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Dressing of furniture

Dressing of furniture allows to make standard furniture unique, to give it refinement, grace. The cheapest furniture by means of a decor takes an elite form, and the usual shelf made of ostruganny boards can even “pretend to be“ an ancient product in Baroque style.

the Elementary recipe for achievement of effect of old times demands only a water primer, paint of two flowers and a krakelyurny varnish for water paints. For example, to receive a white case with “semi-antique“ gold streaks (with allegedly cracked paint), it is enough to execute several simple operations:

to apply to the Effect of cracking is reached by

at the expense of various time of drying of a varnish and paint: acrylic paint dries quicker, than the krakelyurny varnish, arises a superficial tension, and the varnish “stretches“ a paint coat, cracks appear. When drawing the last paint coat it is necessary to watch that it was thin - otherwise cracks will appear, but gold paint will not appear.

In the same way can decorate chairs, tables, stools and bedside tables - practically all cabinet furniture in the room and to give it identical style.

can make a magnificent mirror in a “metal“ flower frame Of a usual mirror - to fix a mirror on plywood of slightly bigger size enough and to fix around a mirror cloth on a plywood board the usual artificial flowers painted from a barrel by gold paint. As a result the mirror in a gilded, openwork “metal“ frame of “palace“ type turns out.

Simple ceramic vases can serve

as an initial element for production of original flower stands. For this purpose vases are painted in technology of aging by white and gold paint (it is possible any other what is pleasant to you more, in this case it is told about white and gold only because we began with these flowers). On narrow parts of vases the wallpaper border and golden cords is pasted. From above round table-tops (the plywood which is cut out in the form of a circle and painted in white color) are fixed. On a table-top the glass circle of smaller diameter which is decorated on edge with a gold cord is attached. On a contour of a wooden table-top the fringe is fixed, from above is established several ordinary wooden handles painted in gold color - and as a result flower stands in ancient English style, effective and laconic turn out.

One of the simplest methods of dressing of furniture is drawing drawing through a cliche. It is possible to make a cliche independently - of a cardboard, it is possible to buy ready. Drawing is put with paints on an acrylic basis.

simpler method of dressing - application. With their help it is possible to create any style in an interior, to turn a case “The gay, Slavs“ in “English“ or “Moroccan“. For applications it is possible to use brown paper, vinyl napkins etc.

even the childish developing sports can be useful to

For dressing of furniture. Recently in the market the set of various sets for children`s creativity appeared - “magnets“ on the refrigerator in the form of animals, birds are made of plaster, flowers etc. - and any of these sets can serve for dressing of furniture. But sets are of the greatest interest to production of masks in the African and Egyptian styles. It is enough to paint plaster preparation not with a water color, and automobile paint from a barrel - gold, silver, bronze, and available there will be a charming “metal“ mask of the size of a ceramic tile which will create indoors the corresponding era and style.

Pasting of furniture fabric with the subsequent covering a varnish gives to

magnificent effect - not worse, than in Louis XIV`s palace.

of Options of dressing of furniture set. The main thing in they are to attach the imagination, and then the most banal furniture will become the most original subject of an interior. And, above all - unique and unique.