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My childbirth of twins

my history began in 2002 when I the first time married. I very much wanted the child, but ahead there was an institute and several first years of work. In 2006, right after father`s death, I learned that I am pregnant. My pleasure was not a limit! Long-awaited kid! It is a pity, my father did not wait - absolutely slightly - nearly waited!

I Gather for ultrasonography of 8 weeks. I call with myself the beloved husband - I hear the strange answer: “I cannot, work“. Strange. So waited... Also cannot. I lie on a couch in front of the screen, the favourite doctor speaks: “So - so - so... Now we will look with the intra vaginal sensor, and I will tell everything precisely. We look... Well, you have twins!“

I Leave the medical center building, I look at a photo from ultrasonography and still I stare in disbelief also to ears: twins! From where? Neither at me, nor at my husband of twins in a sort is not present. As the doctor, so always speaks and it happens: one loved one abandoned me, the Lord right there sent me pregnancy.

I Tell

to the husband of the house, I am glad very much. We tell the husband`s parents - all are very glad. The stomach huge - grew already to 4 - m to months. Pregnancy - dream of any woman! Neither problems, nor fears - occupations in the center, preparation on system “soft childbirth“, I swim in the pool, my long-awaited boys - clear heads, both in head prelying, I am adjusted on natural childbirth. Though, it is such rarity - twins and independent childbirth...

of the Internet then at me was not. How to give birth twins, did not know. Very much worried for the result of childbirth. Well, with the first - that everything is clear - as at all, and the second how to give birth? There will be no force left at all. On the term of 35,5 weeks went to maternity hospital to conclude the contract for childbirth. We are Muscovites, but according to the recommendation of the doctor and about ratings chose maternity hospital to Vidnoye. And so responsible childbirth - let the most responsible person in maternity hospital, the chief physician accepts.

the Doctor - young, very beautiful woman - accepted us as family. The personnel are polite, conditions - fine. On childbirth - the chamber, anybody strangers and strangers. Audio system, sphere, shower. Everything is magnificent!

In day of the conclusion of the contract the doctor examined me in a chair. I arrived home, ate a pear and banana, lay down to have a rest since at night on the eve of I almost did not sleep - the bladder had an effect and the size of a stomach impressed. It at mine - that the sizes: height of 164 cm and 65 kg of weight. For pregnancy gained only 11 kg. Laid down, relaxed, and suddenly I feel, water began to flow...

back we returned To maternity hospital in 17 on the same day. 00, in a reception the granny:“ Oh, twins, long as pieces of paper to write for two - that! It is shaved? Is not present? Let`s go!“

Yes, how many money do not pay, will be rude all the same. But what it matters if long-awaited day at last came? Expectation, already such tiresome ended at the end. We with the husband are met by the chief physician, puts in a chair, examines: “Yes, one bubble leaks. Well, we will give birth! Something I do not want to rise in maternity behind a hook“. Also begins to tear a bubble hands. “My God, - I think. - My God, what pain“. And if an amniotomiya to hurt the tool, then it is perfect not! Read about it is in a bubble there are no nervous terminations so much! “To give birth even more painfully, suffer!“ - I hear the answer.

Right after an enema fights begin

. At first we try to note still time, then I understand that I all retire into oneself, and to me already all the same, what is the time passed between fights. I breathe, I stand in soul (ah what bad pressure!) . Got out of a shower, took seat on a toilet bowl, between fights I rest to the husband against a stomach and I have a rest, I try to doze, weakness mad - and time only 19. 00, and the doctor tells an ugly face in the morning... Weakness. Badly. The fact that did not sleep at night affected and did not eat anything in the afternoon. Here to you and preparation for childbirth!

B 19. 30 the doctor, disclosure of only 3 cm looks, went to chamber, laid on a couch, put a dropper with glucose and still something to have a sleep. Of course, to have a sleep did not leave, severe pain, all I sing fights, the husband masses a waist, thanks to him.

B 00. The 30th doctor says that opening of 9 cm, we go on a chair (it right there, in chamber) to give birth. Time, two, three - the head is visible, four - and in 1. 45 Kiryusha was born. Small such - shouts. More precisely, grunts! The doctor wipes to me a face with a damp diaper (the truth, from outside it looks so as if it this diaper hits me in the face), tear the second bubble. Thank God, the tool, not hands is, and the truth, it is not sick at all.

Ya I go to bat in thanks to the midwife: “What noble cause you do!“ But my euphoria lasted not for long. On attempts with Kirill to me put oxytocin, the same dropper “works“ and now. Speak to me: “Tuzhsya!“ I make an effort, but business does not go. The second child very highly, a head does not fall. Let`s wait for of 5 - 6 fights, that the head fell. My God, as it is sick. And three - the doctor, the midwife, neonatolog - stand with indifferent waiting persons and look to me there. Here the midwife says: “You know, and I too one of twins. Only the second girl at mother died while giving birth!“ I am silent. I think that for ridiculous comments at the time of delivery! “No, so business will not go. You do not want to work, get down from a chair, lay down back on a couch, we will wait. Lying will fall quicker,“ - the doctor says. I say that I will not go anywhere. “You will go!“

Removed me from a chair and put on a couch with oxytocin in a hand. Fights on artificial hormone - it is very sick. Indescribably painfully. Fights, probably, potuzhny. All the time there is a wish to make an effort. And between legs with a clip the first cut-off umbilical cord already hangs on the end. The husband came: “To stay with you?“ - “Is not present, leave“. Fight, I sing, comes to an end, and I waiting for following gnaw a pillow, I pay and I whine... Well when it will end? There are no forces even at the watch to look. There are no forces on anything. Forgot about everything - about the child, about herself, only pain and as to overcome it. Left neonatolog, the doctor left, the midwife left to accept other childbirth, returned, sat down opposite all with the same indifferent quiet face. There was nobody yet, the catheter dropped out of a vein also under a couch a blood pool. I shout, I call to the aid - there is nobody nearby. Generally, it is quietly possible to die, nobody will come to the rescue...

I here we with it together in chamber. I whisper: “Soon? To me painfully very much!“ “Suffer, soon.“ I say what me grieves, and heart very strongly fights. “Grieves - tuzhsya“. Well, everything, here goes the doctor, I get up and I go on a chair - well at last! Waited for three hours. “What it, Lida?“ - the doctor asks and shows somewhere “there“. “It and was,“ - she answers. “I ask: from where this loop undertook? There is no heart! We make an effort, quickly!“

For several attempts my second boy is born

. Dead. There is no heart... Neonatolog quickly listens to his heart, zapelyonyvat the dead baby and carries away from chamber. The doctor sits on a couch and says: “Lead! How it could happen?“ And I understand nothing, thought only one: “Everything ended, thank God...“ The husband cries and goes to a corridor. Further the general anesthesia, cleaning, ice on a stomach, and the boy my Kiryusha in reanimation...

Ya came to it at once as soon as could rise - in 2 hours after operation. And already next day it was with me in chamber. Only thoughts not about it... Doctors make a helpless gesture: it happens. After the general anesthesia the chief physician came, embraced: “Sorry, if you will be able“. The midwife told that I need to descend to the temple: “Sorry, if you consider that it washing wines“. Yes that to blame someone now? I will not return the kid...

Why I? What did I make not so? Then there was an extract: I, husband, his parents and kid. Asked anybody to come and to call nobody.

here a week later I cost

I in front of the mirror, I iron the flat stomach and I pay: “Nothing is necessary, return me my happiness, my stomach, my boys! Return!“ The experts observing me in Moscow were shocked by technology of carrying out childbirth. The gynecologist persuades me to write the complaint to the Ministry of Health of the Moscow region.

here the complaint is written to

I, mistakes are found, and even the commission from my native First Honey came. Unsubscribed to me. Like, the rodostimulyation should be begun a bit earlier, sorry, we condole. The chief physician called. Insulted. Nobody recognized the negligence. Through an oversight the loop of an umbilical cord dropped out and the healthy kid choked. And if the doctor was near, Caesarian - 2 minutes, and the child would be rescued. Or the midwife would notice... Still not clearly, as the midwife with an experience did not see a loop... The husband told me later that the chief physician at the time of delivery slept in the next chamber - meeting in the Ministry of Health next day...

I do not undertake to judge anybody. To me it was very terrible and very heavy. Tried to find somebody who endured similar to ask how to cope with it. Did not find.

is not present

of Milk, on the street - plus 30, the heat, before me lies the tiny kid, my son for whom I so waited... Premature. And I so now am necessary to it... And I here and not here.

A in 2,5 months my beloved husband told that he loves other woman, and left. So I remained in this world with the little boy one - there are no parents any more, from husband got divorced, none of his relatives gave any support...

there Passed 2 years. I am married to the beautiful person - the godfather of my Kiryusha. The sonny very much loves him, knows him as the father.

I here in one fine morning I learn that I am pregnant again... Tears rushed from eyes for pleasure. And again fine pregnancy, we wait for the girl, the daughter, the lassie... I am afraid terribly, but I plan natural childbirth. And here in 39 weeks already in maternity hospital on ultrasonography the diagnosis - hard obvity, Cesarean section. And I am glad. Rada as I do not want more than this natural childbirth. Rada what not to pass to me again through all this horror. Rada, because now on hands the healthy daughter, a full breast of milk, nearby the beloved husband and the son.

Rada, looking back at the life that was not given and did not hang. Descended to the temple on a confession, the soul is pure. Ahead life long long way. And doctors? And ex-husband? Da Bog to them judge. Only in my dreams every night a prayer about the boy, about the angel who is nursed by my parents...

to All who lost: you fasten and do not give up for anything.