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The piece of happiness, or Way to a growing of

is a story about the little girl Katya. Sometimes touching and naive, sometimes cruel and ruthless, but truthful.

Katya was an obedient and well-mannered girl from very rich family. Parents worshipped it, indulged immensely. The girl had even a certain big and light game room in a huge mansion. And still - the favourite nurse with which the girl adored playing dolls or just to have a rest outdoors. But once... Here about it actually the speech will also go.

Spring. On the street the sun brightly shone and loudly birds sang. The city literally was buried in verdure. In a word, in such day nobody will want to stay at home.

Here both little Katya and the nurse went for a walk in park. At first they played at hide-and-seek, and having got hungry, arranged picnic directly on a grass. Katya was happy. But suddenly...

As though the boy dressed in a tatter and all in grazes ran out from nowhere. It ran away from a huge black dog who, probably, very much wanted to take away from it from hands a piece of bread. Suddenly the boy faltered, fell directly before Katya and began to cry. At the top of the voice.

- Mother! Mummy! Where you?

Katya tenderly stroked the boy on the head the small handle.

- Everything is good, do not cry! And where your mother? - the girl asked.

- Leave alone! Let`s better me eat - the boy told in reply.

- On! - Katya stretched it the unfinished sandwich. And the nurse poured the whole mug of fresh apple juice meanwhile.

- From where you, the boy? - she asked.

the Boy did not answer

. It seemed, he noticed nothing around, except juice and sandwich at all. He ate with such pleasure that Katya asked to pour her juice too and to give sandwich. And then... Everything ceased as if attentively watching the poor hungry boy.

- Thanks for everything! It is time for me! - he told, having finished food. Also left...

Little Katya long watched

to it following, and then told:

- Nian, please, let`s find still sad and hungry children that to feed them. Children have to be happy. I so want! Well, please, I want that they smiled!

Next day the little girl with the nurse went to one of orphanages. Katya presented to children the old toys and saw their happy faces. Her desire came true.

So the little girl Katya became adult.