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Pregnancy took place a milk for the smallest crumb of

very hard, from the very beginning there was a huge risk to lose my girl, and everything ended it is unsuccessful - I gave rise on the 35th week.

To maternity hospital me was brought with the departed waters, but fights were not, and doctors decided to keep me weeks two in order that easy daughters dorazvitsya. I am still grateful to myself and God that did not listen to them advising all the time to lie, secretly went, moved also much for the fourth days, at last, gave rise.

the Baby was born weighing 1600 grams, damage of skin and numerous infections from - for waterless the period. The same doctors told that if this period lasted, it is unknown, she would survive.

Of course, it was put at once in the couveuse about any applying to a breast there was no speech also. The first three days I in general was on antibiotics, and my girl on mix. Then to me allowed to decant 3 grams of a milk and to give it each 3 hours via the syringe. As I cried, looking at other mothers carrying the kids on hands and nursing not to transfer. I my baby on hands was not given, she lay in the resuscitation couveuse, all in tubules and probes, and I round the clock nearby, on a couch. Looked, she breathes or not.

In a week us was transferred to children`s hospital, and there already removed all probes and tubes (I strictly forbade to feed through a probe) and increased norms of feeding. A milk at me was a little, two hours were necessary to be decanted to gain at least 20 grams, the nurse and the doctor said that she will take a breast not earlier than through 2 - 3 months, if at all, of course, will take. And I was afraid that by then I will have no milk any more.

So there passed one and a half more weeks. And here my neigbour in chamber (it lay with the full-term, large boy whom all in office called “kabasya“, it had an alfalfa butterfly), once again observing my tortures with the syringe, told: “Try to apply it to a breast... And suddenly?“ I even on it waved hands: “That you it say yes where to us...“ And she asked: “And what you lose? Well, if no, then no.“ I with doubt looked at the daughter, took on hands and ineptly applied to a nipple, she blinked, thought, opened a mouth yes as stuck! The baby ate, and I looked at her and cried with happiness, affection and new unfamiliar feelings.

two and a half weeks Later after the delivery I the first time nursed the child. From this day we had the only chamber where children were on breastfeeding. The milk at me became much more, and there is a baby became much better. However, she ate not absolutely correctly as rotishko was absolutely small, and she could take only a nipple without areola, but I was not upset, knew that over time everything will be adjusted. In a week we were written out home though it was supposed that we will lie of 1 - 2 month. the Baby very well grew fat and continued to gather.

Now to us 6 months. My baby eats only a mother`s milk, she rather fat and healthy, eats already correctly, and still I have no crack on nipples, here such here a nezhnyulechka. With a lactation I have no problems when there are rare failures, drink good natural means.

Ya I want to address mummies at whom children were born before term or with certain problems. Girls, be not afraid and listen to nobody, try to nurse, do not give up, our children it is sometimes cleverer also than doctors, and us. Good luck and patience to you.