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Notes of the mummy

having many children the First child was born in the summer 12 years ago. Milk was in prosperity. However I very much worried that she strongly suffered a stomach from gripes, and it seemed to me that it from my milk. And still nipples were weak, milk constantly exuded, and during feeding my girl constantly choked.

In four months I endured a strong shock, and milk temporarily was gone. Instead of continuing to feed and fight for milk, I just decided to finish this business. At that time it seemed to me that it is more convenient to feed from a small bottle. In absence of knowledge and the help from outside I was in private with a problem.

the Second child was born

in 1,5 years after the first, in the winter. He often was ill, and in a month we were in hospital. Also suffered with a stomach and choked during feeding. He, as well as Sveta, often and belched much, it seemed to me that children just do not transfer my milk.

Therefore when a little in 2 months of milk, I also did not undertake anything to prolong breastfeeding. By nine months of Oleg, after uncountable diseases, hospitals, doctors, analyses, we found out that both children have an allergy to cow`s milk and laktazny insufficiency.

Having become pregnant for the third time, already having enough information and taught by bitter experience, I decided that I will fight this time up to the end. I tried to drink less cow`s milk, it is more than water, drank goat milk. Fed Svyatoslav on demand, but not on the mode as first children. Accepted various additives for a lactation. By six months he ceased to eat at night, and slowly but surely my “milk yield“ fell. My fight for milk ended by 7,5 months. It is necessary to tell that never I was decanted. Or rather, there were attempts, but all unsuccessful. Hands turned out a little and very long, milk pumps in general it was impossible. There was no information and council from outside. .

Now at me my dear girl. Our dairy adventures began in maternity hospital. Our ridiculous doctors! Only it is also heard - we for GV! To feed right after childbirth, not to enter a feeding up before term, not to feed up... Bla - a bla - a bla. I do not know, maybe, to those who for a fee give birth, to those other approach... After difficult childbirth the rebyatenka everything is left in the rodzal with me, but did not give. Asked the doctor, then the nurse, then the nurse. Though itself get up and follow it. Persuaded the midwife. My krokhotulechka everything is received colostrum the first. The children`s doctor came and declared that supposedly premature, it is necessary under a dome. I speak: “And to feed?.“ - “We will feed Sami...“ Aha, now! Urgently thought up, as at me, and the husband, and all my first children have an allergy to milk. If it is honest, then children and the truth had some laktazny insufficiency, and milk mine did not drink years till 3 years. Argued with 4 doctors, proving that they cannot feed my child with dairy mix (they do not have another). Proved!

the Night nurse tried to send to

me to sleep to chamber. It was necessary to threaten: if does not call to feed the child - I will sleep near reanimation doors. Here so women in labor fight for GV in maternity hospital!

When to my princess was three months old, I already had a huge desire to prolong breastfeeding as long as possible. My fight for milk began! I fed her when she wants and how many wants. Also I decided that I will surely make a strategic stock of the frozen breast milk. Besides my beauty, only of children who since two months sleep at night from 6 to 8 o`clock so, me was already time to begin fight for milk.

Hired a milk pump. At first it turned out a little (to 50 gr.) and long - of 30 min. But I had a main thing - desire and information. Now to my baby nearly half a year. We have: first feeding up week; the freezer full of the frozen breast milk; mamochkino milk which is enough only for feedings; and today at us the first tooth got out.

I still hope to feed with

I long, long and long, it can be last time when the little native man so gently embraces me several times in a day in search of love, heat, and food...