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To take or not to take:“ disputable“ kitchen gadgets of

Modern kitchen - a receptacle of many household appliances. Good and different. Without some it is difficult to present of our life. Take at least the refrigerator, the stove or even the mixer. But there is also other equipment which need in kitchen - a big question. Further - the small review of kitchen “nenuzhnost“.

a porridge Pot we Will begin


with a breakfast. Many like to regale in the morning on some squash. And tasty it is also useful. However to cook it in a pan - yesterday! It will tell you any of the producers of household appliances which are letting out kashevarka. Yes, be not surprised: such device - a kashevarka exists. In principle is subspecies of a usual electric pressure cooker which succeeded pressure cookers, popular in Soviet period, - to pans.


arranged a kashevarka simply. The plastic case (round or drawn in a form towards a square) contains in itself, as a rule, one basic heating element - in the lower part of a design. There are models where except the basic three more “devices of heating“ are provided (lateral and from above) - with their help temperature of a ready dish remains high throughout some time (depends on model). One more component of a kashevarka - an aluminum bowl with an antiprigarny teflon covering.

In a kashevarka it is possible not only to weld “pot“ of any porridge, but also, for example, to conjure vegetable stew. At the same time, however, the mission of the device remains obscure. The matter is that to taste porridge from a kashevarka a little in what differs from that that it is prepared in a pan. Despite related communications with a pressure cooker - not to tell that the kashevarka saved so a lot of time - would cook porridge instantly. No, with all frauds on gas station in it of grain, filling water - leaves almost the same as if to cook a morning squash in the traditional way. However, happen and models with “the postponed start“ are when everything can be prepared since evening, and in the morning when you wake up, fresh porridge will be ready. But it is a trick for esthetes. In the evening, after the working day, sometimes at all there is a wish to do nothing not that to approach a kashevarka. Especially as now “instant“ porridges which for preparation are enough to be filled in with boiled water are on sale. Generally, it is possible to tell directly - “national economy“ can quite do also without kashevarka. Especially as also the cost of these devices is obviously not adequate to the benefit brought by them - from 3,5 thousand rubley*. It is worth buying it in case you or someone in your family kasheed and kasheman. Otherwise its fate - it is simple to take the place in kitchen.

“Patience, tranquility - now they will appear...“

of Egg. Them too many have breakfast. Someone does fried eggs. Others prefer boiled: whether soft-boiled, hard-boiled, in a sack. Today our message is addressed to the last. Tell, fans of boiled eggs, - at your place are a yaytsevarka? Is not present? What omission! Surely get. There are these devices, usually, not more expensively than one and a half thousand, but eggs with its help notable turn out.

Generally if to reject playful tone, a yaytsevarka - the only device from mentioned in this review into which account there were doubts. In the sense that it is not so useless. With cooking of eggs many have problems. It would seem - what can be simpler? On the contrary! You will undercook egg, you will digest it, it will crack, and a half of contents will flow out. Yaytsevarka, in general, solves all these problems, allowing to cook eggs to that degree which is necessary to you, having left them at the same time whole and safe.

yaytsevarka Design is as follows: the tank for water with an electric heating element over which “basket“ for eggs is located - they in a yaytsevarka prepare hot steam, and a transparent cover. The maximum quantity of eggs which for once the household yaytsevarka - can “credit“ of 7 - 8 pieces. At first should be filled in in the tank water, then to place from above a basket with eggs. Before it it is necessary to do the following: (from a blunt end) to puncture a shell of each egg with a special needle (has to be in a delivery set). From - for it in a preparation time pressure outside of egg and inside will be identical - eggs will not crack. There is, however, one problem - correctly to puncture eggs still it is necessary to learn. The science is difficult. If it is wrong to puncture - everything was gone. Egg both will crack, and will flow out - the advantage of its cooking in the special device will be reduced to zero. By the way, on time anyway you win nothing - it is impossible to cook egg quicker, than its can be welded. And it is necessary to cool eggs after cooking all the same in cold water as though cooked them in the traditional way. Only in “basket“ it is inconvenient to do it - it is necessary hot to shift them in suitable capacity. Generally, - the strange device. It it seems would also be useful in kitchen, and it seems and it is quite possible to do without it.

the Subject of eggs would not be opened by

if we do not mention a yaytserezka. It is even not the device - rather simple mechanism constructed allegedly for simplification of process of cutting of boiled eggs. Someone, probably, from nothing to do, decided that boiled eggs to knife very difficult. The poor fellow who visited on the Internet some website where yaytserezk are on sale - seriously will be tried to be convinced that an eggs knife - the enemy. Like, both crumble, and poor boiled eggs are scattered under it. But if for 100 rubles you buy a yaytserezka - happiness to you with guarantee. In principle - do not regret this money, buy - to cut eggs with its help business interesting. However, process is quite monotonous and will hardly capture you for a long time. It is thought that for the good hostess it is possible “to process“ egg a knife. A beginner it is precisely simple to hostesses to learn it. And yaytserezka? I pound from it any. Believe, after several uses she will be buried where - nibud in a box with tableware and will nevermore revive. By the way, both the yaytsevarka, and a yaytserezka are included into the list of 20 most unnecessary things which were thought up by mankind - in Britain survey on this subject was conducted few years ago.

Open me gently

is Included into this list and an electroopener. This “space“ gadget can open cans. It is necessary to tell what does it it accurately, there is no tooth left on a cover (as from a usual can opener). Well, honor to it for it and praise. If you want to open canned food beautifully - pay about 1 thousand. rubles also you become the happy owner of an electroopener. Here you will see - neighbors will think that it is a fashionable trend, and too will buy such that and at them “it was not worse than at others“. Canned food, by the way, that absolutely everything esthetically looked, it is possible to open an electroknife under music. Include, for example, Bach. Or Mozart. It is a pity that producers did not guess yet to build in an audioplayer or at least radio this device. But in some models there is also a knife sharpener - the device for sharpening of knives. Perhaps, this the most useful in this unit. Alas, the knife sharpener is suitable not for any knife. But it is all the same pleasant, isn`t that so?

the Cut-off chunk

Further we will remember the slicer (it a household electroknife). This device is enough gabariten. It, of course, not the refrigerator, but in the conditions of the Russian cuisines small, as a rule, its presence can complicate life very. Especially if the place for it is not in a case. All right only it. There would be a slicer bulky, but useful - it would be not so offensive. In this case another is available: it both rather bulky, and almost useless. Because to get it from a case (if nevertheless clear away it the place there) every time when you are going to cut off couple of slices of cheese on sandwich - idiocy. Really without it you will not cope? It turns out that the slicer - the device which is necessary (and that not the fact) only on holidays if you receive many guests and it is necessary that everything on plates looked beautifully. As in the best houses. Well and for economy this device will fit - very much tonenko it is possible to cut a sausage, and that on all guests will not save enough whether you know! At the same time the average price of the slicer from more - less decent producer - of 2,5 - 3 thousand rubles. It is necessary to you?

“Yogurt on lips...“

Yoghurt maker. Great and awful. The one who constructed this device can put a monument. It is unlikely before emergence of the yogurt maker on sale someone was anxious with preparation of yogurt in house conditions. Unless residents of the countries, where yogurt and various products on its basis - part of culinary tradition. But here it appeared. And what you think? The people in different corners of the planet amicably began to use it for designated purpose - to prepare houses yogurts, smetanka and cottage cheeses? The motivation - house is more tasty and more useful. Hardly you will argue with it. But nevertheless - to get the piece consisting of the plastic pallet with the heater, several jars and a cover and then with ecstasy to prepare in it yogurt, finding any ferments (some only in drugstores are on sale), experimenting with additives (with blackberry today, and tomorrow - with bilberry) - for this purpose it is necessary to possess quite good will power, isn`t that so?

Of course if you the housewife, at you small children, the husband completely provides you, and you live in a country house, measuredly and slowly - can eat sense to try. Especially as yogurt, fermented milk product, is very useful to an organism. But, I assure, it will quickly bother you - production of house yogurt not the most cheerful occupation in the world. On the other hand - a household at all not “Smekhopanoram“. Generally, situation here same as with a yaytsevarka - everything depends on a concrete life situation. There is a desire to regale on yogurts of own preparation (which without preservatives and other vrednost) and to feed with them relatives? Then start. The yogurt maker costs one and a half - two thousand rubles.

In case your life is subordinated to a mad modern rhythm - forget about the yogurt maker better. It is good if you use it for designated purpose just once - another. After that it, most likely, will disappear in an uncountable set of kitchen jars - sklyanochek which sometimes accumulate in kitchen. Investment of capital in plastic which you will hide in a result far away in a case - the doubtful decision.

Instead of an epilog

What summary? It simple and simple, as all devices and devices described above. Before buying something on kitchen - well think: whether it is necessary for you “something“. In shops now what is only not on sale! There are still, for example, makaronovarka - special “pieces“ for the “correct“ cooking of spaghetti and some other types of macaroni. And still it is possible to get a risovarka, especially if you “worship“ some east kitchens. As deification - buy an electric medlennovarka. This device is intended especially for slow preparation of various dishes - products are extinguished at a temperature from 80 to 140 Pages. The way allows to keep in them more vitamins, useful substances. All these devices cost money: some is cheaper, some is more expensive, but nevertheless. It will be offensive if you just throw out your blood on wind - you will use the bought equipment only few times. Someone from readers, perhaps, will not agree that they some of the devices mentioned in the text are not necessary. Well, welcome to our forum - we will discuss.