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About swaddling and diapers from the point of view of system psychology of

Ya I receive questions concerning advantage - harm of swaddling, features of care of the child... There is a wish to share opinion not only mothers, but also the specialist in development of the personality.

Matter not only in the comfortable situations having adaptive character namely in Development of the child. Swaddling, of course, procedure more labor-consuming and demanding our skill, and the child very precisely feels if he is swaddled by reliable hands. If we do it dexterously and joyfully, keeping saying, the comfort increases:-). And here a serious subject of very useful “broad swaddling“, the huge choice of diapers - of course, other century outside and nobody wants to boil a diaper now … But is it necessary that the child remained dry due to quality of expensive diaper all the time? It is already the expert`s question:-). Experience shows that since a month the child can already show behavior readiness not to be wet, we will call it so:-). And not because it has a vast experience of this state - effect here just the return. The child can ignore an uncomfortable state as because it does not enter a zone of its experience and because it is too habitual. Here it is important to observe harmonious balance between our efforts on care of it - and own communicative skills of a crumb. It is exactly communicative the skills requiring our close attention and instant reaction. I am not touched at all by one-year-old happy babies in advertizing of diapers … If the child in 3 months does not ask itself, to us as to parents is what to think of - and concerning communication with child. We deprive of it huge advantage - the first skills of Management of the state through communication. And first skills of Independence.

the wonderful experiment made by the American psychologists with children of monthly age Is and is more senior. In the dark room through a bed the ray of light was passed so that the child could reach by means of casual movements of the handle it. As soon as it concerned a beam - there was “prize“, for example, in the form of the bright rattle which is brought closer to it. And so, very quickly, extremely quickly (sometimes from several calling) the baby lost interest in a prize, did not even consider it, - but infinite joy to it was given by Management of space and actions in it through own effort. This experience seems to me very indicative. The huge, pure pleasure from an opportunity something independently is peculiar to all of us to change in the world, to cause its reaction according to “free will“ and a freedom of choice. And it can study on anything, including on a freedom of choice - to be wet, to suffer and how exactly to cause the corresponding reaction of attentive parents:-). And what parental happiness when everything is very quickly adjusted and disappears an array of problems, and feel already some more fine interaction with the child, pride of it:-) … And on diapers it is not necessary to be spent or wash diapers each hour - this, I understand, the system decision:-).

of Happiness to you and your kids!:-)