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Little San of

At thoughts of the first day of life of mine of the baby at me is squeezed heart - with pity to it, from understanding that I did for it not everything possible.

U us was emergency Caesarian on the 35th week. Then the kid appeared in the couveuse, and I in reanimation.

As soon as I opened eyes in reanimation, the first thought was: to nurse!! Premature the baby needs milk! I silly was: considered that in maternity hospital only and it is necessary for all that to adjust our GV. Also waited that in reanimation will bring me it on feeding. By the end of day it became clear that will bring for 2 minutes. And it is senseless to feed - children full and sleep. And all this day it lay one, swaddled, among the same shouting babies... at the end of day it became clear

A by p that to me unsuccessfully made anesthesia, and I have wild headaches: when I get up - I shout from pain. I cannot incline and turn the head too - I begin to faint from the same pain.

All first days I maniacally decanted colostrum. The staff of maternity hospital looked at me, as at mental... To second day there was a midwife who estimated my efforts and beat out for me an opportunity to feed small in children`s office (I and did not guess that it should be demanded, and there just came to nobody to mind that slightly living mummy after Caesarian will feed). And here I, leaning on the satellites, clenching teeth from pain, trying not to fall, I hobble in office. I come, and the crumb mine sleeps... And to wake up in any does not want. I already learned then that newborn moreover premature, sleep very tight. I nearly sob. Not only that came in vain, so unclear when to come that did not sleep. Under baleful looks of the doctor I begin to raspelenyvat and undress the baby. The baby froze slightly and (about a miracle!) began a mouth to look for mother. And mother - then! So our GV began. By the evening the same greatest midwife like what improbable efforts to me are costed by a visit of office, and obtained to me the sonny under a flank! Since then San does not leave a breast.

Then in 2,5 months - and I do not know that I did without GV. And in 5,5 months I came to work. And it did not prevent mine the baby till 7 months to eat only mother`s milk. Now he is 1 year 8 months old, and the end of GV it is not visible. It seems to me that breastfeeding is especially important for the working mother! It is so easy to lose dense contact with the child if so you see it a little! And in general, breastfeeding is such pleasure both for mother, and for the kid! And reason for pride of the father.