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Caesarian: to, in time and after

Before childbirth I “was online“ much and tried to find stories of the women who transferred Cesarean section. It expected me. And, as we know, uncertainty frightens. If articles, then any indistinct came across. And the fear did not leave. Therefore decided to write that the girl who according to different indications expects operation should know.

All me written are recommendations of my attending physician, the anesthesiologist and personal experience.

Before operation

In - the first, it is better to lay down in maternity hospital in advance, at least for of 1 - 2 day. During this time you will get used to the hospital atmosphere, will make all tests, will get acquainted with the doctor. Also you will communicate to other girls, expecting the “star“ hour. Their support and councils very much will help further.


In - the second, be prepared for operation. Morally! Calm down, the day before well sleep; if you cannot fall asleep, ask some sedative for the nurse. Also collect a package in postoperative. You need a mineral water bottle without gases, a circle, pure pants (it is better with a high elastic band that then did not press on a seam), laying, phone.

On the eve of operation to you the anesthesiologist will come. Answer all questions interesting him, tell about all diseases and injuries that at you were during life. It can be very important. Ask all questions of anesthesia that you are disturbed. Personally I chose epiduralny anesthesia since it does not influence the child, it is easier to get then on feet, doctors can always learn about your health from you and, the most important, you will see the child at once, will hear his first shout! At the general anesthesia the child more sluggish, you will only see it after you regain consciousness. And it is fraught with psychological difficulties - it will be heavy to some to realize that it is their kid, and all because did not see the moment of its birth. And it is already terrible! I will write further, meaning that anesthesia local.

B - the third, food on the eve of operation. It is possible to have breakfast densely, a lunch not plentiful meatless, till 6 in the evening it is possible kefir, yogurt. After 6 only water, tea without sugar. Recommend to drink not less than 1,5 liters of liquid.

B - the fourth, an enema. It is recommended to do in the evening and in the morning before operation. But it is possible to manage only morning if yesterday you ate a little.

B - the fifth, you will have to shave. So do not forget the disposable razor.

Day of “X“

Since morning the nurse will wake you on an enema. Then to you will bandage legs to knees elastic bandage (it is necessary to get in advance, will drop down one 3 - 4 meter, it will be just cut in half). It is necessary since. the blood-groove of the lower extremities, and that veins did not suffer is broken, it is necessary to roll up legs. Bandage can be removed as soon as you get up.

Before operation cannot drink water! So it is necessary to suffer.

In due time you with a package of things go to the operating room. The nurse will help to put on a sterile shirt, a cap, boot covers. The anesthesiologist will give an injection in a back then legs begin to grow dumb gradually. Therefore it is necessary to lay down somewhat quicker, so far you are able to make it. The following stage will insert an uric catheter, it is not sick any more since anesthetic works. On a table the place of a section will be processed alcohol, iodine. In the face of will hang up a blind that you saw nothing. Will connect a dropper to the right hand, will put on a cuff for measurement of pressure left. It will be controlled during all operation. The doctor does a trial cut and if sensitivity is absent, it is possible to consider that operation began.

during operation the only moment connected with painful feelings - process of a dostavaniye of the child. But it is tolerant and is rewarded by the first dissatisfied shout of the baby. You will hear it approximately in 10 minutes after the beginning of operation. Will show you the child and will carry away him on processing. In total. It was necessary to wait when you clean and will sew up (somewhere minutes 30).

After operation

you on a wheelchair will be brought to postoperative chamber. Will give time for calls to the family. The nurse will help to drink, then will give the anesthetizing injection, and you will be able to have a sleep. After an anesthesia the terrible fever will beat, but it is norm, and after a while everything will pass. In several hours there will pass the sleep of legs, and by the evening will be able to turn sideways. Will enter during the day through a catheter on a hand anesthetic and antibiotics to avoid inflammatory processes. If you feel that pricks do not help, and pain does not become dull (as was at me), be not afraid to tell about it to the nurse. To you will just give other injections (in a bottom). The whole day cannot be eaten. It is possible to drink water only.

Next day to you will take out an uric catheter, will help to get on feet, to be washed away and put on, will take away in postnatal office, in chamber. This day from food it will be possible chicken broth with a small amount of the wiped chicken meat, kefir. Both not Bol 0,5 liters. On following it is already possible: thin soup on chicken broth, an omelet, boiled egg, porridges on water, kefir, compote from dried fruits without sugar, crackers from black bread. Fresh bread is impossible! It will be harmful to intestines. And in the first week the regular chair is very important.

In the first day, most likely, you will be able to see the kid only in children`s office. Will bring the child on feeding next day, and on third day after operation will bring the kid for ever, and you will be able to look after him.

During all time spent in hospital will give injections (the anesthetics, antibiotics, means reducing a uterus) several times a day to process a seam and to change bandages.

If the seam was made the self-resolving threads, then the extract is made for the 6th days after the delivery if seams removable - on 6 - 7 day I remove a half of seams through one, and on following - remained. If everything is good, write out on 8 - 9 days.

of the House

the Maximum weight that you can lift - the child`s weight. A shower can be taken in a week after the delivery, but only standing that water flew down from a seam. It is possible to process a seam in a day hydrogen peroxide, and then brilliant green within a week. It is the best of all not to close a seam, opened it begins to live quicker. Try to monitor regular depletion of intestines. Any sexual relations - only after the end of allocations. By the way, after operation they can longer go, than after ordinary childbirth. Physical exercises not earlier than 42 days after operation, and it is better closer to for 3 - 4 months. If the threads self-resolving, then through some time the small knot can get out of a seam. It is not terrible. He will disappear and if disturbs, can accurately cut off it scissors. After operation the skin sleep over a seam is possible, it as if loses sensitivity. But this temporary phenomenon, already everything passes through few months.

It seems all necessary I reported

. I hope, my article will help someone and will answer his questions. And it is better if you avoid all this and you will be able to give birth to healthy kids! Good luck!