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Memoirs of young mummy

to my kid 4 years. I am young mother. I confess, it is pleasant to me that, despite age, I can speak about myself so. My firstborn and his younger brother is divided by nearly 20 years. I nursed all the kids. But as differently it was!

1986. To me - 21, and I look forward to a meeting with the kid to whom (I feel it, and it is very notable) already bothered to sit at me in a tummy. About the magic word ultrasonography we then did not hear so we just in case laid up two most beautiful names - both for the girl, and for the boy. For now I try to learn as much as possible. There is not a lot of books about care of the newborn in library, but they are. Plus articles in the Zdorovye magazine (houses are stored filings for several years). I draw a conclusion: to feed the long-awaited and already madly favourite kid I will be, of course, a breast: a mother`s milk - the most useful.

I here at last our first meeting. The midwife shows me for a moment of the kid whom I after the endured pain and that do not manage to consider - says that I have a boy and... Carries away it to other room.

In small chamber us only three. In other chambers of our maternity hospital on six women: in the city birth rate peak. We look forward when bring us children on feeding. It is already instructed. In the sacks attached to a bed back - a gauze mask on the person, a kerchief. They need to be put on, and to disinfect a breast before feeding Furacilin solution.

here wash with

I a synulk nearby. If you think that I managed to make out it properly, are mistaken! A strong parcel, a head it is covered with a kerchief. A finger I try to weaken it a little: curiously, what color of a volosika? But, alas, it is not possible to make out them.

I Bring

to a breast: there is a contact! As it is healthy! My small miracle with me, it should hurry and to eat properly - soon it together with other kids will be taken away before the following feeding. The sonny tries. But what is it? the Stomach is cut by severe pain, still a spasm. In the face of a tear, hardly I constrain shout: I cannot frighten small. I suffer with the last bit of strength, but to sustain torture not in my forces. I give the kid to the medical sister. The doctor explains: it happens, when feeding by a breast the uterus is strongly reduced, from here and pain.

Before the subsequent feedings the anesthetizing tablets will give me

. Not too - that they will help, but, at least, pain can be born.

of Children was carried away. And wait for us... circles. Yes, the big enameled circles in which we have to decant the milk remains. We try. Well anyhow: both physicians, and clever articles in books and magazines are unanimous: the milk which remained after feeding in a breast needs to be decanted, otherwise it will be developed less and can be gone absolutely! Of course, I cannot allow it.

Here we and houses. Mother diligent feeds a liquid me tea with milk - that my milk was produced in quantities, sufficient for our most important family member.

I was never able to Sew

. But it was necessary. In shops it is impossible to choose something decent from lots of a synthetic disgrace. And I needed a cotton brassiere with a fastener in front that it was more convenient to feed. Moreover such that it was inside possible to thrust a diaper: milk constantly leaks. And here I diligently draw a pattern, being guided by the book on the dressmaking published till my birth.

Not the masterpiece, of course, but can be carried.“ “ The on tailoring of brassieres to repeat a feat I not in forces, and this, one and only, it is necessary to erase every evening that in the morning to put on pure.

in time between feedings (recommendations of physicians - to feed on hours - I try to carry out) milk arrives so many that the breast, apparently, here - here will burst. The scary word - mastitis - pursues me. If properly not to decant the milk remains, it will stand and will appear this mastitis! Treatment - quick! To avoid it, after feeding I squeeze out everything that is possible of a breast - and it bulks up, hurts, the slightest consolidation which I grope horrifies me: here it, mastitis!

Not each my contemporary could sustain it! Pomuchivshis, little girls tied up to themselves a breast and transferred kids to small bottles. I stood. Nothing in comparison with happiness to hold all these inconveniences at a breast of my small, my native...

1995. Here and the finest female name was useful! I gave birth to the daughter. In chamber we together. Nearby - its small bed. A lot of things changed since the birth of her senior brother. Even country now another. And children in it is born much less.

But which - that changes and for the better. Here physicians understood, for example, that it is better for baby to be since the birth together with mummy. And it is necessary to feed him not on hours and when requests. And to be decanted, squeezing out of a breast everything to a last straw - it is superfluous.

Close my acquaintance to the daughter took place not after an extract from maternity hospital as it was with the son, and much earlier. Handles, legs, volosik - made out everything in the first hours!

But and here did not do without problems. For some reason the milk was late. Dense colostrum did not suit my girl any more. There was a wish to it bigger, and she explained me it with the angry tone. It was necessary to run for help to the doctor.

the Vial of dairy mix the daughter exhausted

at the moment. Also fell asleep. For the whole days! I went around a bed, took it on hands, swaddled - is useless! And when she at last woke up, the milk in my breast already waited for it. My lassie set a diet itself - “when I want“. Mother`s breast always nearby!

2006. In chamber I - the most senior, the most skilled. But, My God, again all for the first time! My kid does not recognize diapers: sleeps, having stretched small handles and legs... near me! Carefully I shift sleeping in a bed - in a few minutes wakes up, begins to grumble. And how he for the second day of the life thought what it is better to sleep at mother near by?

One more opening. It appears if the child is on breastfeeding, water does not need to be given it! “Unless animals give to drink to the suckers water?“ To be decanted? What nonsense! So much milk how many it is necessary for the kid is produced. Well why I did not know about it 20 years ago?