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Unsuccessful and successful. Two experiences of breastfeeding of

Part 1. Unsuccessful

us cannot somehow study

U on others mistakes, it is more and more on the, but nevertheless, maybe, my experience will be useful to someone.

of the first kid, the sonny, I gave rise when I was 25 years old. Being going to become mother, read much - generally about childbirth, then it most of all interested me, and here into the account of breastfeeding was not really grounded and then there was not so many information as now. It seemed to me that feeding by a breast is so natural process, as studies - that is necessary for nothing, and so everything is clear, put to a breast on demand (as learned at lecture), water not dopaivay, do not give a pacifier and a bottle. So I was also going to arrive. And to feed, feed...

Childbirth took place

more - less safely. At once in the rodzal put to a breast, the sonny grabbed a breast with greed and did not release everything 2 hours that we carried out there.

we in Mother and Child chamber, all conditions for ideal start Were. The kid hung on a breast all the time (nobody was going to finish feeding him mix, at us it is not accepted). Rassosal of a pacifier to cracks, but it was not terrible and tolerant. Milk came for the 3rd days, much (it was necessary to limit liquid consumption), and my sonny who was not expecting such abundance, slightly - slightly ate and fell asleep. And what to do with two bulked-up balls, I did not know, addressed the midwife. Also received such answer: “You that, what to you decantation? It is not necessary, the child will decant everything, go to sleep!“ And to sleep - that I just and could not. Suffered, suffered, tried to wake the kid - without results, decanted hands a little and safely lived up to feeding of the son. Next day everything was adjusted.

have some

vdamsya in anatomic features of the breast, is more true than nipples. They are not flat, not involved, just there is a lot of them. On right - only two together, and here left the nature awarded generously. Never especially I paid attention to it, and began to reflect to childbirth closer: and how the child will eat all this?

Consulted with the midwife at whom it was observed in ZhK, she answered that nothing terrible, it is necessary to feed not with a nipple, but an areola with a nipple so it will even be more convenient to your kid. But the gynecologist in maternity hospital of her enthusiasm did not divide, having seen my breast, made the surprised eyes: “And what, you feed with it?“

we Wrote out us for the fifth days, and at last at home.

the Navel bad, I do not observe on it brilliant green, it is necessary to process brilliant green, but not potassium permanganate“. On my exclamation: “And in maternity hospital - potassium permanganate!“ “And I speak to you - brilliant green. You observe the mode? Three hours maintain? After feeding you decant. At night, I hope, you do not feed?“

Ya stupidly was silent as could not understand why the maternity hospital cannot agree with policlinics to preach same. And all now for free feeding. But the last phrase killed me it, having felt me a breast (to admit, did not expect it) the kind woman declared: “Yes you and milk - do not have that“. How - “no“?.

Everything, the mechanism is started... In the head all the time turns thought:“ There is no milk, there is no milk“. Experiences, and milk became valid less, it is the first stone started in our breastfeeding.

the lovely babulechka - the pediatrician Came, having announced me all shortcomings of my son (I understand, it is so necessary), again reminded about the mode. Having come in a week, defined that the kid does not grow fat, it faded, asked to decant milk, having seen result: “Well that you mummy, milk - at you blue, fat contents - absolutely not“. So then also wrote down in the son`s card:“ Milk low-quality, a film fat content in half-millimeter“.


to come to reception on control weighing. To come with the hungry kid, but with hungry it did not turn out, otherwise he would shout all road. The son weighed exactly as much how many in day of an extract, i.e. in 3 weeks he gathered nothing. As so, I tried, I fed! In policlinic it exhausted 20 grams (and that is good, considering that an hour ago he something all - gave smacking kiss). It was urgently appointed dokorm.“ Do not give a breast at all, give at first mix from a bottle, and the breast milk only then decanted, to wash down instead of water, all - even your milk is more useful than water“.

From this day my unbearable life began

. It is good that the doctor warned at the grandmother that in the first day of mix slightly - slightly, every day to increase everything. My God, as my yearned son attacked on mix from a bottle. And I started to the first, but, alas not to the last “big“ decantation. Decanted hands, a milk pump which I got (simplest), could decant nothing, did not begin to buy by the road: was afraid that it can not suit me too, we in the city have no hire.

For the first time decanted 30 grams from both breasts. Here - it became clear that in mine a miracle - nipples of openings - all 1 - 2. As my grandmother told:“ And when the child will gorge on from these two holes, I had a fountain“. Generally, all recognized me unusable to breastfeeding. Muzh and Tatyana (the wife of the brother of the husband) tried to return me brains into place, but it is vain. I already convinced myself - I have no milk and which is as water, a breast bad etc.

Despite manuals of the doctor, I everything gave a breast before a small bottle. In ten days the son gained half a kilo. In 2 weeks my kid got used to a bottle and absolutely refused a breast, even in a dream did not take, but I continued to decant: though on one feeding, but my milk.

the Kid well puts on weight. All are happy, only I all the time am gnawed by a worm that I am bad mother, do not nurse the child. Tried to return missed, again to accustom the child to a breast. Changed a pacifier for harder, the child in general ceased to eat, from a spoon there was no desire, wild shouts, loss of my and grandmother`s nervous cages too. Generally, there was not enough patience, persistence and knowledge.

I still decanted

About three months, then milk became less, and there were especially especially nothing to decant. And doctors with relatives assured that those drops that I give, only do harm since mixture of mix and breast milk - it is very bad. Than badly - distinctly did not explain. So my first experience ended.

Part 2. Successful

When I learned

about the second pregnancy, decided to make a maximum of the efforts to nurse the kid. In - the first, this best food for the baby, in - the second I had to prove to myself (first of all) that I can feed, and milk my normal.

So far I waited for the daughter, already read not only about childbirth, but also about breastfeeding. Learned to put correctly on the Internet, read from personal experience the feeding mummies much. Still big plus - for half a year before me Tatyana (that that tried to talk some sense into me the first time) gave rise for whom it was the third kid who is nursed.

the Daughter was born

in time, not small - 3900 gr., 55 cm. In the rodzal did not begin to eat especially, fell asleep (was born at night). But then tried to make up for everything. Ate often. Nasosala of a callosity to and me. By the way, with cracks I knew what to do, and here with callosities - no.

milk did not come Yet, the daughter grew thin on 270 gr. Milk came to second day somehow gradually, and did not give so many troubles as last time, but all - was necessary to decant the left breast since it not really well exhausted it. The baby gathered 110 gr at once.

Again the gynecologist in maternity hospital spoke “flatterly“ my nipples, having been surprised that the child manages this breast to take. This time I home especially did not hurry (though very much missed the sonny): was afraid that I will not cope with two children, I will be nervous and again I will not adjust feeding. But as we had everything as it should be, wrote out us in 4 days. We weighing 3740 were written out.

Here we and houses. The sonny for 2 weeks is sent to the grandmother (wanted itself). The boundary of the first month comes nearer, I weigh houses on electronic scales, something very small increase again. I cannot understand why. There is a lot of milk, eats well. Again in the Internet on information searches. I understand that a problem in applying, not in correctness of applying, and in change of a breast. But about it I find inconsistent information. On one website advise after the child sucked the first breast (~ 20 min.) to offer the second and to begin the following feeding with the last breast. On other website - recommend to give the same breast throughout of 2 - 3 hours, only this way the kid can exhaust back milk, the most nutritious. Having experimented, I stop on the last option. The daughter slowly begins to recover.

Here to us and month, we on reception at the pediatrician. An increase small - 360 gr., height is 54 cm“ Urosla“ on 1 cm back. I try not to listen to what is told by the doctor. Recommends “Apilak“, it is good that not mix. Says that it is necessary to increase production of milk, but I explain that milk - that is a lot of. The daughter pisat much, more than 10 times per day. I continue to feed as fed.

there Passed week, on reception at the pediatrician again, Marishka has a problem with eyes, suspect dakriotsistit newborns (it is necessary to take the direction to the oculist) at the same time and were weighed. An increase - 160 gr. in a week, the doctor says that again it is not enough. But I already absolutely calmed down, so all of us do correctly.

For the second month we recovered for 1100 gr. For the third - 700 gr. And here for the fourth - 150 gr. It in 3 weeks. We changed the apartment on big, was nervous much, badly ate. Both quality of milk, and quantity decreased. The doctor by a strict voice ordered to lure mix. Mix we are we will not be, we will restore a lactation. Helped - “Laktavit“, food, rest, walks, and frequent applyings to a breast.

For the next 3 weeks recovered on 400 gr. Without having tried mix. In 5,5 months began to try a feeding up slowly: apple puree, vegetable marrow. In 6 months - porridge.

Now to the daughter 1 year and 1 month. We are nursed, we do not love the Feeding up (that I consider not really well). We do not plan to be disaccustomed to a breast yet.

I Want to dwell upon what to me helped to bring up the daughter.

  1. Tranquility, only tranquility! (it is especially actual for me with my weak nerves).
  2. Food - surely fermented milk products, cottage cheese, meat, sunflower seeds not fried, nuts (not to be zealous strongly), porridges (I not especially love them therefore I ate only buckwheat). Liquid - tea (I drank green), water, dogrose broth.
  3. Dream. We sleep together with the daughter (me so conveniently) therefore I get enough sleep how many times she wakes up in a night - I do not remember, she sucks a breast practically without waking up therefore nights at us quiet (fie, fie), she never began to cry at night, never woke anybody.
  4. of Walk help to distract from the house, plus to breathe fresh air. For some reason on the street there arrives milk better.
  5. Self-confidence and the forces. I am often asked by relatives: “And that you still feed? So did not feed the first!“

Wants to wish all only successful breastfeeding and healthy kids!