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The help of the husband in establishment full chest a vskarmlivaniiya of

Before my daughter Victoria began to receive a milk in quantity necessary for it, we had to meet some difficulties: the filled canals and as a result - breast pain, temperature; complexity in exhaustion of a milk from a breast the child and as a result - a weight shortage. But about everything one after another.

At first everything went according to the standard scenario - milk came to third day in maternity hospital, and it was at that time possible to call my physical state “classics of a genre“ - temperature 38,3 C, weakness, dizziness. To cope with an indisposition it turned out by means of decantation of a breast a milk pump, but as it appeared, for a while. And it was only the beginning of a difficult way - the whole month in fight for full breastfeeding.

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of the House, and the breast was as a stone and after feeding of the daughter the problem with nerastsezhenny channels remained - in a breast firm zones, despite additional decantation by a milk pump and self-massage were probed.

But rescue all - came, and it came thanks to the husband - he began to do me massage, trying “to open“ channels! The following scheme of actions was developed: feeding - a hot shower - decantation by a milk pump - massage. Day by day this chain of actions repeated. Temperature began to fall, and the breast became every day more and more softly and more without serious consequences. The method was effective!

In spite of the fact that massage of the husband was given me sometimes with tears in the eyes, other exit was not - it was necessary to clean inflammatory process. So we coped with the first difficulty - the filled canals.

the Second difficulty was that for the first month the daughter gained the insufficient number of weight - below the minimum border. I was very upset with this fact, knowing that the filled canals prevented the baby to receive all this time enough a milk. However how the breast was a rastsezhena, I began to measure precisely that amount of milk which was necessary for each feeding in spite of the fact that it was necessary to use for this purpose a small bottle. Now I precisely knew how many a milk my baby for feeding eats, and looked forward to new weighing in a week.

of my pleasure! Hurrah, and we coped with this difficulty!

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In the conclusion many thanks to my beloved, careful husband for the help in establishment of full breastfeeding! I wish to all mummies of patience and forces, you should not forget that, despite the difficulties arising sometimes and problems, we are a priori rewarded a hundred times happiness of motherhood!