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How roller skates will help to keep a figure?

How long the mankind rose on roller skates? Who the first thought up to fasten castors to skates? History kept for us a name of the inventor of roller skates - Joseph Merlin (Jozeph Merlin) from Belgium. In 1760 he published the invention in London, having arranged performance. Joseph skated with metal wheels on a floor and at the same time played a violin. However the first skates were so clumsy that the inventor from everything to scope drove in a mirror and sustained serious injuries.

nearly 90 years Later, in 1849, Frenchman Louis Legranzh (Louis Legrange) built roller skates for the performance “Le Prophete“ where on the play course actors had to ride ice skates. Many times this invention was improved and improved, however driving on roller skates was difficult and very dangerous.

I only in 1863 the inhabitant New - York James Plimpton (James Plimpton) attached a rubber small pillow which began to brake axes to skates. It contracted at a scooter inclination, and castors freely rotated its invention is the basis for a design of modern roller skates.


On streets of the cities and villages today any more nobody is surprised by a band of cheerful scooters young and old. It is useful to ride roller skates and it is interesting. However, as well as in any kind of sport, skill and desire is necessary here. It is possible to learn at any age. To know the main thing for what. To set the object and to begin it to realize successfully.

What gives driving on roller skates for health?

However before beginning trainings on roller skates, it is worth taking care of protective equipment and awakening of all muscles of an organism. It is worth approaching each new business thoughtfully, only then the result will not keep itself waiting.

the Equipment for injury-causing sport has to be corresponding - protection, first of all. Kneecaps, elbow pieces, a helmet and gloves will help to reduce force of blows when falling. At the first stage they are inevitable. Over time, when the scooter will learn to fall correctly, it will be need only gloves and roller skates.

For preservation of beauty of a figure by means of eight small castors several rules of health are.


After simple gymnastics on a warming up can begin to gather for fascinating training. If to perceive driving on roller skates as pleasure and entertainment, but not as a tiresome compulsory procedure, the effect of occupations will be fast.

First needs to be engaged in

in group. Single skating without maintenance and support can lead to injuries. It is better to begin occupations in group of skilled scooters or with the instructor. They will prompt secrets of this sport and “secret“, a trap of a local landscape. At trainings at first skills and rules of sliding, balance, falling, a bearing are fulfilled.

Those who give preference to driving on roller skates kill with

several hares at once. The cardiac muscle, muscles of a stomach, legs and buttocks become stronger that by all means results in symmetry and forms a beautiful body. Besides, there is a passion, taste of life, the person looks younger not only soul, but also a body.

Driving on roller skates - sport for the hardy and beautiful people caring for the figure and composure.