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To grow thin in situation?

Mysterious and unique are time for pregnancy... A time of powerful rejuvenation of a female organism under the influence of hormonal reorganization. Why not to use this fertile time to begin “new“ life - to grow thin, rejuvenate, gradually to master a healthy lifestyle?

Someone will think that the author jokes - as it is possible to grow thin during the pregnancy which is obviously assuming increase in weight (figures from 12 kg are given in clever books, and in life “additional weight“ in 15 - 20 kg on one fruit is frequent), increase in mass of mammary glands, creation of stocks for the subsequent breastfeeding?

the Author does not joke - at reasonable approach to food during pregnancy and breastfeeding any almost healthy woman can not only not add superfluous (I will emphasize: superfluous) kilograms but also to lose those kilograms which were saved up before pregnancy thanks to the increased physical activity.

we Will begin

with concept of extra kilos what they consist of. Calculations are rather simple:

  1. at the very beginning of pregnancy an organism of future mother does strategic reserves of fat on a stomach, about 1 - 1,5 kg which serve as additional protection to the growing kid.
  2. the Maximum weight of amniotic waters makes about 1 kg.
  3. the Optimum weight of the child before childbirth of 3,5 kg.
  4. the Weight of a placenta is 0,5 - 0,7 kg.
  5. Increase in mammary glands, uterus and volume of blood of 2 kg.

    Thus, normal increase in weight by 8 - 10 kg will be li>. In other words, if at normally proceeding physiologic pregnancy future mother approaches childbirth with an increase in weight less than 10 kg, it means that pregnancy led to physiologic gradual loss of weight. Question: at the expense of what it is possible to grow thin or not to gather extra kilos during pregnancy, not only without having done much harm to the child, and on the contrary, having revitalized him?

    Let`s exclude the following explanations at once:

    1. Severe toxicosis of pregnant women.
    2. Intended starvation or observance of diets for weight loss during pregnancy.
    3. Severe stress, shocks or adverse financial situation
    4. of the Illness.

      Only reasonable the following factors promoting including, to the normal course of pregnancy will be li>:

      1. Healthy live food, a complete elimination from a diet of artificial food and drinks, and also the refined products.
      2. the Use of food, vitamin-rich, mineral salts and minerals in a natural look.
      3. the Correct distribution of the eaten food during the day.
      4. Special diet of the last months of pregnancy.

      Now one after another.

      Healthy live food

      knows to All that during pregnancy it is especially important to eat properly - to use not refined products, there are more greens, fruit, vegetables (as in the crude, and minimum processed look), rich with vitamin C and other vitamins, honey, lactic products, bran, not refined grain, etc. Use fine natural products for clarification and food of an organism:

      • drink to food vegetable and fruit juice in the mornings, are especially useful lemon and carrot (in the absence of an allergy) juice in half with water
      • accept honey with sour juice, before food or for the night;
      • drink water of life - boiled water, as we know, dead water, and pregnant women are not recommended to abuse liquid at all, prefer to water and broths freshly cooked vegetable and fruit juice;
      • include in the diet only integral products - fruit with a peel and a kernel (where it is possible), vegetables with a peel and a tops of vegetable, wholly grain products, bran - remarkable sources not only proteins and carbohydrates, but also mineral salts, vitamins and minerals;
      • do not abuse meat - there are many other more useful sources of protein both an animal, and a phytogenesis: seafood, a bird, eggs, dairy and in particular lactic products, mushrooms, eggplants, nuts, sesame, soy, bean, buckwheat, bran, a tops of vegetable of vegetables and so forth, meat it is necessary to use mainly fast, 1 - 2 time a week is not more often;
      • try to reduce the use of table salt to a minimum is and it is not useful, and leads to increase in consumption of liquid;
      • reduce time of thermal treatment of products to a minimum - you steam, you extinguish with a peel, bake in closed form, avoid frying of products in oil.

      Natural vitamins, mineral salts and minerals

      It is no secret that vitamins are best of all acquired from food, reception of vitamins B various complexes is, in - the first, strong loading for the removing system, and it already works at a limit, and in - the second, their most part is not acquired in general. Try to eat so that to fill a consumption of vitamins, but you remember: all vitamins, except water - soluble vitamin C, have property to collect in an organism, and it means that is not better to touch at all, than not to gather additionally. The live not refined food, vegetables, fruit, juice, porridges, bran, dried fruits, dairy and lactic products, - natural sources of vitamins and minerals. There is a separate wish to tell about “nightmare“ of pregnant women - calcium which is violently fed by doctors. According to the latest data, the excessive use of the food rich with calcium, especially on deadlines for pregnancy, is fraught with calcination of a head of a fruit that can lead to difficult delivery and patrimonial injuries as the head will not be able correctly to be configured in patrimonial ways.

      the Correct meal

      Try to accept the most high-calorie and difficult acquired food in the first half of day, leaving for the evening more easily acquired food, somehow: easy low-fat cottage cheese, dairy drinks, light vegetable salads under vegetable oil or sour cream. In the evening, after 7 - 8 o`clock in the evening is it is undesirable as both your organism, and an organism of the child who already adapted to a maternal rhythm prepares for a dream. If you feel a strong feeling of hunger, eat dried fruits, nuts, bran (now there is on sale extremely appetizing bran in the form of air flakes), all of them at hit in a stomach inflate and create feeling of satiety even at the small volume, having at the same time huge power value per unit mass.

      the use of vegetables and fruit in the crude raw look is Extremely useful for

      that is especially important in the last trimester of pregnancy. Besides nutritional value cellulose occupies large volume in a stomach unlike the high-calorific, refined instant products. It is necessary to remember that assimilation of similar food depends on ability correctly and to carefully chew food, and also from a condition of a gastrointestinal tract in general.


      It is proved that the fruit of the mother eating low-calorie food and experiencing physical activities moves much more actively, and the movement is vital function and preparation for safe childbirth.

      the Special diet of the last trimester

      In the last 3 months occurs, generally increase in weight of already created child. On these practicing doctors, it is recommended to put the main emphasis on vegetables, fruit, nuts, salads, greens, lactic and dairy products, wholegrain products, dried fruits at this time, having excluded or having almost excluded meat and meat products, eggs, white loaf from a diet. In 3 weeks prior to childbirth it is offered to exclude also dairy and lactic products as calcium sources, and also products of an animal origin (meat, fish, a bird, eggs), passing to vegetables, fruit, broths and wholegrain porridges. It is remarkable that at the women following these recommendations, the child`s weight to childbirth makes about 3 kg, diameter of a head no more than 35 cm, and childbirth takes place much easier, with the minimum damages.

      the following Would be desirable to notice

      : the finest - the fact that transition to healthy food will allow you not only to conceive and give birth to the healthy child, but also to get healthier, grow thin and look younger most. Finally parting word: you remember

      • that it is necessary to leave from - for a table with easy feeling of hunger (academician A. A. Bogomolets);
      • let your food will be your medicine, and your medicine - food Hippocrates);
      • food - not the only power source in this world.


      on health!