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Birthday at School of magic and magic of

“Do not tease the sleeping dragon“

As Mischa is Harry Potter`s admirer, and it was not necessary to puzzle over a birthday subject to me. Birthday it was decided to carry out at School of magic and magic Hogwarts.

as much as possible to transfer the atmosphere of Hogwarts, I hung up pictures with the image of various mythological beings (unicorns, mermaids, centaurs, dragons, etc.) downloaded a coloring about Harry Potter, music to movies about him, made the stand on which lesson schedule hung (in two languages), the plan - the scheme of Hogwarts, the Anthem and an emblem of Hogwarts.

In the room names of faculties, a photo of deans and the principal, “the song of a hat“, the runic alphabet, images of ghosts of each faculty hung on a wall. From a ceiling stars and white balloons - ghosts hanged down. On doors inscriptions - names of various special rooms and classes were attached, for example: “a zelyevareniye class“, “the big hall“, “help out - the room“, “a bathroom of heads“, “the hall of trophies“, etc. Near the index in “the forbidden wood“ spiders hung.


Also prepared the following inscriptions: “Platform 9 3/4“ (hung on gate) and “Welcome to Hogwarts!“ (over an entrance to the house).

the Invitation was prepared by

in the spirit of Hogwarts too.

In the invitation, in lists of necessary things I left 2 points - it is a hat and a magic wand, but, despite it, I nevertheless prepared some more hats and magic wands. Prepared diplomas about leaving school.


Ya she is very grateful to parents and friends who once again very much helped me interestingly and to cheerfully spend a holiday. Huge all thanks!


  1. Prof. Albus Dumbledore. (father)
  2. of the Prof. Minerva Makgonagoll (mother)
  3. the Prof. Serus Sneg and Filius Flitvik (the friend`s father)
  4. of the Prof. Roland Bibin (elder sister of the friend)

Before an entrance to “The big hall“ of children meets

  • of the Prof. Pomona Stebel (the friend`s mother) by
  • the prof. Mcgonagall (further M. G.) .

    Mcgonagall: Welcome to Hogwarts! The banquet devoted to the beginning of new academic year begins, but before you take the places in “The big hall“, you will be distributed on 4 faculties. It is very important ceremony! you also have to know
    that during the whole time that you will be in school, your faculty will be for you the second house!
    So, I ask... (under the corresponding music children come into the room where already they are waited by professors and the principal).

    Mcgonagall : When I tell your name, you will approach me, will sit down on a stool, lower a hand in a hat and extend a note with the name of faculty. I begin!

    M. G. in turn tells the name of each child. The child, whose name is told, lowers a hand in a hat, pulls out a note with the name of faculty and gives M. G., that loudly reads the name of faculty.

    Children get up on faculties (teams). After completion of procedure of distribution it is asked to the principal Albus Dumbledore to speak (further A. D.) .

    Probably, it would be possible to sing the anthem, but we decided not to do it not to drag out process.

    Requisite: the distributing hat, cards with names of faculties.

    Albus Dumbledore: I Congratulate all on the beginning of new academic year in Hogwarts! Until the banquet began yet, I want to tell you several words. Today special day. Today we note not only the beginning of new academic year, but also birthday of one of pupils of school!

    A. Calls Mischa and together with all wishes him happy birthday. Wishes all good mood and a cheerful holiday!

    All applaud

    . The banquet (having a snack) begins. After a banquet all go to classes according to the schedule.

    Lesson 1. Zelyevareniye

    Pomona Stebel is represented to children and says that today they will learn to cook the potion lightening mood and filling with energy. Distributes recipes and directs process.


    Ya made several copies of recipes. Recipes of a potion hung on a wall, lay on a table before children and one became engrossed in reading of the teacher. On the next table there were all necessary ingredients. Usual compote was a potion.

    Should be told

    , children were very much carried away by this occupation. The potion was cooked with great pleasure.

    When everything was ready

    , Pomona put “copper“ on fire, all together said a spell “Redukto!“, and the potion began to cook, and children went to the following lesson.

    Requisite: recipe, “copper“, containers with ingredients, spoons, ladle.

    Idea gathered

    in Elena T. scenario“ School of magic“.

    the Recipe of a magic potion


    Into a copper boiled jellyfishes and dragon eggs. Prevent 5 times clockwise and 5 times - counterclockwise.

    Add flowers of a mandrake and leaves of an immortelle. Prevent 5 times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise.

    Carefully connect the received mix with zhaby pads and tears of a crocodile. Prevent 5 times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise.

    Pour in

    2 tablespoons of saliva of a bat. Prevent 5 times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise.


    3 tablespoons of crystals of air. Prevent 5 times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise.

    Deliver to

    on a plate and you cook within 20 minutes.

    Let`s be drawn by

    one quarter of hour.

    1. Boiled jellyfishes - the peeled apples cut with circles;
    2. Dried eggs of a dragon - dried apricots;
    3. mandrake Flowers - strawberry;
    4. immortelle Leaves - mint;
    5. of Zhabyi of a pad - a dried lime;
    6. of the Tear of a crocodile - water;
    7. Saliva of a bat - honey or jam;
    8. air Crystals - sugar

    the Lesson 2. Protection against powers of darkness

    meets by

    of Children the prof. Severus Snape (further S. S.). He welcomes children, it is represented to them also says what today children will study Cornish piksy.

    That it was more clear than

    to children who is such, on a wall hung up small information on Cornish piksyakh. And before to begin S. S.`s lesson“ korotenko, so for about 40 minutes“ (joke) told about them to children.

    S. S.`s

    : To be able to cope with them, they should be known better. And that to know them better, it is necessary to stay on their place. Therefore I turn all of you in “Cornish piksy“! Says a spell: “Mutenlyuten Malinpesti!“

    Game: Cornish piks

    All children turned into Piksey, Snape is the leader. Piks on command “Muvman!“ begin to run and do the chaotic movements. After a while the leader says a spell “Immobilyus!“, and all have to stand on the place. Then “Immobilyus!“ gives Sneg the Smooth Movements! command, then and. etc. Who moved a little or burst out laughing, that leaves game.

    Options of teams

    • Smooth movements!
    • Free movements!
    • we Move as a lion on hunting!
    • As sleepy fly!
    • As fast train!
    • As the hurrying hedgehog!
    • As cheerful frog!

    After game comes to an end, Snape says goodbye to children and they go on the following lesson.

    Lesson 3. Transfiguration

    meets by

    of Children professional. Minerva Makgonagoll welcomes them and declares that today at Transfiguration`s lesson they will learn to turn a usual sheet of paper into a frog. Distributes to children of the scheme, and all together do a frog.

    the Sheet of paper we turned

    into a frog by means of equipment of origami. For descriptive reasons printed out the scheme of production of the “jumping“ frog.

    the Frog is ready

    , we press it a magic wand or a finger, we say a spell: “Awad of Kedavr“, and the frog makes a jump.

    On it the lesson comes to an end with

    . Children leave on the following occupation.

    Requisite: sheets of paper for origami (it is possible usual paper) and the scheme.

    Lesson 4. The magic

    of Children welcomes the prof. Filius Flitvik . Flitvik says to children that the simplest in art of magic is a levitation, i.e. rise and deduction of a subject in air. And today they will study it. But at first it is necessary to learn a spell: “Vingardium Leviosa“!

    practice begins Then


    Game: Hold a balloon

    Children are divided into 2 parts: 2 faculties rise on the one hand and 2 opposite. Flitvik throws the magic wand a balloon, saying at the same time a spell:“ Vingardium Leviosa“!

    the First participants of teams the balloon has to inform of

    opposite teams, without having allowed it to fall, at the same time it is impossible to throw a ball hands. On it it is possible to blow, it is possible to throw the head, a nose, as a last resort, the magic wand.

    Participants of opposite teams pick up a ball and in the same way carry him back. When all children perform this task, the lesson comes to an end.

    Requisite: 2 balloons, nose, head and. other participant.

    Lesson 5. Kvidditch

    meets by

    of Children

    of the prof. Roland Bibin.

    Welcomes, it is represented. Says that on its occupations children will learn to play in kvidditch. Explains rules of the game.

    Game:“ Kvidditch


    On a rope suspended 2 hoops. From one and other party chalk draws lines - special marks. On the one hand, to one line, there is “hunter“, and on the other hand, to other line, the one who throws. On the opposite side of the territory there are a broom and balls.

    game Course:

    Children are divided

    into 2 teams and stand on the one hand, behind hoops. On a whistle the first participants of team run behind brooms and balls. At this time the second team players approach special line and are going to catch a ball. The first take balls, sit down on brooms, jump to hoops to a special mark and throw balls into a hoop, and the second players the “hunters“ standing behind a hoop try to catch these balls.

    After the ball is caught, the second player (“hunter“) sits down on the broom to the first player, and already together they jump back.

    the First player remains to

    on the place, and the second (which was a hunter) with a ball jumps back to the line and throws a ball into a hoop, the third participant of team becomes a hunter. Catches a ball, sits down on the broom and jumps together with the second player to the first.

    Then the second player remains together with the first, and the third comes back on the broom to hoops, throws a ball, and the fourth catches and. etc. Whose team will quicker be gathered on the opposite side of the platform, that also won. On it the lesson comes to an end.

    Requisite: a rope, 2 hoops, 2 brooms (with stickers “Nimbus 2009“), 2 small balls, a whistle.

    of Options of the termination of a holiday at me was two, depending on amount of time and desire of children.

    First: after a kvidditch Dumbledore carries out final examination - a quiz. Congratulates all, hands diplomas about leaving school. Then a banquet with festive cake and a disco.

    Second: carrying out preparation for tournament of “Three wizards“.

    Children at us played

    with pleasure, nobody was tired and all were ready to continue therefore we carried out the second part too.

    Tournament of Three Wizards

    the Prof. Dumbledore congratulates children on the end of occupations and declares that the next tournament of Three Wizards will take place soon. And he wants that all pupils of Hogwarts were well prepared for it. For this purpose all pupils should pass several tests.

    Test 1. To solve a labyrinth

    Dumbledore distributes to children labyrinths with letters. And to them - forms for filling. In a labyrinth letters are placed. If children correctly find a way out of a labyrinth, then at them the word which they will have to enter in a form will turn out. In our case it were names of faculties.

    the Labyrinth and idea took

    from Tatyana Evtyukova`s scenario “To you it was executed fifteen...“

    Requisite: 4 labyrinths with the thought word, a form for filling, handles.

    Test 2. Having stopped finding

    gold egg of a dragon

    a labyrinth, all team sits down on the broom, jumps to spheres and begins to pierce them.

    the Task of children - to learn where gold egg of a dragon is hidden. In one of balls there was a note of the following contents: “Look for gold egg of a dragon in the Forbidden wood!“

    In other spheres .


    For each team prepared a linking of spheres (by the number of participants) which was given to team on the place.

    Requisite: balls by the number of children, the broom (optional), notes, toothpicks.

    Test 3. To find a banner of faculty

    After the team learns where egg is hidden, she runs in the Forbidden wood, finds the egg and opens it.

    On a tree attached the picture with the sleeping dragon, under it hung up “gold eggs“. As gold eggs there were gold balloons. That the team learned the egg, ribbons with flowers of faculty were attached to it.

    In egg the note - a task was: “Find a banner of your faculty!“ .

    Krom of a note is in egg one fleeces and the runic alphabet. Children take away everything and come back to the lock.

    Requisite: gold spheres, a fleece, the runic alphabet, ribbons with flowers of faculties, the picture with a dragon.

    children decipher

    by means of professors that means their fleeces, having found it in the runic alphabet. We used the following runic symbols:

    e - Ehwaz - “Horse“ of s - Sowilo - “Sun“ of k - Kaunan - t “Torch“ - Tiwaz - “Arrow“

    Having solved a rune, children receive the card on which the location of their banner is designated, and move off in searches. If they correctly defined the place, then there will be a picture and a sign - the symbol corresponding to the found rune.


    Across the territory of our site in conditional places hanged out the corresponding pictures, and under them I attached a banner of each faculty.

    After the banner is found, all come back to the lock.

    Albus Dumbledore and other professors congratulate pupils on successful passing of all tests and hand them diplomas and mementoes.


    Everything passed

    cheerfully and dynamically, children were satisfied, I, frankly speaking, too had satisfaction from the done work. There was a full feeling that forces and time were spent not in vain. Though was very tired.


    as gifts to each child in a bag: stickers with the image of heroes of “Harry Potter“, a small badge with an amusing mug and a bag of “gold snitcha“.“ Ferrero Roshe candies were gold snitcha“.

    1. the idea “the distributing hat“ Was p>

      From unrealized to make “speaking“. Thought to make the list of the called children and according to this list, in the same sequence, to record with the tape recorder a gravelly voice literally on several words about each child. But then, in - the first, the person who would switch on and off the tape recorder in the right place, and in - the second was required, not all children came, and the sequence would be broken, it should rewind and look for urgently on a film of the necessary child. Though it was possible to think up something to realize this idea. It seems to me, with “the speaking hat“ it would be more interesting.

    2. After a distribution ceremony on faculties wanted to photograph all children with professors on Hogrvats`s threshold. Forgot what I am sorry about.
    3. by
    4. At a lesson of magic it was initially planned that Mischa will show several focuses, he already even began to prepare, but then for some reason changed the mind. Then decided that it will be made by the prof. Flitvik, but also this idea, unfortunately, did not manage to be embodied.
    5. , namely: to buy paints for a make-up, to give the chance to children to ornament itself and to turn into some zagadochny being; to develop several ideas on transformation of an old teapot into something; to turn a blot into a real image, but stopped nevertheless on origami, so was quicker, more simply and not less fascinatingly.
    6. could be engaged in predictions, astronomy, to tell fortunes on runes, and also to learn number of the name since both Ancient runes, and the Prediction, and Numerology are a part of subject matters of Hogwarts.

    In general, I want to tell that a subject fertile, and at School of a charodeystvo it is possible to arrange not only birthdays, but also other holidays.

    of All to you the kindest and success in all creative undertakings!