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Why it is useful to be ill?

Me managed to ache with flu, an illness which I did not remember since school times. When 40-degree temperature began to decrease, cough to calm down and, at last, appetite appeared, I came to an unevident conclusion: the illness can have a mass of pluses!

Minuses are obvious to

this Wave covered not only me, but also my boys. At first them. We were ill exactly in turn. Fedka got sick, having chopped off several days with high temperature, passed on baton to Egor. Only Egorych began to recover as mother fell down - that is, I.

to Tell

that I so was not ill long ago, to tell nothing it. Perhaps, something similar was at school. But I already do not remember it. That at me two days running kept, without decreasing on the 1 / 10 degree, temperature 39,5! And after decrease by jumps continued to jump from 37 to 39 - m - yes! And then cough, cold - is shorter, all bouquet.

, Why to the person illness?

Why I so am surprised with

to an illness? Because I am ill seldom - once a one or two years. My illness 1 day, the second - on otkhodnyak lasts. In total. I have enough couple of days what to understand why I needed an illness and “to make it the handle“. I do not like to be ill. I do not see in it sense for myself. You ask: and who likes to be ill? Who sees sense? The answer is simple: all who are ill regularly. If the person quite often gets sick, then obviously catches from it a certain high. What high, depends on this person. It can be an opportunity to regret itself, darling. Without illness he just will not afford it. To have a rest. To stop and think. To cease to go to work. To leave from a problem. To give up emergency affairs. Well etc.

Everything listed can become an etiology. Here also it turns out to refuse problems, it is necessary to ache. Without it well in any way. By the way, an excellent question - a lifesaver for search of etiologies:“ What does my illness do not allow to do to me?“ Set it during the next fulling with a temperature. Answers can surprise you.

Unevident pluses

we hardly got used to think Of pluses which the illness gives. When I said that I have temperature, or children are sick, assented to me: “Oh, I sympathize!“ . When refused any means on removal of heat at herself and at children, on me looked as at the idiot. And I thought how people do not understand that such big temperature is a good luck.

  1. Temperature. It can be carried to the category of natural antibiotics. The organism (if not to limit it to tablets) to the full extent includes system of protection - temperature. And on this medical fire all unnecessary burns down: from a virus to silly thought (the truth, with the last is more difficult).
  2. Hunger. Fedka did not ask to eat 5 days! Egor of about 4. I - somewhere also. All this time we drank lemonade (a lemon with water and with sugar, learned later that sugar in this chain was superfluous), tea with a lemon, raspberry and strawberry compote, just structured water. Having not felt hungry. Even in a stomach nothing gurgled. At thought of food the easy podtashnivaniye began. It remained still (Huge plus at my love to sweet!)
  3. Idleness. I do not know how you, and I am a workaholic. In bad sense of this word. I need to do constantly something, otherwise I will uncomfortablly feel. To have a rest to me happens just hardly. I study. And here for about 5 days me it is simple “knocked out from a saddle“. Began to ask questions about tradition: why I need it? What do I cannot do? Did not reach. Alas. Reached when I sat down at the computer (temperature about 38), once again trying to understand subtleties of a technical aspect of a saytostroyeniye, promotion, codes. And zatoshnit me.
you know

, every time I am surprised how quickly in life everything falls into place, it is worth catching the reason for a tail. When I was reached by the reason, I very quietly switched off a computer, previously having kissed it with gratitude, and laid down under a flank to Egor. The next morning I was healthy.

Results. Pleasant

So why it is useful for eye, soul and stomach to be ill

? Let`s sum up the results.

Here such results. So be ill with pleasure! And with sense.