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Here such cases

U me in hands - the ancient, fairly turned yellow photo dated 1892. The comely aged man in an environment of numerous family. This is the orthodox priest of the Vologda province Innokenti Kostromitin. Nearby his son - Alexander working as the clerk, the grandson Vasily - Alexander`s son, other children and members of household. whether

the island Innokenti Thought that exactly in ten years the silly little chap Vasily will be banished to Siberia, to the small district town of Kainsk of the Tomsk province, for sympathy to revolutionaries? Exactly from there it will be called on russko - the Japanese war, and after the received contusion demobilized, but will forbid to come back to Vologodchina.

However, there`s no evil without good, exactly here, in Siberia, he will get acquainted with the young blue-eyed teacher Natasha Tuyeva who up to the end will remain the companion of his life. Vasily will be appointed to a position of the chief forest warden a bit later, soon at newlyweds the daughter Antonina who will go in the footsteps of mother will be born, and will become the teacher.

Exactly here, in Siberia, Tonja will find to herself the husband, the young doctor Pyotr Skvortsov whose father Nikolay Evgrafovich worked as the managing director of railway station of the city of Tatarsk. In 1925 Antonina Vasilyevna will give birth to the son Vladimir...

to Vladimir Petrovich the thirtieth year when he for some reason went to Tomsk went. In one with it the car girls - pupils of Novosibirsk geodetic technical school went. From one of them which is just dressed, fat Nadia Popova, he accidentally got to talking. Told about himself, that recently graduated from Tomsk musical school where studied in total seven years: at first on a violin class, and then on dirizhyorsko - choral office.

it Turned out p that Nadia comes back since vacation from mother Nina Borisovna living with parents in the village Smolensk Altai Krai. Nadine the father, Ivan Vasilyevich, died near Stalingrad at the front in 1943 and is buried in a mass grave. And in far Moscow there lives almost centenary great-grandfather of the girl - Trophmme Sergeyevich Shekhanov, the thickset undersized old man with a snow-white beard to a belt.

Nadezhda`s Grandfather, Boris Trofimovich Shekhanov, the son of old times of Trophime, is not young too, but is surprisingly strong, rabotyashch and is never ill anything. And here the grandmother Pelageya Ivanovna (in girlhood Roshchina) has asthma for a long time, badly goes.

Talk Volodya to Nadia and do not notice neither knock of wheels on joints of rails, nor flashings of coppices in a car window, nor girlfriends Nadinykh that is sat side by side. Coo yes and are surprised: here so opened the heart! All family tree the friend the friend was told!

they Got married in a year, and in two years the son who was named Boris in honor of the great-grandfather who reported to all about replenishment of family was born. Also it should happen - I was this replenishment.

we with the wife Irina named

of the Son by Ivan as his great-grandfather, the dead at the front. And the Irininy father is called. Ivanushka has the senior sister - Alyonushka. And Ivanushka of six weeks a joy in day of Saint John the Russian on June 9, 2000 was baptized. Last century...

I Hold the ancient photo in hand. On it ancestors are depicted. Their intelligent clever faces look at us through years and set thinking - who we from where left where we go are.