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Trip to Bulgaria of

I will tell At once that decided on this enterprise under the influence of Sergey Kharitonov`s stories (see the website “Children - Ancestors“, rest with children) and Andrey Taranik (net. ru/bulgaria. htm). Actually, after Andrey`s story I purposefully went to Kranevo (previously having written off with it what I express it big gratitude for), but life disposed differently. And I am not sorry!

So, bothered to overpay for permits to travel agencies the mad sums. Decided that I will cope itself and this time I will have a rest cheap. Approximately a month before estimated date of departure stopped by at the Central railway agency (Moscow, Leningrad pr - t, 1) and bought two tickets to Varna (adult and children`s) with open date. In a consequence (in thirty days prior to date of arrival) bought the return tickets. Tickets (usual 4 - a local compartment) cost 2 classes to me in total amount about 206 dollars. Then, in rossiysko - the Bulgarian firm I bought the voucher for 20 dollars, there it is possible to enter up to 4 people. The visa to Bulgaria is not required.

of Missile defense a trip by train can be considered it in detail in Sergey and Andrey`s stories. From myself I will tell what put this quite tiresome. And, not driving per se, and parking on border check-points, change of wheels and noisy fellow travelers tired. On the other hand, looked at Romania (it very much was pleasant to my daughter) - continuous fields and pastures, feeling of some boundless space.

As I was also told, in Varna on the platform began to offer various options at once. Moreover, right there at the station there was a room bureau. Also room bureau I saw on the street of the CAR Simeon through the railway area. But in Varna I did not want to remain, to us the offer in Balchike (on a photo very much it was pleasant to me) unexpectedly turned up and we went. Here - that I also made a booboo: I was deceived by the taxi driver, told that to Balchik to reach costs about 15 dollars, and then began to demand thirty (on the counter). Really there to go 40 km is on the counter about 25 dollars (i.e. by a taxi it is not favorable). But I then did not know it, but now on it will not deceive me. Back we did the same way for 5 dollars: by a taxi to bus station, then on the minibus to Varna, then again by a taxi to the railway station. Cheap but good.

In Balchike we got a job in hotel for 6,5 dollars from the person in days (registration cost - registrations is included into this price), it is possible to settle cheaper. Number was modest, but, naturally, with conveniences and a balcony overlooking the sea. Nearby there was an amazing Botanical garden with the Palace of the Romanian queen Maria. In general, this garden eclipsed on impression even the sea, me so favourite. On the value and beauty this garden is considered the second in Europe after Monegasque. Sea of flowers, various trees, city of cactuses (more than 200 types), falls, fountains, various water sources, ancient magometyansky nagrobny plates, Christian crosses, chapel. In the middle of this magnificence of an arbor, twined greens, country houses, twigs, and on the seashore the palace - the museum. Through this garden we went down every day on the beach since the hotel stood on some eminence. In general, an entrance to the Botanical garden paid (2 dollars from the adult and 0,25 from the child), but it is possible to make the admission, than we also did not fail to use. For 11 days it cost us for two 7,5 dollars. And it costs also not such money!

the city of Balchik - very ancient city, is considered the most beautiful on the northern Bulgarian coast. It is a lot of buildings from a white stone with a tile, the feeling does not quit world. In it there are three museums: historical, ethnographic and art (we were in historical). Still there very much I recommend to visit the Terrarium (for two dollar with small), and pleasures … I did not see it anywhere, even in Moscow Zoo. The spineless turtle was especially remembered (without armor), and the nose at her was the patch.

Well and of course, the sea of restaurants, cafe, snek - bars etc. The food is, however, more expensive, than in Varna, but is all the same cheap. We had breakfast for 2,5 - 3 dollars (cappuccino, hot chocolate, the panirovanny fried cheese, an omelet). Had dinner and had supper approximately for 5 dollars. And it with beer in the afternoon and wine in the evening (for me, certainly). Inexpensive fruit directly from Balchik`s dachas (peaches, pears, grapes, water-melons, melons, tomatoes). Beer and wine simply the most tasty! And what fish and how many her types! In palace park is twined an ivy and wild grapes tea with various cakes. You sit in white wicker chairs or sofas, you drink tea, you eat cake and you admire a twig with water-lilies which is located between little tables.

In Balchike many Bulgarians have a rest though also Russians meet, Ukrainians, heard also German and French speech. The situation is very quiet if is where scandal, then from our compatriots.

On “The new beach“ paid Akwa - a hill is, it is happy abrupt (to me there was a little starshnovato) (0,5 dollars), the pool (too 0,5 dollars, but the daughter ran so, nobody asked money). With the paid beach the same history: in 11 days money from us took only three times (on dollar). The water bicycle costs 1,5 dollars in 30 minutes and 2,5 - for hour


Still to us very much liked velosipedik for two, hire them and drive about in the evening on the embankment (2 dollars - 30 minutes). In the same place open engines go.

can buy

In local travel agency excursion to Nessebar for the whole day (20 dollars for the adult and 15 for the child, and to go for 100 km), to Istanbul for 2 days (59 dollars from the adult), in a dolphinarium in Varna. In the same place it is possible to remove housing. Address of travel agency: Mr. Balchik, Ribarski Square, 2). Still saw room bureau on st. The sea is black, it is the central city street. On the same street, is closer to bus station there is an Internet cafe (0,5 dollars in 30 minutes) which I could not pass, without having visited.


Actually, in Balchik to be engaged is what, the nature magnificent, the city is as if in mountains, it is a lot of small lizards that is pleasant to kids, wonderful air. And, above all, I very much liked Bulgarians. The fine relation, quiet and lovely people, very much love children, the Russian understand without problems. I.e. you feel, like a duck to water. In all institutions greet you, talk, are interested in life, and it is not formal, and is sincere. The owner of a pizzeria in which we had breakfast constantly entertained my whimsical daughter, did for us special dishes which were not in the menu, greeted on 5 times a day, became for us just a friend, acquainted with the children. We so did not want to leave from there. My daughter and told that she wants to remain here for all summer, and it seldom happens to her.


In general, Bulgaria pleasantly surprised me, I did not expect that I will so pleasantly have a rest. Also all this pleasure cost us 580 dollars for two (including all!) and could be cheaper (a case with a taxi). Still we there bought silver (it there cheap) what we are very glad to (still plus 20 dollars for earrings, a ring for me both a bracelet and a kulonchik - a small lizard for the daughter).

Travel by “savage“ takes, this, some kind of, romanticism - to go to uncertainty, to choose on the place, to plan everything independently. It is pleasant to feel free. Perhaps, next year I will try to experiment still where - nibud. Bulgaria - fine start!