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Whether the pregnant woman is beautiful?

“Ah, what tummy at you! And breast! Here beauty - that!“ - all admire around. And whether pregnant women feel beautiful?

the First pregnancy is the second period in the woman`s life when she watches changes in the body. For the first time each of us should endure it at teenage age when the body maidenly is formed of a children`s body.

Unlike pregnancy the podrostkovost lasts several years, changes in a body most often happen slowly thanks to what the girl manages to be prepared and then and to accept these metamorphoses.

Beauty and pregnancy

Chest pieces of iron only nagrubat

, and the girl already asks from mother to buy it a brassiere and represents herself the owner of a magnificent bust; in axillary hollows there are first hairs, and it already goes and sniffs: “How it is possible to live with such thickets?“ So day after day, week after a week the girl - the teenager lets in itself the new image, and how there passes this period, depends whether it will accept the feminity with all its attributes. And those, as we know, are the big breast, wide hips, a round, soft stomach and, in the future, pregnancy, childbirth, bringing up of children a breast.

I Think, at teenage age if the girl was not lucky to have pregnant mother, the sister or the aunt at this time, she begins to pay attention to the pregnant women meeting on the street.

Examining them, she as if tries on this state on herself and gradually forms the relation to a female pregnant body. Agree if to remember themselves at early age, then it is possible to remember also the attitude towards pregnant women: “What it beautiful, what round, accurate tummy at it!“ Or: “Faugh, what thick and ugly! And that on it for a shapeless loose overall!“ Two different views on same, and that is interesting, are already two different positions: “I in the future want to be a pregnant woman. I consider it beautiful!“ and “It is ugly. It is necessary to become pregnant, but I am not excited about it!“


Ya it is sure that the relation to the body during pregnancy is formed in a podrostkovost. It is sad that in the last decades the image of female beauty propagandized in mass media and fitness - clubs, on podiums and billboards, hanging at every turn, actively interferes with this process. Today the beautiful woman is always slender, a dlinnonoga, it has a wasp waist. All this attributes of a maidenly body and not female. However, in the girl, and later and the hope is given to the girl that such body can be had always. Advertizing of fitness and beauty shops is constructed on dream forever to remain the girl. Be not lazy and spare no expense - and you will be forever young and harmonous.

All this

, anyway, turns around against the woman during pregnancy when each woman gains weight, it has extensions on skin, cellulitis on a bottom and hips. From the experience I know that the vast majority of modern pregnant women (of course, that which come to courses) changes in the body accept or it is selective, or at all without pleasure. Most often women like the increasing breast (especially if before it was the small size) and a stomach (I believe because in it there is a child, and tenderness to this little man is moved to the place of its dwelling). As for other changes: full legs, a bottom, hips, hands and shoulders - it is endured often extremely painfully. It is quite often possible to hear it: “These changes are inevitable, I am reconciled with them for the sake of the child. When he is born, I surely will begin to use all possible means to return to a former form!“ Extremely seldom I hear from the pregnant woman:“ I am pleased by all changes which in me happen! I find it beautiful“.

Would like

that you correctly understood me. I not against the woman watched herself, restored the body after the delivery. Just I am sure, as pregnancy, and the first year of life with the kid the modern woman could live with bigger pleasure and smaller quantity of torments concerning the changed body if in modern society the above described type of female beauty was not extolled. I advise each pregnant woman who painfully endures changes in the body, to try to remember teenage or children`s experiences. Many women live with an image of mother who strongly grew plump after the delivery or aunts, unconsciously transferring this fear to own body. Some already at early age follow a way of rigid diets and bring themselves to exhaustion. And someone has experience of a strong set of weight in the first year of students, more precisely, during a separation from a native home, and then long fight against extra kilos...

Try to overestimate all fears of the past now and to look in a new way at the pregnant body. Yes, the maiden to you not to happen any more, and it is bitter, but life moves only forward, and there, ahead, - feminity and motherhood, time which will enrich your personality. Your body grows stout for two reasons now: in - the first, fat is a universal protection, under a grease layer your organism and your child feel well protected, and in - the second, fat is a storeroom on the future, having given birth to the child, you will face two complex challenges. The first of them - restoration after the delivery, and the second - care of the newborn and feeding by his breast. Vital circumstances at the same time can hang up on you some more tasks, for example, cleaning of the apartment, cooking on a big family, fast appearance at work. And here - that is also useful to you the fat gathered for pregnancy. It will give you the chance all this to master, its task in our organism - to be spent in difficult situations, filling our power expenses. I know from experience that the women who gathered extra kilos during pregnancy have less problems with breastfeeding as they not so depend on malnutrition and a sleep debt in the first months after the delivery.

For full disclosure of this subject needs to raise one more question - the weight set question during pregnancy connected not with fat accumulation, and with a liquid delay in an organism. It occurs in case of development of a late gestoz and is pathology of the third trimester of pregnancy. Such diagnosis is made to each specific woman by the doctor of a maternity welfare unit, treated medicamentally. And here preventive measures about which it is possible to esteem in some literature are as if restrictions of food and liquid, and also unloading monodiets.

concerning restriction of liquid are modern researches which say that they in the conditions of deficiency of body tissue begin to detain water, and it leads to a boomerang effect - increase in hypostases. I advise not to limit liquid in volume, but to drink at the same time in the first half of day, to 16. 00, it is worth drinking in the late afternoon less as after 16. The 00th activity of kidneys decreases, so, it is already more difficult to them to process and remove the liquid which came to an organism. And still, if you want a seledochka or a salty cucumber, eat all this in the morning to satisfy the thirst which appeared after that in the first half of day.

As for prevention of a gestoz... In my opinion, rather mobile way of life, whenever possible swimming or occupations by water aerobics, the special techniques of massage which are picked up by the phytotherapist of a grass can help here.