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Believe in yourself and the kid!

We consider the experience as GV solid - full two years! Also just would like to tell our story: as it was and is so far...

Right after childbirth to me mine the baby was not put, but also not carried away, I constantly saw it. As then I assumed, it, probably, from - for an obvitiya though we cried almost at once...

Having been

in chamber, I began to put constantly the kid though it was very sick, but each of us carried out the role in this vital process. I patiently overcame pain and unpleasant feelings, and the kid annoyingly gave smacking kiss and sucked a breast, stronger and stronger each time and is more skilled.

When next day I was told what we lost in weight too much, but it is no more than norm, made the assumption that, probably, the child lacks milk and it needs to be finished feeding. I was upset and right there grabbed dokorm what I regretted then about. But I did not give up, constantly put to a breast, in breaks warmed up a breast. And in day of an extract (for the 4th days) at me milk came. And there is a lot of! But all for some reason around repeated what is not enough for the child, and it is necessary to decant and finish feeding. And how is not enough?! If I bent to the child, milk the river flew on me!

In such drudgeries and throwings between GV and mix we stayed 1,5 months. And then I decided that I do not want to feed the child with mix especially as it on taste was not pleasant to me!

Ya ceased to listen to all around, and began to listen to herself and the kid. And here what conclusions I drew for myself.

If do not have

any medical indications, the kid and mother are healthy, milk has to be enough. Just at the beginning the child badly is able to extend milk (I felt how my kid just takes out from me a milk), i.e. the child needs time to learn to eat for now he studies, it is necessary to put more often (trainings and once again trainings).

should not listen to stories about what the child has to suck no more than 20 minutes! How many to it it is necessary, it is so much let and sucks. We right at the beginning could and 40 minutes to hang on a breast, and now and in 10 minutes we cope.


Ya it was never decanted, except for laktostaz which I had three times for the entire period of feeding.

should not hurry with dokormy, especially in maternity hospital. I consider that all these tortures with feeding on time are just mockery at children, the kid does not understand why mummy does not want to feed him now when it so is necessary to it. Besides each feeding the child can eat different amount of milk. And it at identical time of feeding. And at harmonious GV, quiet mother and the full kid the mode of feeding is developed itself, a natural way. And mummy can quietly plan the time.

the First two months I persistently did not take the sonny to sleep with me, got up at night and fed, and in the afternoon I was similar to a squeezed orange. As soon as I began to put the baby with myself and to feed him lying, everything was adjusted at once, and I began to get enough sleep.

Of course, all my conclusions are acceptable only provided that both participants of GV are healthy, and the kid grows fat (not necessarily on of 1,5 - 2 kg in a month).

Now to us nearly two years (without one week), we still so far on GV. We are going to throw, but gradually. During this time there was everyone: both stagnation of milk, and dairy crises, and attempts of refusal of milk by the son, and disapproving looks of people around. And the pediatrician`s arrangements that feeding by a breast after a year harmfully! Here nonsense the sheer! After a year feeding is not harmful, it of course is not so vital, but it is very useful for both.

So if the big desire to present to the kid this a product most valuable in every respect is, then use the best efforts, and at you all it to turn out! The main thing - listen to yourself and the kid, but not to “kind aunties on the street“!