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Man`s scarf: the stylish attribute of the metrosexual

Traditionally a scarf is considered an accessory especially female, however in modern fashion such opinion, certainly, is wrong. With degradation of borders between male and female styles and emergence of a huge number of accessories in style a unisex the scarf equally successfully can add any ensemble regardless of a sex of the owner.

At a man`s scarf - far historical and even aristocratic roots. The scarf as stylish decoration of ensemble received popularity at men at the time of government of the French king Louis XIV known for the love to fashion. Exactly thanking “to the king - the sun“ the scarf for several centuries became this rule of a good form - scarfs were tied by aristocrats not only France, but also the neighboring United Kingdom.

the Stylish find of Louis XIV finally were borrowed by the designers of men`s wear who are regularly decorating men with stylish scarves. Today the scarf can be carried almost with anything, except unless, absolutely formal suits: both with a cardigan, and with a shirt, and with a classical suit.


Types of man`s scarves

It is surprising, but the man`s scarf contains much more versions, than similar decoration of female ensemble. The foulard which once appeared in France is considered one of the best-known. The name of a scarf came from the French word foulard which designated fabric from which it was produced - soft, silk, monophonic or with stuffed drawing. The foulard represented a narrow strip of fabric - so narrow that width made it only 10 centimeters, but length reached meter. Thanks to such length the scarf could be wound freely around a neck. The ends of a foulard were pinned up on a breast by a pin. The free, allowing to add to an image accent of stylish negligence, today a foulard with ease becomes elegant addition of blazers and cardigans.

Long before emergence of a foulard in Great Britain other type of a scarf - Ascot, the name which received in honor of a venue of legendary races - the villages of Ascot extended. Unlike the foulard which was initially considered as an accessory rather bohemian Ascot was indispensable attribute of formal style: British decorated with such scarf a neck only on some important public actions or receptions including on the same jumps which long ago turned into secular action. The design of Ascot was simpler: the triangular part of the scarf representing the fabric strip which is cut off obliquely was imposed over a shirt, and the ends of a scarf tied around a neck and “masked“ this triangle on a breast. In order that the scarf strongly kept on a neck, it was fixed by a pin or a brooch.

I Ascot, and a foulard even can be seen on fashionable podiums and in clothes of modern metrosexuals today, and here one more type of a scarf - a plastron - becomes more often decoration of a formal suit or the groom`s tuxedo. Unlike other types of a scarf, the plastron differs in the far bigger width thanks to which closes not only a neck, but also part of a breast. Today the plastron can be tied over a men`s shirt and to fix by a pin at the neck basis.

the Most widespread the Ascot hub which received the name in honor of the man`s scarf of the same name is considered today - in such knot it is possible to tie also a foulard. However, judging by fashionable collections, designers of men`s wear do not limit the man`s imagination to certain knots - finally, it is possible to tie a scarf in the most different ways, depending on the chosen style.

So, for example, the house of Hermes suggests to refuse traditional Ascot or a foulard and to add stylish accent to more than standard combination of trousers and a simple t-shirt by means of the scarf which is carelessly tied sideways. And on GStar Raw podium models tried on elegant vests in a combination to stylish silk scarves of bright coloring. The most radical version was offered by Jean - Paul Gaultier - the narrow scarves in peas supplementing a suit in casual - style. However, only the most devoted admirers of style a unisex will be able to decide on such ornament, for certain.