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The vanity fair in the market of private schools

In today`s rich market of private education the choice of “the“ private school answering as to modern requirements to the graduate, so expectations of parents is skillful skill. Fortunately, it is available not only to the elite. It can be seized, having answered a number of at first sight plain questions.


What dictated your choice of private school?

It is the first question which you have to set to yourself if as a result you want that your child was trained in private educational sector. The answer will clear not only your own hopes, but those hopes which you lay on the child. For parents whose sacral desire is to do everything possible that their child appeared in “League of the Ivy“ (I will explain that this association from 8 oldest exclusive educational institutions of the USA among which there is Harvard and Yale), private school, certainly, the right and unique choice. In that case, of course, if the child differs in sufficient diligence, independence and absolute responsibility. The system of private education will suit also parents who are more modest in the desires, but, nevertheless, make the choice for traditional values as that: the equal and mutually respectful relations of the pupil and teacher, worthy professional communication of participants of educational process, an individual approach, solid team, cooperation both in collective, and beyond its limits, and also disciplinary norms which accord with the parental vital principles.

Some parents want to find

in private school what they cannot provide the house. Believe, this desire is impracticable even the most brilliant professionals. To expect that the teacher will din in the head of the teenager - the rebel simple truth which parents did not manage to din for so many years into it in a house situation, not only it is unfair, but also it is simply unreal.

How many you are ready to spend for the road to school daily?

have not enough

of good, rather elite private schools in Moscow. Expensive, reliable private schools of full day even less. It is necessary to spend 45 - 50 minutes only for the road “there“. You should not forget that the road will back borrow in 2 - 3 time longer. You are ready to doom yourself to vegetation of precious time in the Moscow traffic jams? Weigh as additional transportation costs will be reflected in your family budget. Believe that answers to these questions are related not only to your way of life, but to educational prospects for which you wait from private school.

How many you are ready to spend for training monthly?

Not less important question. Especially now, in the conditions of even unresolved financial crisis. The considerable quantity of the families which sent the children to private schools faced that it is necessary to leave with the fallen in love, become family, educational institution from - for suddenly arisen inability to incur considerable expenses for training of the child.

of What is wanted by your child?

Strangely enough it to hear to parents, persons interested only the best for the children, children have own desires and expectations connected with education too. One are so talented in sport that will be inclined rather to private school which will be able to bring up in them future “Olympic hopes“. Others seriously are interested in science and, therefore, their choice is directed to school which will help to develop scientifically - the technical sphere of knowledge. The same for which the big care and more attentive relation from teachers and psychologists is necessary, respectively, choose school where the main emphasis is placed on health saving technologies.

What values are regarded by

as of paramount importance?

the Question which by right could become the first. Why to you to sit down with the son or the daughter and to ask them to write ten ideas which are important for them at the choice of private school? Give them the chance to write everything that personally they consider for themselves important. Big ware lockers, flamenco lessons after classes, improbable drama, art or photographic studio. By the way, parents need to make the same. Compare your results and you remember that not to you, and your child to study at this school. Not to you, but it to look for further the place in the sun. Talk to it frankly, do not criticize and impose the opinion, hear your child, try to understand that it is really necessary for it.

How many school “honeymoon“ will last?

It is undoubted, studying of the market of private schools, so-called “shopping - a pritsenivaniye“, visits “days opened doors“ will be occupied by a lot of time, on average one or two years, depending on that, how sharply there was a question of receipt in private school or how in details you approach its choice. Anyway, give to your decision as to expensive wine, hold time. Do not allow one unsuccessful dialogue with the secretary or protection of school to cross out all made efforts to find “your“ school. Of course, in case you regard incorrectly chosen manner of conversation of one of employees as the fact of manifestation of irresponsibility from administration of school, then is an indisputable occasion to recognize insolvency of private schools personally for you and to sharply change the chosen course of the ship “The Best Education for My Child“. Anyway, I recommend to give to school on which you stopped the choice, at least “honey half a year“. Ideal schools, as well as ideal people do not happen.

In what circle of parents you will personally feel

most comfortably?

Let`s look at

to the truth in eyes - not with all people it is possible to be without serious consequences in one space for an appreciable length of time. If you feel though the slightest discrepancy, the existing rules and norms seem to you inappropriate, and parents of children with whom it is necessary to study your child, not your field of berry, it is worth recognizing that this private school, most likely, not for you. At “your“ school you have to feel at home. And it does not mean at all that the house situation has to prevent the child to gain high worthy knowledge. Just you remember that yours the son or the daughter are going to carry out if not all ten here, then at least one year of the life therefore the comfort and the internal favorable and healthy atmosphere have to be put into the forefront.

As soon as you decided by

on the choice of “your“ private school, passed entrance tests and provided achievements of your child of administration of school to the best advantage, it is necessary to wait patiently that “your“ private school will consider you the pupil.