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We pass to a feeding up of

your kid already grew up so what you think to transfer it to a feeding up? In that case, it is a high time to learn about what problems this stage in the child`s life can conceal.

Often change of a diet (transition from breastfeeding to mixes, introduction of a feeding up) is the reason of emergence of locks at the child. Statistically to 25% of children of the first year of life experience regular difficulties with depletion of intestines. If you faced this problem, then, first of all, calm down. Follow an integrated approach to a solution.

1. Not bread uniform...

Organize healthy nutrition of your kid. It is better if vegetables become the first feeding up - carrots or vegetable marrows puree with vegetable oil (it contains polynonsaturated fatty acids, useful to growth of the child, and promotes the correct work of intestines). The feeding up is entered gradually - that the organism of the child managed to adapt to new food. For this purpose begin with small portions and within two weeks gradually increase them.

2. Life in the movement

plays an Important role in treatment of locks active lifestyle of the child. Until your child began to move actively itself, massage is necessary for him. Gentle roundabouts stroke a tummy at first clockwise, then from lateral surfaces of a stomach to a navel. When the kid a little grows up, try to make everything that in your forces that he moved more. It will hardly be carried away by charging, and here active game of the house or in the fresh air - another matter.

3. To big business - with big care!

Constantly you watch a chair of your kid and as far as it is regular. If the child had a lock, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. Treatment of a lock always provides evacuation of kalovy masses as their congestion can lead to intoxication of an organism and cracks of back pass, and they are real “gate“ for infections. Today for removal of symptoms of a lock in pediatrics the modern depletive - Mikrolaks ® is actively used; . Mikrolaks ® is issued in the form of microenemas and influences directly kalovy masses in a rectum, diluting them. The preparation allows to solve a problem quickly: during of 5 - 15 minutes. Mikrolaks ® possesses a high profile of safety and it is allowed for use for children from the first days of life.