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The inadvertent diet of

Never in life I kept to a diet. Already with 11 - go a class I was a girl not thin, but too it was impossible to call me very full. As they say, everything is normal, but it would be possible to be slightly - slightly more harmonously.

I also did not think Of diets, and physical activities oppressed me. Besides I was not deprived of man`s attention and quite on mutual love married. My figure of the husband quite satisfied, and he spoke: “At you though is for what to be taken not that at these thin persons!“ And I could pick up clothes quietly to myself.

But once in my life the event which as speak in movies, turned at that time all my life took place. Since morning at work I felt discomfort with a stomach. Appetite was gone at all. The feeling of hunger remained, and there is no appetite, it is even strange. By a lunch the stomach began to hurt, could not push a lunch into itself, and after 15 hours asked for leave from work home.

In the subway sat down on an empty seat, to go it was far, but without changes. I sit, and itself is shivering. Buttoned a jacket. And already to an exit remained to steam of stations, I feel what begins to feel sick me. I keep as I can, I think, remained absolutely slightly - slightly, but carriage closeness only aggravates my state, in the opinion of already tear, and (about horror!) me all - pulled out.

It was terribly a shame to

, but, thank God, my stop. I went out of doors, grabbed a chewing gum and trudged home. The fact that I left work a bit earlier, of course, pleased, but unpleasant incident in the subway haunted. By the evening temperature also rose.

the Health worsened every hour. I assumed that I this banal poisoning, tried to remember all products eaten for last day. The family assumed intestinal flu. Going to bed, thought that if since morning I badly feel, I will not go for work. Since morning the indisposition passed, and I moved forward at way. But everything was not as good as I thought. At the next metro station I began to rock to sleep - the head began to spin, and began to feel sick. I came to a platform, decided to wait an indisposition. After an exit from the subway I was waited still by test by a minibus. Generally, before work I went green.

Day passed

without adventures, apart from the fact that the lunch was not desired again. In the evening I decided that so you should not leave it. Took the sick-list, passed inspection, checked also thyroid gland hormones, blood - urine, ultrasonography. All are normal. And from it it becomes easier for me not. At one thought of transport rocks to sleep. Began to eat a little. To me as though the stomach to a lump was reduced. I eat a tiny portion and everything, I cannot any more, I want, but I cannot, to a throat nausea rises.

I, as usual write in movies, so there passed 3 months. All this time I with huge work reached for work and from work, once again in transport did not go. Constantly wanted to eat, but could not push into itself a full-fledged portion of food. All at first had conjectures about my pregnancy, but doctors stopped on vegeto - vascular dystonia.

But in my state of that time. I grew thin. And it would be just remarkable if at the same time I well felt. At work began to play a trick - what the new diet is? And I with grief answered worn out, but very truthful phrase: “It is necessary to guzzle less!“ Here it is valid, the truth. But same victims! To me to rejoice, I consciously, voluntarily, would never begin to go on a diet.

I here in 3 months I became a thin person on envy to friends and colleagues (oh, I would not wish you to appear on my place). It was necessary to replace clothes. But the health did not improve. Doctors said that all from nerves that concerning transport I wind myself. And how then problems with food?!

generally, in two years nothing changed. I already reconciled and began to rejoice to the new figure which appeared thanks to an inadvertent diet, even collected will in a fist and went by train (aboard the plane had no the heart) to the sea.

I here in one fine summer day I learn that I am pregnant. News, undoubtedly, joyful. At that moment frightened only thought of toxicosis (here what was not enough in addition to my “illness“). But, strangely enough, toxicosis was not - neither early, nor late. On the contrary, improved (at last!) appetite, in transport began to feel much better (can be, joyful news dispersed all alarms), at last gained healthy complexion.

I here during pregnancy I completely restored the former way of life - I eat well, I am on friendly terms with transport, dizzinesses and nausea I do not suffer. But the figure suffered. After the delivery, of course, there were extra kilos. But diets and the gym - not mine. Well I over myself cannot make effort. So I returned to the old clothes. And now I miss myself thin a little. But nevertheless I consider that the good figure and feeling sick are not compatible. And I am grateful to the daughter that she the birth relieved me of this inadvertent diet and feeling sick. Health is more important than a figure!