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Today I can safely tell three steps to a victory of

: I brought up the milk two most remarkable children! No, they are not twins, and just my darlings - the daughter Svetochka and the little son Nikitushka. Generally I am a children`s nurse and, having learned that I expect a baby, I decided that my future kid will surely eat a mother`s milk not less than a year. Already on work I knew that such artificial feeding and what problems with it are connected.

I read

waiting for the kid the literature devoted to breastfeeding much and by the time of the daughter`s birth it seemed to me that I know everything about it.

I there came that autumn day, and the most wonderful baby - my daughter Svetochka was born.

Ya it was happy! The baby was put to my breast at once - in the rodzal. Likely I will never be able to forget this instant! Storm of emotions: the pleasure, happiness, tenderness, love to this small lump overflowed me! At that moment I understood not only mind, but also heart - I will nurse only, only the milk! Any small bottles, mixes, pacifiers, baby`s dummies!

the First days did not bring to

any problems - the daughter remarkably took a breast, actively sucked. But for the third day the first difficulties began: rough production of milk began, my breast hardened. Many thanks to the midwife of postnatal office - she taught me correctly and to quickly decant surplus of milk. In two days everything became good. Hurrah, it was the first victory in fight for breastfeeding!

After an extract from maternity hospital we with the baby arrived home. In several days nipples when feeding began to hurt me. I courageously suffered from pain, even without suspecting that it is cracks. And only when the dried-up bloody crusts began to appear, I thought that occurs. By then pain when feeding became not taken out! I fed and cried, I wanted to throw everything, to give a bottle with mix and to forget about breastfeeding and this pain!

I our father came to that instant to the aid of me and our girl. As I was grateful to it! He ran on drugstores in search of special creams and overlays for a breast. It it encouraged and calmed me. It he was sure that our daughter will eat a mother`s milk. His confidence and tranquility made the business. From where he learned about creams, slips I still do not know, but it became the second victory for a milk!

the Daughter grew at

, ate a mother`s milk and was happy. But in three months the new misfortune - laktatsionny crisis appeared. There was catastrophically not enough milk! Nobody knew what to do. The daughter cries, I pay, the husband is nervous, and there is no milk. The pediatrician came, told that it is necessary to give mix and left. And at that moment my stubborn character has an effect - I to spite of the doctor who did not want to help to return milk, decided that I will nurse because it is my baby. And it is worthy the best.

Ya took in hand literature on breastfeeding, sent the husband with the daughter for walk and began to read. In the book there was practical advice, I calmed down, took a warm shower, drank hot tea with fennel and other herbs, went to bed. The husband exhausted with walk and the shouting hungry daughter woke me. Having taken the baby on hands, I suddenly understood that my breast was filled with milk. I quickly applied the daughter to a breast. She grabbed a nipple and there came the silence which we with the husband waited for nearly two days. It were moments of happiness, love and tenderness which are difficult for describing words. And still it was the third victory for breast milk!

problems - stagnation of milk, shortage were farther than

too, again cracks on nipples, at the daughter teeth began to get out. I was helped by confidence in the forces and huge desire to nurse. All problems were solved. It was much more difficult to leave a milk not only the daughter, but also me. It is difficult to replace those feelings which mother and the kid have during feeding by a breast with something else. I delayed the parting moment with a milk as it is possible further, but it all the same came - almost in two years. But it already another story altogether.

Now I nurse the little son - to it too soon two years. Of course, now I managed to avoid many problems. Having the first successful experience of breastfeeding, you are convinced of the opportunities to be the feeding mother, and it gives forces and self-confidence. Thanks to the one who helped me and supported during these periods of my life - to my husband. I very much love it! Only with such support from the loved one it is possible to overcome all difficulties of breastfeeding.

Dear mothers! Nurse the kids as long as possible! This happiness - to be the feeding mother!