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How to find the diet?

Any person can grow thin, but only for a while. A problem about 80% of those who managed it, that all this superfluous, with such work the dumped fatty weight comes back, and soon enough. Whether it is possible to find such power supply system which suits you and will help to keep weight under control year after year?

by means of councils of skilled experts - nutritionists you will be able to analyse the relation to food, to understand what power supply system will help you to realize the dreams of a slim figure.

For certain skilled “growing thin“ will tell

to you that they the majority of diets which they tried can help to lose weight, but only for the short period. All focus in finding such technique, a power supply system - anything, - who not only will help you to strike blow to extra kilos, but also to support itself in a new form.

I as practice and results of large-scale researches comparing efficiency of various diets show, to people managed to lose weight absolutely irrespective of the fact which they adhered to a diet, but as a result almost all later half a year came back to former weight.

For a start needs to find

the diet suitable you, perhaps, it is necessary to try several different techniques. If you hardly maintain a new diet and began to feel worse, so it is not your diet and it is necessary to change it urgently. Now there are many methods of weight loss for all occasions. The main task also in that the diet was coordinated with features of your personality, your state of health, your life and the sizes of your purse.

of the Program of weight loss and their feature


of the Rule of a monodiet several days only sour-milk, then - only buckwheat, vegetables, vegetable soup, meat, etc.


Pluses recommend to eat throughout certain time the same low-calorie product, for example: according to experts, the maximum duration of a monodiet - of 1 - 2 day, besides that day caloric content has to be not less than 1000 kilocalories. It is possible to use the principle of monodiets, using within a week every day a new product - rice, vegetables, cottage cheese etc. In it there is a rational grain - same do not eat much, and such alternation positively affects a metabolism.

Minuses: such sharp impoverishment of a diet and decrease in caloric content often leads to opposite effect. The organism in a stressful situation just blocks all sources of a conclusion of fat in a cage and holds it to the last there. Weight is temporarily lost, but not at the expense of fat, and at the expense of muscular tissue and water, that is the organism sharply loses protein necessary for it which we receive only with food, unlike fat (it is in hypodermically - fatty cellulose and around some bodies) and carbohydrates (in the form of glycogens they collect in a liver and muscles). And at deficiency of protein intracellular reactions, synthesis of enzymes are broken, the nervous system and a brain suffer. And the longer such diet lasts, the it is more difficult to grow thin as the metabolism is slowed down.

the Diet with low GI

is an exception of a diet of products with the high glycemic index (GI) - “fast carbohydrates“, sugar and in general any sweets which are instantly acquired and increase glucose level in blood, and also fat.

Pluses: it is easy for em to organize such power supply system, she does not demand big efforts, except effort of will, of course. Besides, in 2 weeks you really can dump several kilograms.

Minuses: the lack of intake of carbohydrates in an organism strengthens feeling of hunger during a diet, leads to a headache, decrease in number of muscle bulk, a metabolic disorder, at the same time weight reduction is slowed down.

the Low-fat diet

is not present bans on any products Here, the only restriction is the minimum consumption of fat in day, namely of 30 - 40 g for this purpose needs to use the low-fat or fat-free products.

Pluses: can apply a low-fat diet long though the result from it and does not happen instant. Loss of weight makes of 1 - 1,5 kg in a month. Reduction of amount of the fat arriving with food leads to reduction of caloric content of a diet. If it is required to an organism of energy more, than it receives with food, it takes away missing amount of energy from fatty stocks.

Minuses: such approach does not consider all requirements of an organism. Along with harmful fats is also useful which we need constantly. At a lack of these fats skin loses elasticity, hair will begin to drop out, there is an overfatigue - both physical, and intellectual. The fat-free products leave quicker a stomach therefore you will constantly hunger after a while.

the Low-calorie diet

Is based by

on rigid restriction of caloric content: no more than 800 kcal a day.

Pluses: the visible result is shown soon enough, and indicators on scales will please you. Weight loss at such diet can make up to 1,5 kg a week.

Minuses: the daily nutrition value of products has to make not less of 1200 - 1500 kcal. the Organism deprived of valuable nutrients has a stress, besides, gets used to restrictions and just ceases to split fats, postponing them in depot - for rainy day.

the Low-carbohydrate diet

This diet is based by

on the use of proteinaceous products (meat, a bird, fish, cottage cheese, cheese and so forth) without restriction. And carbohydrate products, including fruit, vegetables, grain, bread, potatoes are minimized.

Pluses: the products supporting squirrels are very useful, it is undoubted. Fast pork and beef are rich with iron and vitamins of group B. Other source of protein - sea fish (a mackerel, a tuna, a salmon, a herring, an anchovy), contains valuable an omega - 3 fatty acids therefore try to eat them at least 3 - 4 time in a week. In meat of chicken and a turkey few harmful saturated fats, but they rather nutritious and nourishing.

Minuses: a large amount of protein, experts claim, is very serious load of an organism. Contraindications for a proteinaceous diet are warmly - vascular diseases, as well as diseases of kidneys and a liver. Therefore though proteinaceous products are also necessary for an organism, it is necessary to limit their quantity to limits, useful to health.

Saltless diet

Pluses: if you eat and drink all unsalted, then liquid is removed from an organism, salt detains her there.

Minuses: despite the dumped kilograms, fatty stocks remain at you, you will only approach a dehydration stage. Not casually doctors and nutritionists always advise to drink enough water - without it to an organism much more difficult, than without food.

the Diet does not suit


quickly to define whether this diet suits your organism, it is necessary to be guided by the health.

the Diet to you does not suit


  • you have uncontrollable attacks of hunger;
  • you snatch on food and cannot constrain yourself;
  • you are pursued by thoughts of food;
  • in you are hurt by a stomach and digestion was broken;
  • you hardly maintain such diet;
  • you had a weakness.

If through 10 - 12 days of punctual observance of a diet you have a feeling of ease, cheerfulness and inflow of forces, it is your diet.

Decided to eat

on system?

Several councils for a start:

  • Celebrate start date of “new life“ in a calendar.
  • Get support of friends and family.
  • Set attainable aims for yourself for a week.
  • Write down the main reasons for which you decided to grow thin, and read this record every day.
  • Make the plan of physical activity. Begin gradually and gradually increase loadings.
  • Photograph dishes before food on the mobile phone, it will help you to correct a serving size during the day in any place where you decide to eat, even at restaurant.
  • Be adjusted by
  • on good luck. Be so kind as to yourself, concentrate on what you managed to reach, and praise yourself. It will give you new incentive to fight for a figure.