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In a fashion lens - house-shoes

the Fashion for the house became the habitual phenomenon for a long time. Fortunately, there passed those times when houses of the woman wore hand-downs. The time of the greased dressing gowns and tights full of holes - socks remained in the deep past. Now to us, modern girls, there is a wish to be fashionable and beautiful even in house conditions.

I more and more housewives began to resemble elegant seductive dolls from a children`s show-window (remember at least the nurse Viku from popular series in her scanty skirts and by all means on a heel). Whether it is dream any man is: that the house it was waited by similar “candy“? And it is pleasant to us even to remain at height at home and to be interesting to the man.

Of course, dresses in the spirit of already mentioned nurse Wicky, somewhat, search. Nevertheless at home there is a wish to relax, the house - the territory of rest and restoration of vital forces. And heels and the short, densely fitting our fine-molded figures skirts and so tire us at office or on a secular party. It is so possible though at home to weaken tension?

Of course it is possible for

! And for the house the mankind, fortunately, thought already up the mass of convenient and esthetic objects of clothes. Only one house-shoes of what stand!

even the belief that if the lonely woman buys sound men`s house-shoes to the house and to them will treat with love, then also their worthy owner will appear soon Is.

the Proof that women`s house-shoes stay at peak of the fashion is their emergence in fashionable boutiques. At the same time the prices of modern fashionable house-shoes aspire to the level of their fellows from group of daily footwear more and more.

For what all of us - love house-shoes? What causes their popularity? Many ladies prefer to wear house-shoes as an additional heater for legs during a cold time of year, and refuse this house accessory at all in the summer. Others, owing to features of own temperature condition, without house-shoes cannot all the year round because legs freeze.

also such ladies for whom house-shoes - a glamourous detail, a subject of their pride and guarantee of comfortable health without which they not in forces to do without which they feel so as if they in shop left without purse Are. Here on the last - that also sets a trap butikovy trade.

to what

A only styles of women`s house-shoes are not offered for venerators of house fashion today!

the Leading position in a hit - parade of house-shoes by right belongs to already mentioned model and - la “nurse Vika“ on a heel and their not less seductive version on a moderate platform sole with an open finger and with a charming edge in satin or velvet cover. Ultrafashionable young ladies give them preference. For what? For what is juicy somewhere it is even erotic and glamourous.

to women of fashion also the model of house-shoes in the Turkish style with the bent noses (sultanka) in combination with cozy trousers - wide trousers which even houses will allow you to look exotically for certain will please


On a crest of relevance and wattled slippers which except extraordinary appearance, have the massage effect improving blood circulation.

knitted house-shoes which to lovers of needlework in power to make independently will help to give to your house appearance

of the Exclusivity.

the European fashion on valenoks with ease reincarnates in slippers in cozy models of slippers - valenoks - chuny of natural sheep wool which besides good heat-retaining properties, both are useful to a body and possess medicinal properties, and also are easily erased in the washing machine - the automatic machine.


For certain, will not leave indifferent women of fashion and model of house-shoes - Czeches.

slippers models from rough wool are Also very actual and convenient to


the Vast majority of girls remains to

adherents of soft house-shoes without backs. It is so cozy to dive into them at a threshold, having dumped the hated hairpins scoffing at a female foot during all working day. We love this model for the fact that it warm, convenient and home-style cozy, besides, in such model is located a leg in heat melange, knitted with the grandmother a sock. Not the last role in popularity of this model is played by their quite democratic price.


Extremely loyal slippers - plush toys though will be ideally suited for safely and carelessly the eccentrical woman walking on life, but remain outside ours a hit - parade. Concerning this model nevertheless it is necessary to make the reservation that in actual fact it turns out not such convenient.

I, of course, bad manners is considered to carry houses rubber slippers. It somehow not home-style also causes resistant association with a public bath.

Should note

that actually not only to wear slippers, but also to give. This gift - is very universal, useful and pertinent in any case. Besides, to choose as a gift slippers is a unique opportunity to flash true knowledge of character of the owner. For example, the husband of one my friend liked to wear her slippers. Then I presented it on birthday such graceful model of house-shoes that at the husband more physically it is impossible to squeeze in them the leg. The girlfriend appreciated my choice. Now her house slippers, at last, belong only to it!

Also very original idea for the house.

And still remains category of women which does not recognize house-shoes at all. They instead of slippers have favourite warm socks, grandmother`s knitting, from a thick thread. But it is already other history...