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Each drop will bring health of

my long-awaited daughter by means of Cesarean section Was born, well and the milk came after all in chamber. Thanks to personnel of maternity hospital for patience and for our breastfeeding. From the very beginning with us it was very heavy, I after the birth of the daughter went dreamily and very badly understood what happens to me (the baby was born, and the pregnant brain remained). My story about how to me adjusted breastfeeding.

11. 07. 09. 22:45. Opened hardly eyes, the nurse brought a parcel:“ Get acquainted - your daughter“. B in 20 minutes we already hung on a sisa.

12. 07. 09. It seems to me that she does not gorge on, constantly hangs on a sisa, intervals between feedings of 40 - 50 min. I ask from the nurse dokorm, she does round eyes and refuses, and still reminds that feeding according to the first requirement.

13. 07. 09. At many in chamber milk came, at us is not present, told what does not need to be worried, will come later. We wait... Showed again as correctly the child has to take a breast, but not so I do something therefore to feed very painfully, nipples all in cracks. All chamber does when feeding something not so too, and all of us in turn groan.

14. 07. 09. Hurrah, at last milk came, but our problems only began. The crack on nipples is not taken out were ill and Darya (it is my dochechka) nasosatsya krovishch. When began to tear it this blood, I nearly fainted. All night long the nurse carried to me sterile overlays for a breast (by the way, with them we are even for weeks two did not leave), after this incident correctly I learned to put.

15. 07. 09. Today tried to give to Dasha a baby`s dummy, suspecting that she uses me instead of this wonderful invention. But it was seen by the pediatrician and fast she was selected, gave lecture about establishing breastfeeding and showed a collection of the baby`s dummies which are taken away from young mummies. It, by the way, returned me a baby`s dummy at an extract, but Darya did not take more baby`s dummy, and we grow without pacifier, and stocks of baby`s dummies, small bottles gave away.

25. 07. 09. I already at home, came to help mother, I won not one “war“ and how many invaluable councils listened... For example, to be decanted every evening or to put to a breast strictly in 2 hours.

I it is a lot more what “valuable“ (do not take offense, please, mother). But I with firmness follow recommendations of pediatricians from maternity hospital.

4. 04. 10. To us nearly 9 months, there was everyone … Fight for each drop of milk, especially after the endured huge nervous stress (to the husband made the scary diagnosis when Darya was only 2 months old), I already and bought bank of mix. But I managed to keep breastfeeding, I tried to drink to one night more tea with milk and means for production of milk, tried to calm down and be fenced off from problems.

Now the daughter smiles to a sisa and embraces her as the best girlfriend and when show advertizing where the kid is nursed, she claps. I wish all of you happy motherhood and excellent breastfeeding, let each drop bring health to your kid.