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We take examination. The Antistress program of

“Good luck always smiles to those who worked much“, - the English proverb says. There is a wish to add:“ and that who is able to show results of the work“. At examination you do it - show what acquired. So do it quietly and surely. Try to change the idea of examination is not torture, not execution, and just check of your knowledge, especially, you (well or almost everything) know everything.

In day of examination

1. The stress preceding an examination often is followed by lack of appetite. But even if to you “the piece does not climb in a throat“, it is necessary though a little to eat. Otherwise in a condition of a stress there can be a sharp decrease in level of sugar in blood and arise the symptoms accompanying it - a shiver, perspiration, weakness, dizziness, a headache, nausea... So not for long and to faint.

2. You should not go to examination and with the crowded stomach. the Breakfast has to be the lung containing the dishes rich with protein and carbohydrates. In the morning before examination it is the best of all to eat yogurt, and also cottage cheese, fried eggs, milk porridge or muesli, cheese sandwich or with honey and to drink tea with a lemon and sugar. It is not necessary “to encourage“ itself strong coffee. If nerves at you on a limit, but you realize that the organism needs food, eat 1 h l. honey, 2 walnuts, 3 pieces of dried apricots also drink a glass of biokefir. Will help to support your forces also of 1 - 2 banana, a handful of raisin and fruit milkshake.

3. Exclusively effective remedy of disposal of a stress preceding an examination is music. Gathering for examination, include records of bravura march, a czardas or a vigorous guitar flamenco, and you will be convinced that as a hand will remove your fear and an internal shiver. If you love classical music, you will be helped by preludes and fugues for Bach`s body, the Fifth symphony of Tchaikovsky, all orchestral works of Alexander Scriabin. Bach`s music, by the way, is very effective if hard intellectual work is necessary. On a fighting harmony adjust also Bryan Adams, Tina Turner, Bon Jovi and Riccardo Folyi`s compositions.

4. And here what should not be done at all, so it to accept demulcents. the Result can be deplorable. Slackness and block will not allow to concentrate!

apply to

Before an exit from the house on temples or wrists several drops of essential oil of a lavender, the basil or mint possessing the calming properties. It is also possible to drip this oil on a handkerchief and then, during examination, periodically to inhale its aroma.

Methods of fight against fear

1. Forbid himself to be afraid! to Much knows well a panic state before examinations: “I know nothing! I remember nothing!“. Try to send the thoughts to other course:“ I long and purposefully worked, I made everything depending on me, from all material I all the same know something and it is rather good“.

2. Carry out breathing exercises. It is the fastest, simple and most effective way of overcoming of feeling of a stress and panic. Close eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. The exhalation has to in 2 - 3 time be more long, than a breath. Inhaling, imagine that you involve a nose the favourite aroma. Exhale through slightly close lips so as if you want to blow into a flame of a candle or to blow on a spoon with hot soup.

Through 3 - 5 after the beginning of breathing exercises can add minutes to them an auto-suggestion formula:“ I relax and calm down“, synchronizing them with a rhythm of the breath. At the same time the words “I“ and “i“ should be said on a breath, and words “I relax“ and “calm down“ - on an exhalation.

Can also be spoken about itself:

“I am quiet and self-assured

: the brain perfectly submits similar teams.

3. Learn to think never of a failure at examination. On the contrary, it is necessary to draw mentally to himself a picture of a firm, definite answer, a clear victory. We receive what we strenuously think of, in literal sense programming ourselves on the end result. And that this result satisfied us, it is necessary to think of good, adjusting itself on success:“ At me everything will turn out, at the right time I will remember everything“.

4. Do not catch others nervousness. As a rule, before a door of audience in which there takes place examination the pupils shivering with fear discussing crowd, this or that examiner and from time to time sentencing is how strict and captious: “Oh, I will precisely fail today! At me everything took off from the head! Already all shakes me!“ . Do not crowd together together with them not to “catch“ their fear. Endure the nervousness alone, step aside, wander along a corridor, look in a window.

5. Dump tension. the elementary movements will help to Get rid of painful discomfort. Make several roundabouts the head, warm up hands, shrug shoulders. If there is opportunity, poboksiruy, striking blows to a blank space and representing that you beat the fear.

In a stressful situation it is useful for p to yawn. Having with pleasure yawned three - five times, you not only will reduce nervousness, but also speed up work of a brain. To cause a zevatelny reflex, it is necessary to massage middle fingers of hands muscles between an ear and a cheek.

6. Be engaged in self-massage. the Light massage of occipital area of the head distracts from persuasive fear, and also helps to increase ingenuity significantly. Massage of tips of little fingers, and also performance of yoga for fingers helps to remove an emotional pressure, so-called it is wise. This word designates connection of fingers of hands in a certain combination.

So, it is wise Earth helps at stresses, deterioration in a psychophysical state, raises a self-assessment and self-confidence. For its performance densely press anonymous and big fingers of both hands to each other small pillows, straighten other fingers and slightly place. It is useful to do such gesture as often as possible and to keep fingers in such situation as long as possible.

At a severe stress put the left hand on a table a palm down. The right hand during 3 - 5 minutes roundabouts clockwise mass a point of intersection of conditional lines of big and index fingers, at the same time as much as possible set aside a thumb from index. Then change a hand, but now make the movements counterclockwise.

stress Level considerably increases at oral examinations when both psychological stability, and possession of the speech have crucial importance, and ability is correct to construct the answer and to show the knowledge. The stress at written examinations including on USE is slightly less.

Behaviour at written examination
  1. If you feel

    that panic seizes you, immediately tell yourself “Stop!“ This word needs to be pronounced aloud as team. Always remember
    : everything that occurs in your organism, completely copes your thoughts, it is necessary to pick up only correctly the phrase programming your consciousness, for example:“ I am quiet “, “ I will easily answer all questions “, “ I know everything“.

  2. after that normalize the breath: several times make a deep breath and a slow exhalation. You were prepared for examination, time to realize the knowledge came now.
  3. Try not to react to the distracting moments (sounds and the movement in audience, etc.) and as much as possible to concentrate at the performed work.
  4. Run eyes all test to understand what like a task contain in it, it will help to be adjusted for work.
  5. to
  6. Take your time with answers, attentively read a question up to the end completely to understand its sense.
  7. If you do not know the answer to a question or it is not confident in it, pass it and note that then to return to it.
  8. If could not answer with
  9. during the allowed time for a question, it is necessary only to rely on the intuition and to specify the most probable option.
Behaviour at oral examination
  1. be not frightened by

    if it turns out that you not really well know the ticket. As much as possible use all information on ticket questions which is stored in your memory. Concentrate the attention not on what you do not know, and on what you can tell.

  2. Being going to respond
  3. to the ticket, adjust yourself, having repeated several times a suitable formula of auto-suggestion, for example:“ I can speak quietly, surely and distinctly “, “ I will correctly answer all questions“.
  4. the Pose at the answer has to be free and natural. Try not to show the nervousness: the one who worries less knows more. Do not hide a look, come into visual contact with the teacher. So you will be able to control a situation and to show that you are not afraid. The examiner should not look in a forehead or through. The look has to be attentive and mobile. Use all the charm, behave surely, but it is not free.
  5. Consider
  6. that the teacher will treat an accurate vigorous statement even of several theses more favourably, than to the vast monologue stated by shy confused whisper. Perceive the answer as thoughts aloud.
  7. If you were completely prepared by
  8. for the answer, but at the crucial moment for nervousness at you as if language stuck to the sky and you cannot connect two words, stop for several seconds! Take breath, concentrate and begin to speak more slowly: the fast, but incoherent speech will not yield good result.

at everything in the long term. At present examinations seem to you the most considerable event, but from the point of view of all your further life is only the solution of the immediate vital task.

How many they still will be - these tasks! Not only school students and students before examinations, but also the drivers who for the first time are handing over on the rights, the beginning surgeons, actors before a part, the people who came to interview to the potential employer have a similar stress...

Nervousness, it be caused by the forthcoming examination or other important event, quite natural phenomenon. The main thing that it did not “brim over“ and did not turn into panic, and allowed to mobilize the forces and to achieve the best result.