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Modernist style of

Soft and smooth lines, beauty in all its manifestations, harmony - it was eager public in 1890 - 1900, when modernist style arose. In Russia comes the Silver age into the own, Sara Bernhardt, Isadora Duncan and Mata Hari, in fashion symbolism and decadent moods become idols of public, in everything the highest sense seems, and expectation of harmony about which the famous poets tell is poured around - it is time of elegance and magnificence, this time of origin of modernist style.


approved modernist style or as it is called by French - are - Nouveau, literally for several years - so it was necessary at that time. And he received special demand among the aristocrats emphasizing beauty and harmony of the dwelling with the soft curved lines which became the main symbol of a modernist style. At the same time important line it is possible to call its buoyancy, a smooth overflowing of one room in another, use of natural materials and images of fantastic beings. In an interior are - Nouveau mermaids, elves, exotic plants which, coiling, emphasize curved lines of an interior quite often meet.

the Main materials of style - a natural tree, a stone, metal, painted glass, cast iron and shod iron. Especially it is noticeable on the example of the Moscow and Petersburg mansions of the beginning of the 20th century where metal fencings, balconies and canopies bewitch soft bends of the thinnest shod lines. The internal furniture hides not less forging - easy graceful ladders, furniture handles, backs of beds strike with the delicate work, creating feeling not of the room, and the museum of arts.

Massiveness and weight consigned to the past, harmony is reached by ease and smoothness of designs therefore the stone and plaster are used in contrast to emphasize the main beauty of style. And only because we do not think of a modernist style without use of natural materials. Certainly, the tree which became much lighter and is thinner acts as a fundamental element of an interior - the works of masters performed in a lung, the flying style when the room table looks not the massive center of the room, but an openwork element, the real decoration of the light, visually expanded space begin to be appreciated at this particular time.


the Certain place to are - Nouveau is sent to glass, its transparency visually expands borders, and the smooth lines reminds the stiffened water. And why not to use it as a canvas - and already in fashion the Venetian glass, an art list, stained-glass windows, crystal, various vases, chandeliers and a sconce which perfectly fit into the natural color palette of a modernist style added with soft symbolical drawing of wall-paper. Each picture means a certain mood, part of soul of the owner of the house - for example, hand bells meant desire, and water-lilies - alarm.

In the modern interior executed in modernist style, to symbolism is given much the smaller place - not all guests are able to estimate this rush of soul. Therefore the designers creating are - Nouveau and continuing to follow the traditions put at the end of the 19th century, pay much more attention to an esthetic, but not symbolical component of an interior. The modern house in modernist style creates the atmosphere of the aristocracy of the Silver age, supplementing it with some technogenic details for improvement of comfort. However thanks to abundance of a tree and stained-glass windows, the house all the same turns into a refined work of art.

Modern interiors in modernist style most often can be met by

at people creative, sublime - artists, designers, architects, or at those who sincerely are fond and admires the Silver age. However many with pleasure use elements are - Nouveau in the mixed style. And as the modernist style - in itself is mixture, it easily fits practically into any interior, refreshing it and giving ease, originality and carelessness of the Silver age.

Unfortunately, style of smooth harmony and decadent moods existed not for long - World War I brought the amendments in life and an interior, but even now we with pleasure enter the house which reminds us of ease, beauty and the elite who are the real judges of true art.