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To return to the Childhood of

the parent`s Survival? More likely, pleasure. An opportunity to anew endure fascinating, informative years of the childhood together with the child, having loaded with optimism, enthusiasm and desire to breathe a full breast.

My name is Olga, I am mother of three children. Between them there was so cardinal age difference, a state of health and other basic data that the issue of the choice of an educational route for each of them was resolved in own way.

my oldest daughter was admitted to the English school Eleven years ago. The child is by nature bright, sociable, able to come contact with any adequate adult. The daughter did not visit circles of additional education in the preschool childhood as her kindergarten gave an opportunity to study choreography and English. On the weekend of the house I in addition trained the daughter for school, developing memory, attention, thinking and the coherent speech, improving perception and elementary mathematical representations, filling up knowledge of world around and preparing a hand for the letter. Sounds a little difficult. Actually, having near at hand any of grants on complex preparation for school and fixing studied in daily everyday situations, it is quite real in only one year completely to prepare for school even of the child who is not attending kindergarten.


So, for the oldest daughter chose the difficult program with daily occupations by language. I picked up the teacher strict, but fair, with active living position - is a match for manifestations of temperament of the daughter that they could think and work in one rhythm and one key. With the first teacher full mutual understanding was reached, and a basis to it was demonstration of my parental interest in school life of the daughter. I was included into parental committee at once and kept in close connection with the teacher.

In study of problems was not - natural mental capacities and rather developed emotionally - the strong-willed sphere allowed to cope without special problems with an academic load at school and to look down on a faculty of foreign languages.

the Average son was admitted to school this academic year. First grader. From it it is playful - the gentle word you are loaded with good mood. With this mood the son also runs every morning in school with pleasure because school, a class, the teacher for it - a source of bright positive emotions. And all previous small life of my son did not give reasons for optimism. The minimum brain dysfunction with violation emotionally - the strong-willed sphere was shown by classics of SDVG and behavioural violations. But consecutive medicamentous and family therapy, the psychologist - pedagogical support in kindergarten allowed the boy to be compensated to 1 class, to hatch out lessons and to acquire material. Because of poor health I excluded option of school of his elder sister for the son at once. The son has an ability to languages too, but the program of specialized school for it is heavy, - the academic load can lead to aggravation of neurologic problems. In this case health is more expensive, and language at desire can be improved by means of courses at advanced age when the nervous system of the son gets stronger.

Proceeding from this state of affairs, the son went to mass school in the yard. But here I to it selected the first teacher very thoughtfully. The choice fell on the elderly, imposing, moderately vigorous woman who is bringing up own grandson with SDVG. I assumed that such teacher has to understand and accept my son, - and it turned out. They have a love and full mutual understanding. From where I know? I - again the chairman of parental committee, the second cool mother. I know all ups and downs, victories and problems of a class firsthand, and it is quiet for adaptation of the child, - whatever it happened, I have an opportunity to react quickly.

As for additional education, the son is engaged the second year in section of swimming of sports school. Besides implementation of natural data, swimming normalizes to the son a bearing, strengthens nervous system and will, gives vent to excessive physical activity. You remember that the oldest daughter at me from a garden successfully studied English, graduated from the English school and studies at faculty of foreign languages? I will keep option in mind, as for the son his additional education can become a profession.

Younger my daughter - a reception. In a family the girl one and a half years, will go to the first class in the fall. The child is healthy, intelligently safe, clever. All these one and a half years I strenuously train her for school. In recent months we already slightly relaxed, we only read and we put a hand to the letter, together with teachers of kindergarten completely caught up with the program.

With the choice of school for the younger daughter we with the husband hesitated for a time a little. The husband considered (on the example of senior) that linguistic education is more preferable to the girl. I in principle agree, but the English school is in other end of the city, and I have in my 40 years already not enough energy to spend forces for two educational institutions at the same time. And abilities to languages at younger still uncertain. Therefore I will arrive as it will be convenient to me: the daughter will go to the same school where the son, the following class along a corridor studies. I chose the teacher kind, but resolute in important life situations, individually suitable to special children. I teach the daughter to respect for the teacher, rules of conduct at school, inadmissibility of whims in advance. Often I take it with myself in school, acquainted with future cool office and the teacher that she accustomed to new walls and went on the first lesson without alarm, with desire and pleasure.


as additional education for the younger daughter chose choreography. Besides natural inclinations plus an opportunity to adjust a bearing. The girl is engaged less than a year, but the teacher very much praises her, puts for the soloist roles and promises tempting prospects. Who knows, maybe, the baby is waited by the choreographic future?

Anyway, wishing to realize abilities of the children as much as possible and at the same time to keep their mental and physical health, I proceed from four rules:

I then the school time of our children will turn not into a survival, and into an opportunity to return to the Childhood. In the Happy Childhood, where a gentle trembling palm of the child - in a strong sure hand of the parent.