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Soft victory over a hyper tone of

my son was born!. The midwife, without cutting off the pulsing umbilical cord, right there laid out the kid to me on a stomach, and it... raised the head and tried to look to me in eyes. Then I thought nothing; I all consisted of the only emotion - rough delight. Besides before I did not see newborn babies and not absolutely accurately represented how they have to behave. When the next morning (in one day a joy) the son crept several centimeters on a pelenalny little table, I decided that it is extraordinary strong. I was not guarded by this its feature though I also suspected what to move independently to it to the baby so far rather early.

And unless - that not so?

generally, I accepted the son it what he was born. He is my firstborn, and I have nobody was it to compare. Of course, my friends had small children, but I did not spend with them 24 hours a day and did not try to penetrate in particular their behavior.

A the son slept a little meanwhile and demanded a breast everyone half an hour - hour. “Well, all right, - I thought, - at everyone the mode, everything will settle down“. He did not transfer others hands and shouted by a terrible voice when the nurse or the doctor tried to touch it. “Nothing surprising, I love corporal contact with casual people too. Welcome kisses in a cheek always seemed to me unnecessary familiarity“.

the Son cried much and if is more concrete, he was silent only in a dream or when the father came and told something to it, or at me on hands with sisy in a mouth. I and to it treated as something natural, remembering the well-known cine phrase: “Why the child is silent? The child has to shout!“ .

the Only thing that it seemed to me beyond natural behavior is what the kid slightly pulled the head if I could not calm him longer than one minute (for example, during hygienic procedures). But even did not come to my mind that this “trifle“ can be a disease symptom. Therefore when the pediatrician told that the son has a hyper tone and hyper excitability, I began to prove that he just very emotional as I, and willful as the father.

“Of course, character be healthy here, - wise Alla Borisovna agreed. - But here we a little bit will help it, and you will understand where nature comes to an end and the illness begins“.


By what external signs mother can determine

that the newborn has a hyper tone?


questions are answered by Lyudmila Borisovna Zayakina, the candidate of medical sciences, the manager. pediatric office of maternity hospital at No. 29 GKB.

the Raised tone is one of symptoms of the increased intra cranial pressure at the child which can be caused by various reasons in each case. It is shown by the expressed concern, constant thirst of sucking, causeless shout (monotonous or shrill), a head zaprokidyvaniye with flexures back and frequent vomiting. Still a sign of the raised tone is the pulling of legs and handles whereas for the newborn child normal situation is in what legs are bent in knees, and handles - in elbows.

Safe treatment

Having discharged


from maternity hospital, we remained under Alla Borisovna`s supervision. Twice a month came to it on consultations, and all rest of the time I carried out its instructions which number, to my happiness, did not include strong drugs. I with horror remembered the recipe which the regional neuropathologist wrote out from a hyper tone to the son of my friend: in the medical encyclopedia it was told that these preparations apply to treatment of schizophrenia in a hospital! We did coniferous trays and an aromatherapy by dried herbs, accepted vitamins and were engaged in massage. The only traditional medicine which we ate there was an amino acid glycine.

Such seemingly frivolous treatment, but in two weeks I began to notice how the behavior of the son changes. He began to sleep longer and to cry less. When it needed something, he still exactingly shouted, but as soon as I took it on hands, became silent and gave me the chance to make the correct decision. The sound siren joined again, only if I did something not so.

Day after day the kid got used to trays and massage, and then they even began to give it pleasure! Its movements became quieter, a look with “leave alone all me“ changed on “and here not everything is so bad“.

Here I also felt border between nature and an illness about which Alla Borisovna spoke. If to describe it briefly, then it is possibility of the child to control itself. The unhealthy kid himself suffers from the crying and too active movements with the which he cannot cope and healthy - uses the same means that “to let off steam“ or to express the feelings and requirements.


What the directions of treatment of a hyper tone at newborns exist?

the Direction of treatment only the doctor can choose

. At the same time it will be guided by results of clinical inspections and neyrosonografiya. If there are expressed signs of the increased intra cranial pressure, then it is necessary to apply rather strong medicamentous therapy. As a rule, we are forced to do such appointments at the started disease form.

But an opportunity before not to lead up is. It is necessary to watch the child carefully and continuously since the birth. If the general good shape, and signs of a hyper tone are poorly expressed, it is possible to apply soft methods. Treat them: preparations of glycerin, grass, gymnastics and massage, swimming, and also muzykoterapiya and aromatherapy.

I Want to emphasize

that at treatment of a hyper tone it is necessary to contact constantly to the doctor and not to stop consulting on own initiative - if suddenly seems to you that everything already passed.

Help the doctor!

“Doctor, strange at you!“ - I heard more than once from girlfriends to whom I told about our progress. Alla Borisovna`s “strangeness“, in their opinion, was that she constantly asked my opinion on process of treatment of the son. “What does she do not know how it is necessary?“ - girlfriends were surprised. And I am sure that exactly thanks to such dialogue we through joint efforts relieved the kid of a neurologic disease, having avoided severe methods of treatment.

As contrast remembers visit to usual children`s policlinic. The turn was such big that synulya managed to eat sisyu and to fall asleep. As a result on an appointment it was brought in not a vigorous state. The doctor asked to put it on a little table and, without having noticed that the child did not manage to wake up, made the diagnosis:“ Does not keep a head - a delay in development“. Also said goodbye! And similar occurs constantly.

As is shown by my experience, for a couple of minutes of communication with the child even the unique expert will not be able to understand everything about his health. All of us know that the condition of babies very quickly changes, and development goes the most unexpected jumps. How it is possible, having hardly looked at a sleepy paper bag on a pelenalny little table, to establish its neurologic status?!

A if it is serious, then only parents - just because it is necessary to do it constantly, but not several minutes a week can track features in behavior of the child and disturbing symptoms. That is why Alla Borisovna always patiently listened to my stories about our daily routine, mood and other, and also asked a set of questions. Such collaboration allowed us to estimate together efficiency of treatment and to make the correct decisions.

I Think that it is necessary always, and when using soft methods - doubly. The matter is that influence of aggressive demulcents on a human body is predictable: the child or the adult becomes slowed down. And here massage or phytotherapy should be selected and corrected depending on features of the child and a disease. And it is more difficult and many-sided process.


As the relations of mother and the doctor for successful treatment of a hyper tone have to be under construction?

Most important is a full confidence. It concerns also any other medical problems. Mother has to trust completely the doctor, and the doctor has to find contact with mother. There is no sense to cooperate with the doctor who for any reasons is not pleasant even if this relation is unreasonable. Mother has to be sure that the doctor will help the child, and all the rest again. Well and, of course, the patience and love to the kid from outside of both mother, and the doctor is important.

of Feature of application

“As! You still did not employ the massage therapist (the phytotherapist, etc.)? To you what, is a pity for money for the child? You will not be able! You are not a doctor!“ - such reproaches were distributed around me constantly. And I just listened to the intuition which surely repeated that the best assistant to my son - it I am.


Ya it is convinced that at any treatment, whether it be that feeling with which the patient accepts procedure has tablets, mud baths or inhalations, huge value. If methods of treatment cause anger, offense, despair in the child, it prevents the baby to win against an illness. While positive emotions give incentive to fight and help to recover.

one more important point Is. The foreign expert approaches treatment mechanically. It just has no opportunity to be adjusted on an emotional wave of the child. And the newborn needs it much more, than to the adult! The conclusion like “is absolutely alien to it it is necessary to suffer for the sake of recovery“. Therefore treatment of the kid has to be made not so much by hands and grasses, how many heat of mother`s soul and love. Sending to the child thought:“ I love you. Your fingers are freely bent and unbent when you want“ - and stroking its palms, it is possible to achieve the same result, as on several sessions of rigid massage!

So, I decided to implement all recommendations of the doctor independently. It was trained in technology of massage, passed to the doctor “examination“, wrote down all grass recipes and was engaged in treatment of the son, placing emphasis not on mechanical, on an emotional component of process.

Here is how it looked in practice. Before each session of massage I first of all was disconnected from all world around and adjusted on the son`s wave. Then I explained to him what we will do now, at the same time representing each manipulation visually as shots. Then I mentally sent to the son this picture, without forgetting to add feeling of huge love and pleasure.

each movement I tried to do

I in such figurative maintenance. These are not some modern psychological troubles, and attempt to speak with the child his language - language of emotions and wills. And that the most important - to receive the answer! As if by magic I understood that it will be pleasant to the son and that is not present. For example, I precisely knew when it suffers a pelenalny little table and when it is necessary to put it to himself on a stomach and to long mass a back, buttocks etc.

of Emotion which we put in treatment of the kid are of great importance also because - in my opinion - psychological situation in a family is the prime cause of an illness of the baby. In my case the medicine wrote off a disease of the son for bad ecology and flu which I had during pregnancy. But it is obvious to me that not the smaller role was played that I became pregnant soon after death of the mother-in-law who long time tried to win against cancer. The kid in a womb received a charge of unhappy emotions with which we were crowded with the husband and all our environment, - a charge of a grief, pain, fatigue and despair.

Time back cannot be turned, but to prove to the son that he is the most beloved child on light, we with the husband, in my opinion, could. It is possible for this reason for one and a half years he was ill only once.

Now my son very emotional, mobile boy with strong will and self-respect. He can begin to cry, to be exact is angry cry, trying to achieve the, but maybe instantly to calm down when understands that it is useless. He can restrain and not cry even if there is a strong wish to eat on the way, and to the house still far. Generally, the son perfectly owns the body, controls the behavior, and sometimes even the feelings. He was oneself, and the illness left - and in it our soft, but convincing victory over a hyper tone!

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