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My story about grandmothers, underweight and small bottles...

When I learned that I am pregnant, was in the seventh heaven. The husband carried on hands - it was the long-awaited child. I read much - tried to make so that everything was correct. But, unfortunately, not everything was smooth... On the 14th week was hospitalized with threat. At work something was painted, and I got poisoned. The benefit, insisted on non-drug treatment - just bed rest and vitamins.


On the 29th week again hospital - threat of premature birth - the daughter was very much torn to light. Asked God to inform till 34 weeks.

Already and 40 weeks. There are fights, waters departed... It is terrible to remember - emergency Caesarian after 17 hours of the waterless period moreover and under the general anesthesia. All night long in reanimation shed tears from the fact that could not feed the baby in the first half an hour of her life.

the Daughter took away

from nurses already on second day as soon as allowed to get up. Did not allow to finish feeding - knew that it is not really good for establishment of GV.

us was written out Then. Houses all on nerves - at the daughter are gripes, my seams dispersed, and I began to understand that milk - that a little. Grandmothers with words ran:“ Do not starve the child, and feed from a bottle“. I fed and roared. From powerlessness, probably. The daughter from a bottle ate, but then refused to take a breast. And if gave at first a breast then in any did not take a bottle.

In 1 month we went to policlinic to weighing - the increase was only 350 gr. Mother and the mother-in-law swore that the child hungry. But I accurately for myself decided that I will nurse by all means.

Huge gratitude and to the husband for the fact that it supported me! Two weeks we had no strangers of the house. There were only we three together. I on a belt was undressed almost all the time, only with a baby sling in which my daughter lay. On the slightest peep I put it to a breast. Began to sleep with her a row too. And, by the way, at last began to get enough sleep. Earlier night feedings were for me a nightmare. The daughter sucked a breast for forty minutes. Then it had to be swung forty more minutes. And exactly in forty minutes she woke up on the next feeding. Now my daughter slept peacefully with a breast nearby and with pleasure. We in view of that bought a huge double bed.

By the end of the second week, having woken up in the morning, I understood that my daughter sleeps still. So with pleasure sleeps with my breast in a mouth!

of Milk now at me was much. I do not know what it was connected with. Whether about the fact that I calmed down and stopped thinking about underweight and all other, whether from the fact that the daughter almost did not let out a breast.

For the second month the increase was already 800 gr. And I finally decided that the most important is to listen to myself and to listen to desires of the child!

Now my daughter 1 year and 1 month. I am not going to give up breastfeeding yet. The mother`s milk is for the present very important for us. And me if my Sun is honest, so pleasant to feed... To watch how she ozorno smiles and glances to me in eyes when sucks a breast. And then so quietly fills up, quietly snuffling near a mother`s breast!