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Dangerous tours of

As it is good to send the child to have a rest without adults! As it is tempting! It seems and the parental duty is fulfilled, and the child is far. If earlier further a summer camp in the birch wood of the child it was simply impossible to send, now everything abruptly changed. Kind uncles and aunts from travel companies offer for little tourists of camp of rest, bus tours, sea cruises - will not list everything. But for some reason even very wealthy parents often are rather afraid to transfer the children so far, being limited in fact to the same summer camps in close proximity to own place of residence - such is inertness of thinking.

But for handymen from travel business to overcome inertness of parents - a piece of cake. The idea which came to their highly experienced minds was simple as all ingenious. It is necessary to organize not just rounds, and rounds - tours. Young dancers, singers, chess players and to future artists can go on tour why not to participate in an opening day where - nibud in Paris.

the Idea worked! Hearts of fathers and mothers delightfully missed a bit at thought that their offspring will act on a foreign stage, the reason grew dim, and purses were untied as if by itself - even if and there were almost almost nothing to untie. The most pragmatic parents who did not give in to ambitious temptation could not always resist against an impact of children, not persons interested break away from collective.

“Well and that from this? - you ask. - What bad is that the children`s collective will act abroad?“ . Theoretically there is nothing bad on similar trips indeed. And here in practice it appears a little on another.

to me had to participate in similar “tours“ of a children`s ballet school. So it turned out that children were small, and almost all parents, and I including, showed willingness to accompany the girls on a trip across Europe. Having seen our group, the head of round could not hide concern.“ As there are a lot of parents! - she exclaimed. - With parents at us always big problems“.

That truth, truth. Parents are not children. The adult will understand and will notice what children cannot just comprehend because they are children. They live in the world, practically without noticing our “troubles“. And as it appeared, on foreign travel there were many “troubles“.

In the excursion bus us was filled under the tie. The places which are obviously not intended for night moving were taken: not leaning back back chairs, places behind little tables.

Instead of two-stars hotel in Berlin us was expected by the ragged dormitory. Into for three“ it was only possible to squeeze “the Parisian apartments sideways, and it was simply impossible to reach them from the capital of France owing to their extreme remoteness from places of a sightseeing. Though the hotel ““ was in vicinities of Dresden further away from this city - the road to it took a couple of hours of driving the bus. Here nobody thought that small Dresden has such big vicinities!

the Ordered lunches and dinners were limited to meat with potato and a glass of tea. Well unless children will pay attention to such “trifles“?

But there is more to come. In total - the taken place tours took place on a tiny scene of one Berlin recreation center. Despite all adversities, children danced perfectly, all tickets were sold. One question disturbs: where the proceeds from our concert went? I set it, and itself I am afraid to seem the burned pragmatist. The main thing that our children acted ABROAD. And money... What does it have to do with they?

the Head of group visited with us Europe the first time in the life. Everything to it was a new experience here. Not only that its knowledge of the field of history and culture of those places on which we happened to pass were poor. She did not know how shops where money as the public transport goes changes work and whether the survey platform on the Eiffel Tower is glazed.

could ask about all this passersby. But how to ask if Russian was the only means of communication in her lips (and that not too smooth)? But it is also not necessary to children of all this. Beauty of Western Europe do not interest them. They can just “cut“ on a video recorder cartoon serials at several o`clock. And there, you look, and darkened, and it is time to sleep.

In whose pocket the difference between a normal dinner and inedible wish-wash, bezzvezdochny and two-stars hotel, the neighborhood of the city and a terrible god-forsaken hole, the normal guide and the illiterate aunt laid down? Questions are rhetorical. By the way, we paid for all this disgrace at full scale though we were assured that the prices for tour children`s trips preferential. Then we saw the same prices in the Ekstra-M newspaper.

at the end of last summer to me was called by the girlfriend. Heatedly and joyfully she told that her daughter participated in a concert of dancing studios of Hugo - the Western district of Moscow, and their collective awarded a trip to Gelendzhik. However, the award was not free, but at preferential price. The girl already gets ready for a trip, not to let - to take a sin on soul.

Here such mousetrap. It is visible, the idea of trips of children`s collectives without adults was profitable. With our round, however, the misfire left - too many buzlivy parents gathered in one bus. Nothing, will be cleverer also than parents with themselves from now on to take will not become at all.

Though adults can be wrapped up around a finger according to the same scheme. The other day the acquaintance came to me. He is fond of homeopathy, writes about it books, articles. And here in Moscow (or Russian) homeopathic society the travel company with the offer on the organization of a bus tour in places where 200 years ago the founder of the homeopathic doctrine Samyuel Ganneman lived and worked addressed. The same route - Berlin - Paris - Dresden. The prices, certainly, preferential, only for homeopathists.

It is ingenious! It is simple to be passed across Europe by bus you will entice not everyone: the back hurts someone, someone grudges money, someone on rise is heavy. And here when the tourist`s group is formed by the professional principle moreover and the prices of permits declare preferential, here then advertizing works smoothly. It seems to people that they go almost to business trip. And business trip moreover and in the good company - business sacred.

So before travel agencies the wide field of activity opened - which of great people did not live and did not work in Europe. It is possible to organize trips around Turgenev, balzakovsky, kopernikovsky, Mozart places. Yes you never know them was - great.