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Gripes at newborns: the reasons and means of fight

Newborn babies look very vulnerable and fragile. Parents, having seen the child crying, quite often test confusion and do not know what to do. And the discontent of kids of the first months of life is attributed most often to intestinal gripes - the real misfortune of children at this age. However not all pains are connected with a digestive tract. As to distinguish the “real“ gripes?

Functional violations of digestion at babies are explained by the fact that the enzymes helping to acquire food are still not too active. Therefore there are gripes, an abdominal distension and vomiting. But to 3 - 4 to months intestinal microflora is completely formed, and digestive enzymes ripen, and gripes finally recede.

If after food your child begins to cry and draw in legs to a stomach - most likely, he is disturbed by intestines pain. But there is also such phenomenon as baby migraines. Externally they are shown almost the same as gripes - the child loudly cries, reddens, begins to shout and “coil“ strongly. Only not the tummy, and a head of the kid hurts at the same time. Consult with the pediatrician: if at your kid intra cranial pressure, then, quite perhaps, the reason of its crying - migraine, but not colic is increased.

to understand what pain attacks the baby, needs to allocate the most noticeable symptoms and time when he cries. The repeating shout in some certain time of day is peculiar to migraine more. If the child cries “inattentively“ and most often after food and also if crying long does not stop, then, most likely, the kid is tormented by intestinal gripes.

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, as the most obvious symptom of intestinal pain serves the elastic blown-up stomach. However here everything is not so simple: if the stomach which is not blown up, and just full, and at the same time you can catch sounds of digestion of food probably the kid suffers from head, but not intestinal pain.

Also symptoms of gripes are not vomiting, a diarrhea and high temperature! Many parents make a mistake, writing off these symptoms for gripes and not undertaking serious measures whereas it is necessary to see a doctor who will establish the exact diagnosis immediately.

By the way, a reason for the address to the pediatrician also. Quite perhaps, the skilled doctor will dispel all your doubts or will reveal absolutely other center of pain which is not so obvious. Therefore do not hesitate to address the expert even “on trifles“! If you follow this simple rule, your precious kid will always receive timely, and, above all, the qualified help. Pay attention and to appetite of the newborn. At belly-ache the kid instinctively begins to suck milk more often and more diligent as the new food pushes out old with gases at the same time. And here at a headache the child in any it does not agree to be supported.

Much depends on a type of feeding of the newborn. Contrary to general opinion, the “bottle-fed babies“ or kids who are on the mixed food are most subject to gripes. It occurs for two reasons. In - the first, parents often choose the mix which is not suitable the baby on structure. Therefore attentive reading of a label here insufficiently - it is necessary to consult carefully with the pediatrician. And in - the second, gripes the air swallowed by the child during feeding from - for the sticking together pacifier can cause (the kid is forced to come off a small bottle, zaglotnuv air).

In this case to mother needs to get a pacifier with the special design preventing formation of vacuum in a small bottle. Among mothers and pediatricians Philips AVENT small bottles enjoy the greatest popularity. At the expense of their unique system of the integral valve the external part of a skirt of a pacifier forms a bend and does not stick together when using. Thanks to it air gets in capacity, and the vacuum does not arise. Also from adhesion the pacifier is protected by the diagonal stiffening ribs located on it. The pacifier corresponds by the size and a form to a female nipple. As a result the kid, even physically weak, can do the continuous sosatelny movements, without swallowing air and almost without feeling a difference between a small bottle and a breast. It helps mother to keep natural feeding longer.

“Antikolikovaya“, so, the efficiency of Philips AVENT calming the kid was confirmed clinically. Research showed that the two-week kids receiving food from Philips AVENT small bottles, had a frequency of gripes less, than at children who were fed from usual small bottles.

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of the Small bottle of Philips AVENT in use. Their valve, unlike other small bottles, is on pacifier “skirt“ - it facilitates dismantling and washing, and the wide neck allows to dissolve mix without effort. Besides, the small bottle of Philips AVENT is presented in several options of materials, and recently there were plastic small bottles which are not containing diphenol - And that guarantees absolute safety for the kid. These small bottles have a dairy and honey shade, at the same time the last differ in the increased durability and durability. If this subject is interesting to you, you can learn more about all subtleties of feeding from a small bottle on updated web - www page. philips. ru/AVENT. On the same website there is an opportunity to communicate to other parents and to ask the questions to the doctor.