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What is “pertinent“ and “inappropriate“ gifts?

As a gift on birthday the cub waits for the game console. “Waits“ - it is too weak word to express all depth and power of his experiences: all relatives are notified, the poster is drawn, friends - schoolmates are invited for the first tasting of a product. Trouble only that... the prefix will not be.

Parents categorically against purchase of this device both on financial, and for ideological reasons. Generally of course, on ideological. “He already does nothing at the computer and at the TV, now also will not leave the joystick. Will be enough. Let goes for a walk or in section. Will forget soon how legs to rearrange“.

the Beneficiary, of course, grieves

, tries to convince (“Tam is parental control too!“ ), to manipulate (“All children in a class have consoles, one I as the orphan“), to threaten and make up. But parents are ready rigidly: no, and all. You and will have enough so rather electronic toys.

Only to the loving relatives about this strategic decision was forgotten to be reported, and, of course, there was a kind soul, dragged a desired toy. The child is happy (he sent it nothing to the suspecting aunt of SMS - ku with the specification of the device), parents in anger and confusion, the guest does not understand too - that not so? Parents are forced to do a good mine at bad game, urgently compose new rules and restrictions for the child, sigh and pledge to make to themselves to the following birthday “wish - list“ (the list of preferences) and to send to guests by e-mail.

A still happens that the father, is already a lot of years living separately, wants to please the daughter and gives it for New year fluffy happiness - a hamster, a rabbit or a kitten. And mother remains in private with this “happiness“ which it is necessary to feed all right, so also to clean after it, to watch, treat and bring up. And when in several years the daughter loses interest in fluffy dumb creations (but gets - to hairy and noisy boys), before mother there is a serious question: what further - to do that with this kilogram of “valuable fur and useful meat“? To lull? To present still to someone? In “the maintenance instruction of rabbits“ there is a magic phrase which in turmoil nobody found time to read:“ On freedom the term of life is no more than a year, in bondage - till fifteen years“. It is possible to receive in turnip from the “made happy“ parents. All anger streams on the head of the short-sighted father who gave such inappropriate gift.

So in the most general view gifts have to correspond, in - the first, to the material level of a family (not to give a rubber ball to the son of the oligarch, and a live horse - a large needy family), in - the second, to age of the child (the grandfather presented to the four-year-old grandson a race circuit for “Formula One“ almost full-scale and a set of race cars. The kid made on a floor “louses there are louses“, and all game had to be thrown out, it was not subject to restoration). Besides, the good gift should not give an inconvenience and provoke to further expenditure. It is clear, if to present to the child the mobile phone, then someone should pay bills. All animals - very expensive entertainment, except unless turtles and guinea pigs.

the Board for a snowboard - would seem to

, an excellent thing! But have to be applied to it: boots, overalls, gloves, protection, trips on a slope, the paid elevator. And so on. Well: coordinate gifts with parents if not your child, and predict succession of events - if this your child.

Birthday - the main event of a season

Especially if to celebrate it in a big way. For example, earlier only adults celebrated anniversaries at restaurants. Now even one-year-old it is possible to go into birthday - party in children`s club or cafe. I hotly welcome this opportunity which opened for us and I think, most of mothers doomed to remove the apartment after a holiday with participation of two tens “komanchy“ or “pirates“, will join me. It is important to observe a measure only.

last year we “messed up“: instead of the invited five people seven came to birthday to the son moreover Small clung:“ I want in bovulingl too“. As a result we had to take in bowling three paths instead of one, is twice more than some pizza and any food, and then all of them were equally filled up to us home, “to be caught up“ by birthday cake and to play traditional tell-tales based on “Star wars“. No, who argues, it is good when at the son it is full of friends, but everything together flew to us in rather strong sum. And yes nobody cancelled a gift.

It is good if birthday - in the summer, it is possible to arrange picnic and before loss of consciousness to drive in “bouncers“ and “shtander“. And late fall? And if still it is necessary to celebrate in three steps: for children, for one close relatives and for other close relatives as the first and second do not take out each other? Here it is necessary to include brains and to agree: we what we celebrate? And why? And for whom?

When the cub absolutely small, is rather a holiday of parents, an occasion to gather, to receive gifts, to see friends. It is even not obligatory to invite children, at least years to seven. Usually kids not really - that want to play with unfamiliar or unfamiliar children what for the owner children of parental friends are. Though at the correct organization of a holiday if somebody undertakes the animator`s duties - everything will be excellent. Melkota adores any clowns - animators - inventors, limit time one hour and put many portion food which can be eaten with hands, - the success is provided to you.

the First time I got on the English party when my three-year-old daughter and the four-year-old sister were invited to party to neighbors. To children laid a “denrozhdenny“ paper cloth on a floor in a drawing room, on paper plateaus of a nakidala tiny sosisochek, crackers, pieces of cheese and fruit and sweet cookies. Allowed to drink only water. Children fast pecked everything, sang traditionally “Happy birthday to you!“ also were dragged away to play the nursery. Through an hour and a half we they were taken away, loaded with mementoes and the won prizes. It was offered to parents who preferred to wait for children in the house on a glass of dry wine and tiny buterbrodik on skewers. And pleasant conversation as a main course. Neither you an hours-long feast, nor weight in a stomach. Children were scary happy, were not tired, after a holiday we went to park and houses had supper. I think, all holiday cost parents of pounds in twenty. Well, in fifty - with wine.

For school students the party is already serious event on which adults not just superfluous, and actively disturb. But also children not really - that are able to occupy themselves independently. Traditional “small bottle“ and retelling of the last release “Comedy Club“ - here and all repertoire of teenagers from 10 to 16 years. They are not even able to dance. What exit? Or to arrange big Game, or besides - to take out them there where they will be able to play. Bowling, skating rink, paintball. However, in connection with the burst world financial crisis these recommendations can be apprehended as a sneer. I can share experience how to arrange children`s birthdays “for three kopeks“.

First. Begin after a lunch and warn guests (and their parents) that in the menu - only sweet: birthday cake, ice cream and fruit. Any mountains of Russian salad salad, a smoked sausage and red caviar in halves of eggs. And just I beg: companions, dear, any aerated water!! It is difficult and, but believe doctors and scientists: bigger harm, than the use of different Pepsi and forfeits, for children`s stomachs it is even difficult to present. Besides, one and all carbonated drinks cause thirst (but do not satisfy it) and very strongly excite nervous system. You want to observe pack of the “wild monkeys“ jumping on your precious furniture and a ceiling? Pour them on a glass of Coca and depart away (well and a basin be covered, just in case). It is just chemistry and physiology: instant emission of glucose in blood, energy demands an exit. Put juice and water. Simple, not aerated.

Second. Prepare the cultural program. “Twister“ - the favourite in any company (it when hands - legs should be put on red and green circles on command of an arrow).“ Blind-man`s-buff“ - excellent game for younger school students: take care of safety, clean fragile objects, it is possible to turn off light; for fifteen minutes entertainment. Various “forfeits“, “camomiles“ etc. well go years to twelve. For teenagers I can offer fairly almost forgotten, but hotly loved in intelligent families of “bouts-rimes“ and “charade“ in a little simplified option. To remind?

of the Bouts-rimes. to Participants distribute long halves of a sheet A4 and the size of future poem appears, for example:“ The fly went to a market and bought a samovar“. On the offered size each participant writes one line at the top of a leaf (“Mischa went on an elephant“), turns, from above writes the last word (“on an elephant“) and passes round. The one who received, writes the following line, with a rhyme on this word (“the astronaut flies to the moon“), and then - the line, with a new rhyme (“We opened in a fly a brain“). And so on. When all sheets are used up, develop them and read. I remember cases when people actually were written from laughter. Only at this game participation of adults is necessary at the beginning until children understand that to what.

of the Charade. Unlike classical option when the whole phrase or even the poem was thought, we think of the word which can be broken into semantic components. For example, “gun“:“ pi“ - “hundred“ - “years“. And each part should be shown in encrypted form. It is possible with words, it is possible without words.“ Pi“ is both a chicken, and Pi`s number, and the Feast from which “banished“ a letter P.

When it was necessary to show the word of “Bar“ (from “drum“) and we could think up nothing, made the Arab by means of a turban of a towel and a bathing dressing gown, and then turned it head over heels. It`s a go.

One team shows

, another guesses, everything is simple. It is good to play this game when relatives and friends with children of different age gather. It will be cheerful everything.

Such family holidays can become the warmest reminiscence of the childhood both for you, and for children. Really, how went to some children`s club, will forget soon, and here is how dropped Vovka when it represented the top crossbeam for the letter “pi“, - hardly. Or as the grandfather drew a grandmother`s portrait blindfold, and the grandmother took offense because he drew her with a ball on legs. And as the grandfather asked forgiveness and got up on one knee. The most ridiculous rolls with a bouts-rimes can be stored in archive decades. Eventually, memoirs - all this that at us remains.

of the Summary. Giving gifts, properly consider them, do not follow the tastes of advertizing, ask the birthday man`s parents. Prepare the cultural program. If you are able to afford - use the help of professional animators. Do not hold a magnificent reception for kids and leave teenagers of one.