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Milk of love

When I expected the first baby, as well as all future mummies began to be interested very much in everything that could concern kids. And, of course, questions of breastfeeding. I studied books and magazines, was interested on the Internet. Much everything I learned about a lactation, but the most important - it is so useful and it is so natural that better mother cannot give anything to the child. Of course, as well as any other mother, I wanted to give to the kid all the best therefore was adjusted to nurse the baby.

When the baby was born

, I at first tried to do everything that the milk was qualitative. Properly ate and tried to have a rest.

But, alas! Milk there were 5 drops. Yes, for the first time milk came, I was delighted, in our family women did not feed at all. But in “A grant on breastfeeding“ in a maternity welfare unit I read that feeding goes, strangely enough, on the man`s line, i.e. if mother of my father fed him, then I will be able too. I decided to do everything possible and impossible to feed the daughter with milk. This health, immunity, is contact of mother and child, it is in general unearthly pleasure - to look how small continuation you, such defenseless as they it, drink milk from a breast, having covered eyes from pleasure...

Already at home I as obsessed used

a milk pump, drank any teas, etc. - small effect, and all...

I here in a month to us to go to policlinic. I woke up from the fact that the breast was poured. I applied the daughter to a breast, it hardly opened eyes. Milk flew and flew... I looked how my small yagnenochek sucks milk, black velvet eyelashes touched a breast and with astonishment rose. The daughter looked at me, she was enough with the handle a breast as if without believing that all this for it. It is a lot of! I did not go in any policlinic, I will go in 2 days. It so was important for me as though I won one million.

I still, to us 10 months so proceed.... And never the breast is ill. I think because milk comes exactly so much how many my daughter and therefore that it is not just feeding process, it is love wants. I would give everything on light that my daughter was healthy and full. When she could already creep, took a breast from different provisions, was so ridiculous when she “hunted“ for a breast. Also it grows very clever.

A I when I look at it, always remember that day - exactly a month... These eyelashes surprised eyes... Milk of mother is a milk of love from which children grow beautiful and healthy.