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Why and how we are tired and what with it to do?

Inhabitants of present big cities are on the whole relieved of a set of muscular power expenditure, absolutely inevitable in the past, but and the fatigue them in the majority has other character now. The fatigue mediated, nervously - mental character was put in the forefront. It is fatigue from monotonous, repeatedly repeated, though physically not heavy operations. How to overcome it?

Hardly needs to prove

that the problem of exhaustion and fatigue occupies one of the central places in our everyday life. As often we something else seek to be in time, somewhere to go, to meet someone, but... there are no forces. Homework falls from hands, friendly meetings are postponed for later, and tomorrow brings the new outstanding affairs new the postponed meetings.

have not enough

I if to understand, forces and physical energy the average city dweller spends today. Buckets he should not drag water: of it it is relieved by a water supply system. To saw and chop firewood - especially. On the floor it is lifted, as a rule, by the automatic elevator. For work and back only rare lucky have an opportunity to go on foot. Then why he so is tired, the modern citizen? And why this fatigue does not decrease with introduction of various technical improvements at all, and, it is rather on the contrary - grows?

Inhabitants of present big cities are on the whole relieved by

of a set of muscular power expenditure, absolutely inevitable in the past, but and the fatigue them in the majority has other character now. It is fatigue from monotonous, repeatedly repeated, though physically not heavy operations. The fatigue mediated, nervously - mental character, supported besides by a number of the circulator shifts directly connected with monotonously - a vertical position in which the present person spends the most part of the active time was put in the forefront. Fatigue from the monotonous pose forcedly kept for several hours of day of work. Fatigue from closeness and noise of production rooms. From phone calls, from an avalanche of information which is daily falling upon us and requiring urgent solutions. Even if you for the whole working day did not move as speak, and a finger, all the same risk to be tired by the evening at all not less (and is possible even more) at least owing to monotony of a vertical pose in which you necessarily were.

Try to carry out simple experience and to stay some time with the straightened hand raised to horizontal position. More 5 - 6 minutes at you it will not turn out because possibilities of our muscles are limited, and no group of muscles are able to sustain a long static stress without at least short-term relaxation. No matter, that you did not make at the same time any noticeable physical activity - the effect of exhaustion is available. This monotonous, though not intensive load of the same muscles plus concentration of attention on the repeating monotonous process leads to exhaustion approximately of the same order, as at the person with the raised hand.

But exhaustion is not only local, local process. If the muscle though slightly - is slightly strained, from the nervous terminations which are in muscle fibers the stream of impulses continuously comes to a brain. Besides in the tired muscle there is an irritation also special hemoretseptor due to accumulation of products of an exchange, such as, for example, lactic acid. When this peripheral impulsation gains steady character when it as if beats and concentrates on one thing, in parallel with exhaustion of directly working body oppression and power exhaustion of functionally related brain nervous centers develop.

Quite often working pose of the person becomes the leader if not the only thing, a factor of exhaustion not only for the reason it is long the kept muscular tension, but also owing to those serious tasks which she sets before it warmly - vascular system. So, if the dog of 70% of the circulating blood has at the level also higher than the level of heart, then at the person standing or sitting on a chair this ratio opposite. Means, it is necessary our heart at times for 16 hours a day to lift all this mass of blood there where it gives carbonic acid and it is saturated with oxygen (lungs) that then to drive it further to vitals: to a brain, heart vessels, kidneys etc.

Insufficiency of peripheral mechanisms of blood circulation as if shifts additional load to heart, and it by the end of day, happens, does not cope with it any more. Buzz in legs, an ache in a waist - it is frequent not only result of muscular fatigue, but also a consequence of venous stagnation in vessels of a small pelvis and the lower extremities. Other shoulder of a yoke - simultaneous decrease in warm emission in the arterial course with symptoms of insufficiency of brain blood supply: dizziness, weakness, flashing in eyes, the acquaintance much on own experience.

For the time being similar functional deviations keep rather mobile, reversible character and are easily leveled after elimination of working loading. However, since some moment (at everyone the threshold) restoration of initial balance meets the increasing difficulties. At the person overfatigue, and each of the physiological links involved in this process develops, collecting and being summarized, as if feeds and aggravates the others. So, the changed and worsened blood supply promotes deepening local in the general endointoxication, and it, in turn, - directly or reflex - affects a functional condition of the central brain educations responsible for regulation of the internal environment of an organism.

some kind of vicious circle when simple rest in a chair in front of the TV or on a sofa with the newspaper appears already insufficiently when the fatigue is not taken off sometimes and in 8 hours of a night dream Arises and it is saved from day by day, poisoning with the person mood, doing it suppressed, irritable, and quite often paving the way and for obvious diseases.

We approached

“Asset“ of passive rest one of the key moments here. Usually relaxation (relaxation) contacts in our consciousness autogenic training when the subject by means of the directed mental efforts manages to inspire in himself a state, in something related to a natural physiological dream. At the same time almost all its skeletal muscles are involved in process of quite deep relaxation that promotes the accelerated restoration of forces and removal of fatigue.

However the autogenic equipment is difficult

also not to everyone is available; and the one to whom it is available not always has a real opportunity to use it. Try to relax, for example, properly right after 5 - kilometer cross-country or in a break between two meetings. Hardly from this something will turn out. Therefore the question is natural: whether it is possible to reach similar effect a way back, that is to intensify processes of the central braking - let not such deep, dreamily, but sufficient for good rest, - by means of some external, purely physical receptions?

“... At first the right hand worked, then the rest period 5 min. followed; then the right hand worked again to exhaustion then the second period of rest for the right hand during which the left hand worked 5 min. followed, then the right hand for the third time immediately began to work“.

These unconvincing, at first sight, lines are taken

from the report on one classical experiment put about 100 years ago by the great physiologist I. M. Sechenov. The pioneer of the central (brain) braking, he for the rest of the natural continued to research its nature and here that, in particular, found. When the experimenter`s hand which was repeatedly lifting the small weight suspended via the block was developed to exhaustion, return of its working capacity happened much rather if during rest another got into the same gear, the hand which until then was staying idle.

“When I for the first time began with

this experience, Sechenov continues, I was very surprised that my left hand (used only in the period of 5 - minute pauses) worked much stronger right though I am not a lefthander... My surprise increased even more when it became clear that work of the tired right hand after work left became much stronger, than was after the first period of rest“.

Subsequently this phenomenon found by Sechenov received the name interfaced, or retsiprokny, braking. It is simple to understand it if to remember several examples from our daily use. So, when we watch some fascinating movie, all our attention is usually concentrated on the events on the screen. At the same time insignificant foreign events (a ring of the trams passing behind a window, a door clap etc.) or are not perceived by us at all, or pass across the periphery of our consciousness. At especially intense moment of some detective plot we can not hear the speech which is directly turned to us even. The central center of excitement as if highlighted by a bright light beam, as if casts a simultaneous shadow on the brain zones, next to it, inducing process of the interfaced braking there. However, this phenomenon as it is not difficult to guess, keeps the relevance and in more ordinary situations, otherwise we, perhaps, could not carry to a mouth even a spoon with soup, without having concentrated in a due measure on process of food (why, by the way, the small children distracting in each trifling occasion owing to relative weakness of their brake process constantly suffer).

Sechenov`s Experience indicates

to us that braking can be stimulated artificially. Later formed during individual development, it gives various breakages and failures, being a barrier on the way to our good rest and removal of fatigue.

can Illustrate with

it on an example close to each of us. Many, as we know, are accustomed to read before going to bed in a bed several pages of some fascinating reading matter. It would seem, be tired the person really, he without problems would fall asleep and so. Everything is right, but only in a case when relative balance of brake and exciting processes is kept. If this balance is shaken, braking needs the help from the outside. It is worse if it are tranquilizers, somnolent, and it is much better when it is such here harmless reception as reading for the night. The speech goes all here about the same interfaced braking for which formation often happens enough even insignificant an external push. As that in our case that easy excitement also acts that is caused at the person by reading the interesting book.

Wants to be remembered in this regard as the academician I. P. Pavlov who underwent a difficult band operation in old age treated himself. He all - navsy asked to put near the bed a vessel with cool water and for some time, several times a day, immersed fingers of hands there. The sense of this simple procedure consisted in that by means of such easy irritation of receptors of skin to make the reflex stimulating impact on the relevant subcrustal structures, and with them together and on regenerative process in the field of a postoperative wound.