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For a wall, or the Person in a glass of

Create room mood, having fenced off from colleagues by means of psychological receptions which allow to remain alone with themselves in crowd or big collective. To protect personal space from invasions, seize methods of mental visualization - art to cause a vision and to enter itself in it.

my Small fish!

the office which is looking like an aquarium with closely the shifted tables of each employee not just you see

B and you hear, and physically you feel even with a bandage in the eyes and bananas in ears. The social stress prevents to concentrate, creates internal discomfort, causes a headache and affects the health.

Abroad workplaces equip

with special screens or umbrellas: you open a white dome over the head, and people around cease to exist for you. Until your firm got such devices, be disconnected from the outside world under a psychological umbrella. It always with you, it is necessary only to be able to use it!

the Brick wall

Is the simplest and widespread reception of mental visualization. Practice mentally in a bricklaying - the more ranks built around themselves, the less dosyagayema for someone else`s words, thoughts and views. That the image was not scattered when you concentrate at work, properly remember feeling of an internal otgorozhennost and try to keep it in yourself, being engaged in affairs.

the Mirror


that it around you (the reflecting party outside). Sidelong glances, bad thoughts, noise, din - all this production negative jumps aside from a smooth surface, coming back to those who made it. And rightly - it was not necessary to rend the air and to think of you bad! Having plunged into a condition of rest, you turn into the invisible man inaccessible to people around, and cease to notice them as though colleagues sit at opaque glass which washes away figures and extinguishes sounds.

the Cocoon

Feel borders of personal space at arm`s length from own body in all directions. Something like a power cocoon with a dense shell will turn out and elastic (like jelly), but not the viscous environment inside. The importunate ball which punched your shell will fly away from an internal stuffing as the gymnast from a trampoline. And now present that all this protective jelly radiates light and rotates around you clockwise. Such feeling that you soar in zero gravity. There is no office any more - around an outer space. Well - impresses?

the Glass

Try to see at yourself over the head a big thick glass tumbler from thick rather turbid glass a bottom up. It slowly falls and covers you, resting edges against a floor then external irritants cease to exist for you. If someone from colleagues starts talking to you, you will not see it and will not hear. And if to get you from - for glasses the administration will try, tell that steeped in work: the chief will estimate your eagerness.

Among employees the unpleasant personality who clings to you all the time and prevents to work is? Try to cover it with a glass. The result will not disappoint you!

the Cap

Shroud yourself in the silvery web from threads of light forming a dome in the form of an egg half. Fibers of beams lay down a layer behind a layer, turning into a solid wall. And all - you in a lodge where nobody will get! In such cap it is very convenient to move on office if you want to avoid excess inquiries and you do not wish to charge yourself with others affairs and problems.

the Crystal dome

Put a hand on a solar plexus - that place where “sucks in the pit of the stomach“. Present that here the shining silvery ball is formed of the melted crystal. Work as the glass blower - a sharp exhalation move apart its cover as it is possible further, having covered itself with a transparent dome. To designate its borders, at the same time with an explosive exhalation stretch hands in the parties. Colleagues will think that you warm up numb muscles, and actually you just retired to the temple of silence.

Fiery line

Mentally surround yourself with the line drawn on a floor. Present that it bursts on this border and from it the wall of fire which is fencing off you from other world escapes. If it begins to weaken, run hands from below up, as if raising a flame.

Only keep in mind

: on maintenance of mental protection internal energy leaves. Do not trifle it! Having had a rest in a cocoon, a glass or behind a mirror wall, present that the cover which is thought up by you was dissolved in air, and from unpleasant persons be fenced off by the computer display, a support for papers, a pile of books, a cactus or listen to favourite music via earphones.

Border on the lock

to cut off itself from others psychologically, close a physical contour, having crossed hands or legs. Always so do when you communicate with the employee from whom nothing good is expected. It is possible to put hands on a table, having connected in pairs in a ring big and forefingers, and the others having put one on another.

the Grand Slam

a ring Investment - very effective means, especially for those who are deprived of visual imagination and cannot use mental visualization.

Connect tips of big and index fingers of the left hand, enclose them in the right palm, then weave fingers of right into a ring and enclose in left. Repeat 3 times. Will seem that the atmosphere around you was condensed, as though covered the head with a helmet, the visor fell by the person. Sounds will move away, figures of colleagues will blur, and you will remain alone with the most important person of own life - by itself.

It is impossible? Then try to be fenced off from colleagues by something visible and subject. It is unlikely to you will allow to work at office in a helmet of the autowelder, but nobody will begin to object if you put on glasses (it is desirable with chameleon glasses), which will help to keep a distance. And it is not important that you have an absolute sight: you use them for psychological protection.