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Why hair of

of 38% of women drop out are sure that at them hair drop out and it is necessary to take measures urgently. Only what? Depends on the reasons.


U us on the head from 120 to 150 thousand hair grow. Every day 200 - 300 pieces drop out, and on their place new grow. How to understand that there are problems? Let`s make the simple test. Divide hair into a hair parting and look whether short hairs which do not manage to be combed on the party stick out? If there is a lot of them, everything is all right: the young growth will not allow to thin to a head of hear. And here if a hair parting faultlessly smooth, it is worth seeing to it.

of the Reasons of a hair loss set: from a stress to chemotherapy and from hormonal jumps to excessive love to coffee. So not to understand. If you feel that hair “fall“ more than usual, then you descend to trichologist. Most likely, the trichologist will send you for the following inspections:

Four medical reasons

  1. the Androgenetichesky alopetion (aha). The most frequent diagnosis at a hair loss.“ By 50 years AHA develops at a half of women, - the trichologist Vladislav Tkachyov says. - Actually it is genetic norm, but not an illness“. Testosterone is guilty hormone: it is transformed to more active form - dihydrotestosterone and breaks work of hair follicles. whether your
    is a case? If high temples in the top part of a forehead increase or hair on the top thin, go to the trichologist, without postponing. Competent treatment will restore a head of hear.
  2. of Gnezdnaya the alopetion (gnezdny baldness) meets less often. The reduced immunity and a hormonal imbalance - in particular, a lack of Prolactinum are most often guilty. Some experts consider that infection with a cytomegalovirus can provoke a gnezdny alopetion. whether your
    is a case? Hair begin to drop out sharply, on limited sites with a diameter of of 3 - 5 cm At first these sites redden and itch, and in several days accurately outlined round bald zones are formed. If not to be treated, they will expand and merge.
    Treatment will occupy not less of 3 - 4 months. It consists of the correction of a hormonal background, administration of drugs improving blood circulation and also demulcents.
  3. Failures in work of a thyroid gland. Quietly! This type of loss is treated quite easily: administration of drugs, appointed the endocrinologist, will correct a situation literally for few months. whether your
    is a case? Hair drop out evenly on all head; at a hypothyroidism (deficiency of hormones of a thyroid gland) - gradually, at a gipertireoza (increase in production of these hormones) - quickly and plentifully.
  4. Iron deficiency anemia - one more reason of a hair loss. And very frequent: at 10% of women till 45 years a lack of iron obvious, and at 30% - hidden. whether your
    is a case? It is quite possible if besides a hair loss to you spoils life constant pallor, increased fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite... If blood test confirmed anemia, the doctor will appoint ferriferous preparations. Hair will become dense approximately again in half a year of treatment.
Will return
not obligatory to go to the trichologist if hair actively drop out later...
... serious infectious disease, including flu. Approximately in 3 months loss will be filled.
... reception of antibiotics. Everything will return to normal through 2 - 3 month after you graduate.
... childbirth. During pregnancy hair practically do not drop out: from - for changes in a hormonal background the “become obsolete“ locks continue to keep. But after the delivery all drop out at once, horrifying young mummies. Anything terrible: restoration of a head of hear requires time - from 6 months to one year.

Four reasons of which we

are guilty

1. Improper feeding. Results in shortage of vitamins, mineral substances and minerals. The organism redistributes resources so that first of all vitals got them, and to hair (and to nails) nothing remains. Hair bulbs starve, weaken and perish before the put term. Smoking and excessive love to coffee aggravate a problem: cause an angiospasm and break food of follicles.

“It is the most difficult than

to vegetarians, - Rimma Moysenko, the candidate of medical sciences, the nutritionist says. - Proteins, fats and amino acids of an animal origin are necessary for the correct formation of a hair“.

Councils. animal protein is especially valuable To health of hair. On a table every day there have to be a meat, a bird, sea or river fish.

do not refuse grain, bread with bran, macaroni from firm grades of wheat: the complex carbohydrates which are their part are extremely useful to health of hair too. Surely eat vegetable oils.

Fruit - excellent “diet“ for hair. They not only contain vitamins and minerals, but also clear an organism, stimulate a vermicular movement at the expense of a large amount of cellulose. You do not clean apples and pears, eat them with a peel.

Saloon services: what are necessary?

Yes: vaporization (from 2500 rubles. for procedure). Apply oil or cream on hair, and then process hot steam. Scales reveal, and nutrients get to the core of a hair. The method will restore fragile locks after coloring or hot laying.

Yes: a mesotherapy (2500 - 4500 rubles for procedure). An excellent way to restore normal food of bulbs, and, as a result, growth of hair. Medical cocktails for injections make individually, but, as a rule, they include zinc, amino acids and vitamins of group B.

there is no

: masks (1500 - 2000 rubles for procedure). Though with warming up though without it, yield only temporary result. If hair are unhealthy, they will lose all nutritious components with the first washing.

Yes: selection of conditioning agents (free of charge). Saloon serums, gels, lotions and other professional tools are much more effective than usual. For this reason to select them the expert has to.

2. Stress. As in a case with a diet, the organism first of all supports the vital systems, and hair are “extreme“. Besides the stress is followed by emission of adrenaline which has vasoconstrictive effect.


“Volosopad“ through 5 - 7 days after a severe stress.

Council. Right after the concerning event lungs soothing will not damage. And vitamins of group B are necessary for restoration of normal work of nervous system. There is a lot of them in whole grain, bran, oats, peas, haricot, soy, and also in nuts and sunflower seeds. The last help to struggle with a stress two ways at once: and purely mechanically (monotonous action calms), and as vitamin complexes.

3. Coloring and laying. As if producers assured that hair-dyes are harmless, it is not absolutely the truth. The principle of effect of paint - to spread wide scales on all length of a hair that inside the pigment got easier. For a hair it is a serious trauma. And considering that for painting of a gray hair the woman is painted on average once a month, there is nothing surprising that there are split ends overdried a brittle and dim hair. The dirty deed is completed by laying.

Council. Choose the paints without ammonia sparing. They break structure of a hair much less. However, they are less firm therefore hair should be dyed more often. Besides, in paint there has to be a hydrogen peroxide minimum: for the main tones - no more than 6%, for ultralight - no more than 9%. Existence of the looking after and restoring components - for example, B5 pro-vitamin is desirable.

4. Hairbrushes and hairdresses. “If you knew how we, trichologists, hate brushes from a natural bristle! - Irina Popova, the candidate of medical sciences, the member of the American academy of a trikhologiya, the member of the European society of research of hair calls one more risk factor.

- They suit unless for laying. I responsibly declare: brushes from a natural bristle, a tree and metal - the worst enemies of hair. An ideal hairbrush - massage, from qualitative plastic. She will take away excessive electricity from a hair surface, will help to smooth scales and will carefully sort the confused sites“.

Council. Once a month is necessary to hair holiday for a week. Washing by warmish water (37 º C), masks with B5 pro-vitamin and vegetable oils (an olive, jojoba, karite). And any laying and hot hair dryer!

That will help them to grow

So, the problem is defined, you solve it, but there is a wish to help hair to be restored quicker. What means really work?

Vitamin complexes. The trichologist by all means will appoint one of them. Vitamins - not panacea, but are surely necessary as the supporting therapy. It is possible and is necessary to accept them and independently, for prevention. Better courses - for example, 3 times a year for 2 months. The good complex for hair has to contain:

Smaller dosages say

that the preparation is not so effective.


I anyway if hair are exhausted, vitamins a little - need more serious means.

Preparations on the basis of a minoksidil. Recent and very promising development: such means prolong a growth phase of hair. Minoksidil possesses the expressed vasodilating action thanks to which blood supply of hair follicles and, therefore, growth of hair considerably improves. Such preparations are very effective at different types of an alopetion. But only the doctor has to choose and appoint them.

Laser hairbrush. Last invention of the American scientists: stimulates growth of hair and reduces intensity of loss. Apply it both on doctor`s orders, and independently - the device compact, there are no serious contraindications and side effects. Course at a temporary hair loss - 4 months (3 times a week for 15 minutes), at chronic - within 6 months 3 times a week, and then once a week for the supporting effect throughout life.


Density of hair and rates of loss are individual
  1. . No matter, how many the hair remains on a hairbrush, - the main thing that to replace dropped out new grew. Also it is necessary to watch it.
  2. Hair it is senseless to them to treat - it is necessary to descend to the trichologist and to make tests. The majority of problems is solved, the main thing not to miss time! It is time for li to forget
  3. about national recipes finally. At worst they are harmful, in the best - are ineffective. Use qualitative conditioning agents better and regularly accept a rate of good vitamins.