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Force of eggs. Juicy opportunities of

it would Seem that can be simpler than some egg? The mankind eats them still since then when, actually, and mankind of did not realize.

A meanwhile, this elementary (both in preparation, and in the use) the product is fanned by such quantity of legends that in attempts to penetrate, mind for reason comes. You judge...

Smart ancient Romans any meal began

with egg - a symbol of fertility and fertility. They if to judge by Ovidiya`s statements, were firmly sure that fried eggs with onions are capable to awaken sexual abilities even in the decrepit aged man. Let`s leave this statement on conscience of sexually anxious contemporaries of Ovidiya and we go further.

it is unclear, for what purpose (officially - for energy strengthening) ancient Celts daily used dark beer with egg yolks. But it is clear in what purposes tireless and fantastically vigorous, most cheerful French king Henry IV drank every morning a shot glass of the Armagnac mixed with a yolk. For the same for what the legendary lover Giovanni Giacomo Casanova ate heartily hard-boiled eggs with anchovies.

here for what decent Victorian gentlemen (and the lady too) began with

A day with fried eggs - I will not apply mind... Perhaps, Romans were not so wrong?

In any case, we will not sin against tradition if we begin day with a compromise of the Victorian England and thoughtless France - an omelet. Dish as easy as shelling pears: broke 2 - 3 eggs in the bowl, splashed milk, added salt - and on a hot frying pan, to oil. 3 minutes - the breakfast is ready. However we are people creative, we will approach it with the imagination.

First of all, inventors of an omelet, French, train him at the rate of equal amount of eggs and milk for what they measure milk empty skorlupka of eggs.

But if you love an omelet semi-fluid, then on one egg safely take a quarter of a glass of milk. And if you want dense and magnificent - add a tablespoon of the flour pounded with yolks that there were no lumps and do not fry, and bake in an oven. For tenderness of taste salt and sugar for preparation of an omelet dissolve in milk or water with which it prepares.

Can redden an omelet on the one hand, having strewed with grated cheese, to overturn, strew on the other hand, to curtail into a tubule. It is possible to fill in with the shaken-up eggs pieces of ham, cheese, tomatoes or pepper. If to add a sour cream tablespoon on each egg of an omelet, you learn that the great Russian writer Lev Tolstoy ate for breakfast before he became the vegetarian because it is quite so written down in the recipe-book of his spouse Sofya Andreevna.

A if you beat whites separately in magnificent foam, and instead of milk will take sparkling mineral water, then learn, than divine Greta Garbo ate - it, by the way, with own hand fried to itself an omelet with tomatoes, pepper and green peas.

of Egg as you understand, are good not only for breakfast, but also for dinner. And differently, why Pierre de Leung in “The new cook“ composed 56 finest recipes from eggs “for gallant ladies and gentlemen“ where eggs go with liqueur, confiture, candied fruits, raisin, cinnamon, musk and so on...

As easy as shelling pears the prepared omelet to strew

with icing sugar or to pour jam and honey, but we too not a bast boards, and will try to make eggs... as - nibud it is interesting. For example, in Turkish - with onions. At the same time we learn what was meant by Romans about aged men.

Six eggs hard-boiled we will shell

, we cut protein in half, we separate the whole yolks. Separately in a frying pan we fry the crushed onions (2 average onions) with salt, pepper, greens of fennel and parsley (to taste) and carrot (1 large). As it begins to be gilded, we add a flour tablespoon, on a half-glass of strong meat broth and dry white wine (it is possible champagne). We mix, we put the whole egg yolks and whites sliced by thin in this sauce. We give hot, without allowing to begin to boil.

Romans Romans, and our ancestors guessed something too. Not without reason, probably, in ancient Russian fairy tales life and remarkable strength of Koshchey Bessmertny is hidden not somewhere still, and in egg.

the Curious road dish were eaten by the Russian landowners - in a kalachik egg directly was baked in a shell. Pulled down on the way a kalachik - peeled egg, and you eat with the same kalachik on health.

A here the eggs cooked without shell in the boiling water acidified by vinegar (or in broth with vinegar), the called eggs - plows, became a basis of the famous culinary masterpieces, such as “Benedicte`s Eggs“ (eggs Benedict), eggs on - Milan, on - Burgundian, on - idiysk, “Eggs Flora“, and others. The main charm of egg - plows that at dense protein there is a gentle yolk - well and it is possible to give very effectively.

Here, for example, “Benedict“... To add salt and vinegar to water, to bring to boiling, to reduce fire. It is accurate to break cold egg, without having damaged a yolk and to let out in water. Do not believe books in which it is written that in the beginning it is necessary “to untwist“ water that the funnel was formed - in this case protein will turn a spiral, and egg will remind a tadpole. To cook egg to the necessary degree of readiness (2 - 5 minutes). to Lay out egg on the fried long loaf slice, from above - a slice of a smoked salmon or ham and to water with the Dutch sauce. It is ready!


It is clear that was not limited to one eggs of the menu of hungry mankind. In some national cuisines eggs of seagulls, gagar, ostriches (in 20 times more of chicken), and also crocodile and turtle eggs are used (speak, with “meat“ taste - did not try, I do not know). From chicken and duck eggs with sugar in Thailand prepare a marvelous dessert “fy - Tong“ (“gold threads“). Kulikovy eggs are mentioned in immortal creation of Galsworthy - “appetizingly made kulikovy eggs“ for some reason made sick young Vel Darti, on the eve of met in club drunk daddy.

I, at last, the nice quail eggs having glory of aphrodisiacs. However it is unlikely careful Japanese parents so think - they feed with them for breakfast of the children, without suspecting about consequences.

we will Not risk

, exotic on that and exotic. Eventually, the most true exotic can be represented in house conditions, without being ruined and not too troubling itself. For example, Cha - En - the Thane eggs according to the Chinese recipe.

Hard-boiled cleared of an egg-shell an hour and a half to keep

in hot infusion of freshly brewed black tea, an anise, soy sauce and salt. Prepared thus zolotisto - yellow eggs are good with soy sauce. Prepare and chicken, and duck eggs, it is only necessary to cook the last not less than 15 minutes.

is shorter than

, and it is so clear that the East - business thin. Eggs there both pickle, and preserve, and prepare so that not to present to the European...

Egg is so universal

, both simply, and it is surprising that it is more difficult to think up something more perfect. And for some reason egg with the shell painted in red color had honor to be presented by Mary Magdalene to the emperor Tibery with a message about Christ`s revival.

Boiled eggs on an easter table do not need a special delicacy. Of course, it is possible to decorate halves of boiled eggs with greens and even caviar: wiped yolks with greens and black caviar are an official stuffing of “the stuffed eggs“ at expensive French restaurants.

A here Parisian Miracle egg let and not absolutely egg, but can serve as both ornament and a remarkable dessert in this (and not only in this) the holiday. It requires 6 eggs, 3 yolks, 180 g of chocolate, 90 g of butter, 1 tablespoon of milk, 3 tablespoons of sugar.

to Cut off at eggs a lid on 1 cm from a blunt end, to pour out contents. To kindle chocolate on weak fire in milk, to remove from fire, to mix with the pieces of oil and yolks pounded previously with sugar. To fill with it eggs, to give in supports, with a spoon - as soft-boiled egg.