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Wedding suits for men: in total for the ideal groom of

It is considered to be that the dress of the bride is “nail“ of a wedding celebration, almost main character. However you should not forget that wedding is a holiday of two to whom it is necessary before procession hand in hand along life to endure a posing before the wedding photographer, and also continuous stay before eyes of guests. For this reason the wedding suit of the groom requires not less attention, than a wedding dress at all. Moreover, requirements to it will be more strict.

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Should reconcile to the fact that, despite the importance, the suit will have to adapt to a dress which all - is paramount. In it there is nothing surprising. The choice of a wedding dress for the girl is a special ritual, and many brides even demand to build surroundings of the festive hall according to a dress, of course about a suit of the person which will constantly be near her. Compliance it has to be traced at the different levels - beginning from style of dresses, for example, classical, strict, elegant, romantic or, maybe, ultrafashionable, and finishing with a successful color combination. The last is very important too as today all of us it is more and we move away more from traditions when the bride has to be by all means in kipenno - a white dress, and the groom - in a black suit. Than more a variety is allowed, than better there has to be a taste at the person who buys a dress and the more so important is the correct combination.

it is optional to p to select a suit to the groom to match with the bride`s dress, but, nevertheless, the obvious imbalance should not be observed. For example, warm shades of a dress (beige, cream, baked milk) will look also well with similar shades in a suit or with classical black. If the bride chooses a cold shade - gently pearl, then the suit of anthracitic, black or white color will be the best choice.

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For a wedding can be chosen as classical English, American or European suits, and a dress coat or a tuxedo, distinguishing on a cut. They differ on style of a jacket which should be selected in compliance and with personal preferences, both with style, and with a figure.

the simplest option of a suit which will suit slender men - with the English jacket. It differs in the designated waist, has two sections behind; single-breasted has only two buttons, double-breasted - four or six.

the American option - too classics, but as it on a cut and easy, without shoulder pads, shorter, it also men with more dense constitution can carry more free.

If at “Englishman“ and “American“ lapels were not too expressive

, then “European“ differs in it from them and therefore demands a beautiful and stylish tie. The jacket of the European suit is extended and is not recommended to grooms of small growth who can look in it ridiculously especially as a jacket without cuts. The European jacket is buttoned on two - six buttons which are located rather low that visually by means of a strip of a shirt and a tie will extend a figure.

Smart option for the groom - a dress coat - a jacket with long folds behind and the short pointed floors in front. The dress coat is worn with an indispensable tail-coat shirt, a tie - a butterfly. Classical combination - a black dress coat, a snow-white shirt, a white butterfly, black trousers and the black varnished boots. The fine option for a conservative wedding - such groom will remarkably look with the bride in a dress of laconic design of any color.

One more classics of a solemn suit is a tuxedo. The jacket is strongly open on a breast, lapels of a tuxedo is characteristic are designated by silk or the atlas, being combined with a special wide belt. The shirt has to have nacreous buttons which are hidden at the same time by a level, and double cuffs. A tuxedo, also by tradition being black, allows the right to be and white. The butterfly can be combined with a belt in fabric and color. Boots - black, but not varnished.

Popularity of three-piece suits for a wedding is rather high

, - as the groom can take off a jacket and during celebration to remain in a shirt, the vest very opportunely, remains a solemn image. One more indisputable plus - it is capable to slim if at the groom the tummy was formed.


Choosing a three-piece suit, the man has to care for right balance of flowers. It is possible to leave the right to keep strict elegance to a jacket, a shirt and trousers, to choose a vest and a tie from impressive fabric or with a pattern, the color contrasting with a suit. Conservatives will prefer coincidence on color of a vest to a jacket and trousers especially as it looks magnificently in light color and without uniform impregnation of the alien invoice or drawing.

Everything flows, everything changes

in recent years the tendency to “clarification“ of a men`s suit which does not look contrastly with the bride`s dress any more is observed. In three-piece suits mixture of different tones is used, for example, can be present at the same time and dairy - white, and zhemchuzhno - gray at the most gentle interpretations. The combination of a light jacket to dark trousers or on the contrary is also possible that earlier it seemed inadmissible. The great value is attached to accessories today: a tie, a butterfly, a belt can be combined on color and the invoice among themselves or with bridal outfit details that will look very symbolically.