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Secondary professional education of

Abroad these crisis years is considered that the education level at the person is higher, the more really to it to find a job. Russia did not reveal such interrelation of analytics - and the person wishing to subdue domestic labor market will need to count also on the personal qualities.

it is Even better for em - to seize a profession which primary or secondary professional education will give you. Cashiers and household appliances repair technicians it is more necessary than lawyers and economists today.

People also stoskovatsya by

by “simple“ professions. The set on hundreds spontaneously organized the master - classes is daily carried out - and there persons interested to study are willingly flown down in spite of the fact that they as a result will not receive any documents on education.

It is unconditional, soap manufacture, production of a beads, the photo and a fulling of felt products - it is very interesting, however, maybe, to spend several years, to master specialty from wider range (protezno - orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment, architecture, technology of skin and fur, hotel service, animation, oil refining and gas, etc.) - and to gain the sound diploma?

it is not casual at educational institutions of an average and higher education much in common even from a formality.

  • the Small school is more modest than big university, but also there, and the subject and appeal commissions are created here.
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  • For results of entrance tests accepted a hundred-mark scale too.
  • is forbidden to count for
  • results of training at training courses as entrance tests Too.
  • As well as in higher education institutions, the budgetary and paid places are possible
  • here.
  • an Opportunity to submit the application for several specialties - please, available and it.
  • If the winner or the prize-winner of the final stage of the All-Russian Olympic Games of school students or the member of the Russian national team in the international Olympic Games shows willingness to go not to higher education institution, and in technical school - it and here is waited by privileges at receipt.
  • Contract specialists here too study
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  • Secondary professional education in Russia, as well as the highest, is available even to foreigners (for example - to compatriots abroad).
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  • And also create special conditions of receipt for citizens with limited opportunities of health.
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  • that the competition is only in higher education institutions. Nevertheless both colleges, and technical schools, and schools conduct reception on a competitive basis: the formulation in the law such is.
  • the Eternal student will be not only in university library. As students of higher education institutions can get two higher educations, and the pre-university sphere of comprehension of professions can face the enthusiast who got at first primary professional education, and then the second - already average professional. Also people meet the higher education, at already mature age crossed a threshold of college as pupils.
  • Rosobrnadzor quite “on - university“ establishes to
  • a certain minimum of points in school objects below which the graduate of school who is going to get secondary professional education cannot have (the technical school tells these figures to entrants no later than June 20).

So should not askance snobbish at technical schools as on a shelter of mediocre pupils. Especially as selection committee it is important whether you have creative abilities what your physical training and a psychological portrait - in the relevant educational institutions.

Unless the chairman of a selection committee in higher education institutions - the rector, here - the director. To study not so long, practicians - on the contrary, it is more... Is and which - that else!

the Main general education - so is called the educational level of the children who left incomplete secondary school. These are the main entrants of technical schools and colleges. They pass entrance tests - and by results arrive or is not present. (To begin to file documents it is possible on June 20.)

you the person who is not attracted by the USE form? And if to graduate from school a bit earlier - and to go to school? Local examinations can be pleasant to you. They here for every taste - old kind oral, old kind written, listening, viewing, interview...

is Also permitted to consider total results for that academic year at school in which you left it. If the former eleventh-grader was going to technical school, it shows results of USE and in the presence of additional entrance tests passes also them.

If the eleventh-grader “strongly former“ - that is graduated from school before 2009, to it not to pass entrance examinations in technical school. In the absence of results of uniform examination it is necessary to be registered till July 5 that all - to pass the Unified State Examination.

the New order of inclusion in technical schools, colleges and schools was entered by the order of the Ministry of Education recently: last year. Each educational institution annually invents also the Regulations of Admission - and it is possible and it is necessary if only the imagination of administration did not contradict the law. Well and, of course, if only by the beginning of spring these rules as hung a month on the websites and were available to arriving. Information for the ended 11 classes should appear later: On April 1 (it is possible to trust it).

the List of specialties is made by

now in a different way. It became convenient to those children who at choice of profession proceed from the answer to a question “What objects I know better?“ : to each set of objects there corresponds the group of specialties, and it is possible to recheck once again what occupations you want in your future professional life. Was not so earlier: that group of specialties had to be looked for - to collect according to all list.

the Extreme number of paid places is established by

in the license of technical school or college. And the number of places this year will become known on June 1.

two entrance tests Are obligatory for

: the Russian and profile subject (according to the all-Russian List of entrance tests).

At receipt pay attention that average special educational institutions have two versions of programs - for basic or profound preparation (depending on specialty).