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Children`s footwear: whether the fashion is necessary to the child?

the Fashion brands which are letting out stylish footwear for women are forced to fight for a place in the sun constantly: the most severe competition forces even the well-known names to think out new projects constantly. Often fashion brands begin to address not only women of fashion, but also to their children - offering new collections of design children`s footwear. Certainly, footwear from the famous designer even if also the nursery, assumes higher quality, than children`s sandals from inexpensive shop. However whether the child needs expensive footwear with a fashionable label?

the Habit to dress children in design clothes and footwear of the woman was borrowed from the Hollywood stars buying clothes from the best-known brands not only for children, but even for pets. Considering it, there is nothing surprising that Tom Cruise`s spouse of Cathie Holmes considers absolutely normal to buy the little daughter sandals on heels from Christian Louboutin. The design children`s footwear is let out not only by Louboutin, but also tens of other, not less known, fashion brands.

Design children`s footwear

For fashion brands children became the same promising clients long ago, as well as their mothers: the quantity of the collections of children`s footwear changing from a season during a season does not concede to collections female. Today at desire and presence of the sufficient sum it is possible to find fashionable children`s footwear for the child of any age - from the one-year-old kid to 13 - summer the teenager.

For the smallest stylish footwear is let out by the British Burberry fashion brand:“ the business card“ a brand, a characteristic pattern in a cage, decorates tiny boots and autumn boots for children under two years. The well-known Converse brand, whose gym shoes are carried by both teenagers, and adults, especially for kids produces small models of gym shoes of bright coloring which for certain will be pleasant to little dandies: orange, green, blue, pink shades. Stylish gym shoes for boys can be found also in collections of the children`s Prada footwear, and in the Gucci collection - to meet tiny boots for one-year-old kids in a recognizable company coloring of the Italian brand.

Certainly, for girls the choice is much more various - the quantity of the different models of footwear for girls produced by fashion brands does not concede to a variety of models for adult women. It is possible to find maiden footwear in design collections for every taste: sports gym shoes, classical flats, summer sandals, tiny shoes on a flat sole, stylish rubber boots.

the Prada Brand, for example, suggests mothers to accustom since the childhood girls to fashion by means of stylish flats and sandals from golden or silvery skin with various jewelry - from brilliant stones to coquettish bows. Michael Kors included a series of the summer bedroom-slippers with a simple design on a flat pith sole which are also decorated with brilliant stones in the children`s line. The footwear from the Ralph Lauren collection - stylish shoes and flats on a flat sole from a brilliant patent leather of bright flowers will become the real gift for the little woman of fashion.

Stylish footwear for children is let out even by the designer John Galliano famous for the extravagant creations for adult women. The fashionable children`s footwear from John Galliano is, first of all, the convenient and practical rubber and leather boots decorated with stylish prints.

Should noting

of Advantage of fashionable children`s footwear that the majority of the fashion brands which are engaged in creation of collections of children`s footwear does not follow Louboutin`s example, carefully considering standard recommendations of orthopedists. It is known that the children`s footwear has to be much more convenient, than the footwear of the adult, and should not influence the correct development of a small leg. For this reason from the largest fashion brands it is impossible to find models in the majority of collections of children`s footwear on rather high, as at notorious Louboutin, heels. In the majority designers stop on a flat sole or footwear on “correct“, low, to one centimeter a heel.

At design children`s footwear it is valid to eat the advantages - if not to pay attention to rather high price. The main advantage is, undoubtedly, high quality of materials: buying design children`s footwear, it is possible to be sure of its gigiyenichnost.