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Breastfeeding - happened any

to the son of 6 months Now... Still we eat breast milk. Plans - still at least 3 months to be nursed, farther it will be visible (whenever possible we will continue.

at us everyone Happened. Difficulties, probably, happen at all. In maternity hospital faced a problem: nipples are flat, and it was difficult for child to take a nipple. Continuous torture. But doctors (many thanks) advised overlays for a breast for feeding. The neigbour had a set, and she shared one. Then the husband bought me a set of slips.

Were fed with

well. Bothered to run to wash a slip every time (but where to disappear) and especially in a hurry to look for it at night (the light did not want to be turned on, but it was necessary; it is good what at repair was made by several types of illumination). Honestly - any more I do not remember how many we were fed through a slip, maybe, month one and a half. When visits of policlinic began, use of a slip became already inconvenient. Decided to feed without slip: the first days nearly howled from nipple pain. Houses periodically got a slip again. Over time got used.

One more problem: milk periodically became a little. Fed often; drank a heap different chayov for a lactation. More soluble granulated teas were pleasant (taste seemed better, it is not necessary to make boiled water and to wait until they cool down and at night to part very easily). Decanted the remains (when there were enough forces). The more will decrease, the more will arrive.

the Milk pump helped

a little, it was necessary to combine with manual decantation. It was necessary more to decant on a stock: if most it is necessary to go to policlinic or to drive before work, to issue a lot of documents on the new little man in different instances and just to crash out. And for this purpose it is necessary to leave a milk reserve.


Of course, by four months it was necessary to buy nevertheless dairy mix for a dokorm. You will not explain to the child that milk tyutyu (but amount of dairy mix at us small - after a breast sometimes we give of 30 - 60 ml).


By 5 months added porridges, it became simpler: you will add milk to porridge, after porridge you will give a breast, and the child sings “songs“.

They say that by six months many kids sleep almost all night long without feedings, it is impossible to us: in a night the son awakes me on 2 - 3 times. I understood that I want to sleep too, but where there. But what charm when washing a lyalk, having been sated, begins to make advances and sing songs, happy smiles or fills up on hands. The mood is lightened and there is a wish to continue chest feeding as long as possible.

As the doctor in policlinic told

, all purchased food - all the same commerce, it is not in breast milk (unless economy); all that you want that the child tried - eat itself, and he will receive it through milk.