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Tactics nailing, or Limits of modesty

do not feed with One bread - it let`s appear on a look: without exciting as champagne, interpersonal oxygen they become sick and unfortunate. And others prefer to keep in the background and can live all life gray mice because they fear foreign attention like the plague. And this irrational fear sometimes arises at all not for those reasons to which you attribute it.

modesty Genes

do not justify with them the behavior: in the nature of such does not exist! The reference to mother which is broken too by tetanus when it is asked to sing under a karaoke or to say a toast in a complete collection of close and distant relatives to the seventh knee, do not maintain criticism.


inherits not shyness, but the hypersensibility of nervous system creating the soil for excessive modesty. If you are too excitable, vulnerable and sensitive, it is quite natural to keep in the background: to be the queen of human hearts, one charisma a little - strong nerves and thick skin are necessary!


Even for clothes style change sometimes needs courage. Having noticed on you instead of a traditional trouser suit a short Italian dress - a trapeze, colleagues begin is sympathizing to be interested on what you month of pregnancy. They envy, so it is pleasant to them how you look. Whether here you only decide to repeat the Italian fashion show on office, risking to appear once again in epicenter of jealous attention?

If you it make

, honor to you and praise! Then you will be able by the right to be proud all lost generations of Turgenev grandmothers with eternally potuplenny looks and hereditarily the principle of phenotypical not catchiness fixed in the course of natural selection “white top - a black bottom“!

Who told that the woman looks good if nobody remembers in what it was dressed? Do not trust - only pathological modest women who are purposefully caught on capital streets by observers of a clothes order from “A fashionable sentence“ so put on. To you with them not on the way!

Four in one

the French scientist Henri Duga described 4 types of pathological modesty - intellectual, strong-willed, emotional and corporal.

Shyness of reason people around take

for dullness and incompetence. Cicero`s motto “The more cleverly - the more modestly“ does not work when the chief asks your opinion in the presence of colleagues from all representative offices of firm, and you modestly potuplyat a look.


Shyness of will - abulia - is shown in slackness and lack of an initiative. Once only once the similar state gives in, and then reins of government the vital situations will regularly drop out of your hands. To do career, being ahead of those who would not refuse to come to be on your place, of course, immodestly. It would be much more modest to remain the housewife. But you do not want it?

Shyness of feelings is shown by sudden attacks of indifference to what makes sense of your life. In the presence of public you emotionally freeze, becoming the Snow queen. But you can hit in other extreme - to blow up and fly into a rage. Some from confusion become very aggressive, begin to speak much and loudly. This kind of modesty results from the exaggerated pride. To you it not to the person!

Shyness of a body is shown by catalepsy, motive awkwardness, confused, fussy and disturbing gestures. And as all functions of an organism are regulated by the principle of feedback, the paroxysm of pathological modesty can be overcome, controlling gestures, gait and a bearing. For this purpose it is necessary only to try to look quiet and self-assured.

the Japanese syndrome

the Palm on shyness are held by Japanese. Business here not only in the descended features of national character, but also in traditions and education.

since the childhood the talents learn to hide

of Compatriots of Akutagava, not to show an initiative, to keep respectful silence in the presence of seniors (even if the age difference makes only a day), not to object, not to argue (it is not accepted to discuss even in parliament), to put on as all and not to lean out at all - it is called “tactics of the clogging which is sticking out nailing“.

the Policy of the modesty which is holding back the advantages is pursued by

even in advertizing, apparently, assuming selfless praise of the product offered consumers. But not here - that was! The Japanese actors appearing in commercials expressively are silent in a shot, letting know that they not just like that appeared near a jar of collagen or a bottle of perfume. And that in this collagen good and than to such outstanding this perfume smells - guess supposedly!

Conductors in public transport twenty times will apologize before they collect a payment from the free rider. The politeness formula sumimasen in a literal translation means “to me there is no forgiveness“. About penalties of the speech does not go - it would be immodesty top from the employee!

In electric trains should switch-off mobile phones, as in theaters: to disturb hearing of fellow travelers a call, having involuntarily paid to itself their attention, means to assimilate that beaten out from a row gvozdyu, and it is very a shame! It is only more inadmissible to break sacred silence of a public toilet deafening murmur and other indecent sounds.

That they did not filter out of cabin limits, local citizens adapted, having closed behind themselves a door, at once to lower water. And as it can be saved, producers right there took the initiative, having installed the special device under the name “Princess Melodiya“ imitating a sound of the lowered water on toilet bowls. You press the button - and on the panel tiny bulbs consistently light up. The spark runs from left to right, notifying on that how many record that you managed to resume in due time it will sound still, without having given itself.

the Complete antithesis to Japanese - Italians. Here who does not suffer from false modesty! These are born actors who behave in life as on a scene or in a show-window of shop, being constantly paraded. Japanese seek to put on fashionably, but at the same time not to be allocated therefore in Tokyo all carry same, carefully copying pictures from glossy magazines.

A for residents of Rome the main thing - own style: the more the person contrasts with crowd, the better he is dressed. This rule remains also in all other areas of life. As if you tried to reach the top limit of modesty, in Italy you will never manage it!


If at you got money, you can establish a platinum toilet bowl with the seat inlaid with diamonds, walk a dog on a gold lead and celebrate birthdays in the Colosseum - nobody will consider it immodest. And in Japan it is extremely indecent to show that you have money. Not millions of francs in the Swiss bank, and all - navsy one thousand - another of yens in a purse.

of the Note of any, even the smallest, advantages it is immodest to get at strangers therefore citizens whenever possible pay off with plastic cards and where they are not accepted, stretch to the cashier cash, hotly apologizing and looking away. In it there is plus: Japan - the only country in the world where do not take tip. Because it is immodest. One waiter will receive more, another is less, and it did not put - let better nobody get them!

modesty Hormones

Psychologists counted

that women are 27% more constraining than men. And all because at the last a lot of testosterone which is not disposing to modesty is produced and at all is absent shyness hormone progesterone. Under its sign there passes the second half of a menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

So we also lived gray mice if not monthly splashes in estrogen which push us on defiant acts. During the period, optimum for conception, with 10 - go on 16 - y days of a menstrual calendar even the convinced modest women lose natural shyness, becoming more active and relaxed.

noradrenaline has the Liberating effect of the emotional drive on representatives of both floors stress hormone. If at the critical moments adrenal glands make its analog - adrenaline, - the person falls into a stupor from the aggravated shyness: hides in a corner, trying to merge with florets on wall-paper. Smells of essential oils of orange, grapefruit, a basil, a bergamot, a hyssop, and especially - a geranium and a marjoram will help to overcome pathological shyness.


Mercury complexes

U you broke a thermometer, and the mercury ball gone somewhere slowly evaporates, poisoning the atmosphere? And you - that cannot understand everything in any way from what it suddenly lodged in soul desire, in general, not peculiar to you to be more silent than water and herbs are lower! Painful modesty - a typical symptom of poisoning with mercury couples. Never to suffer from its consequences, use the electronic thermometer!