this huge territory there are educational offices equipped state-of-the-art, premises and sports constructions. In it, the built in the form of the lock, educational institution the movie about Harry Potter was shot! This schools became history also the fact that in it for the first time played in rugby. Here the best traditions of the English classical education in combination with modern pedagogical developments are presented in the “pure“ form. Highly skilled teachers of Rugby School created own technique of training in English of foreigners and publish original manuals and materials. Every evening at school entertaining actions and excursions will be organized. The wide choice of sports sections is offered to pupils: swimming in 25 - meter the six-band pool, training in a gym, occupations on one of 32 open tennis courts, game in soccer and, of course, in rugby. On the termination of a course, Rugby School carries out official language examination - Trinity Exam. This “option“ is considered very successful because by results of children, parents will be able to see fruits of efforts of the child, work of the teacher and success of the capital investments at once!

But not only England attracts parents and children from around the world with the summer language schools. Also many are attracted also by solar Spain. Popular nurseries of camp where teach Spanish, are in Benidorm and Guadalajara. The program of training in them is designed for younger school students therefore includes many active and informative occupations. Loading standard - 20 lessons a week. Often local camp accept on training and rest as well the Spanish children (to 60%) therefore the Russian school students have a fine opportunity to practice language and just to communicate with the peers during sports occupations, excursions and evening entertainments.

Multy Activity Camp Camp “Lope de Vega (Benidorm) settles down on the southern coast of Spain, in several minutes from the beach. Children can be engaged in different types of sport here - tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming and so forth. The school conducts weekly tours and departures in thematic and Akwa - parks. Besides, every day pupils of camp can have a rest and play on the magnificent comfortable beach under supervision of teachers of school.

Other popular camp Nature Camp “Sollanillos“ (Guadalajara) is in one of the most picturesque corners of Spain, in places where Don Quixote Lamanchsky lived and wandered. The educational institution “hid“ among mountains and forest area of the known park Alto Tajo National Park. It will regularly allow children to go to fascinating campaigns, to ride the mountain bicycle and a canoe. The program of training in language included also classes in studying of environment and ecology.

Well and, of course, one more tempting country is Malta, exactly there many parents prefer to send the children for the period of summer vacation. The Language center camp in Slim`s city is very popular among the Russian tourists. The warm sea, a genial sunshine, magnificent beaches what else is necessary for the child? And here except the first-class teaching English its carriers offer a set of various excursions, highly topical entertainment programs and sporting events. Other dignity of Malta - in very democratic prices.

the Choice of the countries and summer language schools is really huge

. And it is not so important to what educational institution you will give the preference. Training and rest in language camp anyway will become for the child not only useful and pleasant pastime, but also will leave the mass of unforgettable impressions for the rest of life!