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Moscow eyes of children. The old Arbat of

Within the forthcoming “attack on a general education institution“ the teacher of courses of preparation for school decided to check knowledge of children of various areas of life and after chitatelno - schitatelny operations passed to moskvovedeniye elements.

“What sights of Moscow you know

?“ - she asked.

the Suspicious silence after a question forced out me in itself. For a long time. Shestiletki, including my daughter, vastly rummaged in the memoirs and, at last, not without the aid of a leading question “Where you walked with parents?“ began to give the most memorable campaigns.

the Rating of the most popular places looked so:

  1. shops,
  2. McDonald`s,
  3. zoo,
  4. dolphinarium.

Red Square and other “hallmarks“ of the capital was called by the teacher.


it is offensive, annoyingly... and it is not fine, especially if to consider that children are often carried and drive “where it is necessary“.

As the daughter managed not to remember numerous adventures, I did not know, but understood that not storing of “walks“ is my mamsky defect, and the situation needs to be taken under personal control urgently. Having endured a moment of silence (in sense, a shame), I began to strain contents of the right hemisphere regarding “What to do - that now?“ To carry every weekend where - nibud? Well, carried, I pound - that...

How “to register“ at the child in memory of sight? Here in what a question.

Should buy it the book, and it is better two, is not present the encyclopedia more thickly. In shop I took the first pleasant edition from a book shelf. It is a lot of illustrations, it is a lot of letters - it is magnificent. Only having looked at the book the child`s eyes, I understood - not that, it will be boring for the daughter.

the idea Is! We together will create a photo album “my Moscow“. In an album there will be photos of sights of Moscow which ourselves will make. Yes, the daughter will photograph Moscow - why is not present?!“ Moscow the child`s eyes“, and I undertake the short description of places and the events connected by it.

Of course, with plans of excursions and photoshoots it is necessary to tinker and shovel a lot of literature, but there is a hope that poor memory will show complacency and will remember though something. We will have a series of excursions. That each object “from teeth jumped aside“. Excursions will be short that both of us did not manage to be tired. And any calling cafe, and that will remember a roll again, and about Zhukov will forget!

I decided to Begin

with heart of Moscow, with the Old Arbat. And what I know about the Old Arbat? Well, I know... After insignificant deepening in a subject, I understood that:

I too much do not know
  1. ;
  2. me all this is very interesting to
  3. ;
  4. I undertook very difficult business.
the Small residue hardly managed to fill up with

the computer winchester. When business came to a logical end of the Old Arbat, I looked at the number of pages, at Alice, and then at the printer. Not, will not pull!

As they say, brevity - the sister of talent, but the mother-in-law of the fee. Alka was not going to pay the fee to me all the same, and I safely undertook sequestering of the text.

I, however, information, any historians, architects and other famous persons was so many that even my memory would not cope. I forced itself to look at the text eyes of the six-year-old child who all this is told. What I am a bore! More simply, more well, well. It became much easier. On extremely measure, with Pushkin and Natalya Goncharova whose monument we should see. Balls, verses - to present to the girl information as easy as shelling pears. With the princess Turandot too, I hope, problems will not be, and here it is necessary to tinker with versions of emergence of the name of the street, its initial function and territorial borders. History - such difficult piece, it as the budget in our country - follows from one, flows into another, the part flows away, part on surfaces, part under a family the House of actors and Prague restaurant, it is necessary to have, at least, ideas of the one who are they such and what so strongly became famous for. And it is couple more of volumes of notes and references.

At last, in Alice`s backpack “the tourist`s lunch“ and the accompanying homemade encyclopedia of short digression to life of the Arbat from the 14th century lay up to now.

Alice I handed to

the camera and gave carte blanche. At first she tried to copy, but already soon grew bolder and was let on waves of own foreshortenings and types. I did not begin to Krugozorit with Alice at once, gave time to get used to the street, to remember the atmosphere. Thank God, the place was identified by the joyful phrase:“ I remember, I was here“. Went slowly, greedy. Incidentally got acquainted with radical 82 - summer the Muscovite who lives on the Arbat, and prefers to eat only high-quality, let and the road, bread. Above all to Alice it was curious that standing the princess has shoes or pointes? Turandot met us in shoes, the piper with delay, the knight with the knight, I only managed to fix movements of the little curious girl. If to speak frankly, most of all I liked to photograph as Alice photographs the one who photographs. Oh, how many at once “namaslyachit“!

of Protopav from “Prague“ to, I will not be afraid of this word, McDonald`s, I decided to push luck and asked:

- Tell - to me, Alice, “Ah, the Arbat....“ Pushkin wrote?

- Is not present


- Perhaps, Lermontov?

- Is not present


- Perhaps, Nekrasov?

- Yes!

I we went to Prague again “to fix“ Okudzhava. It is good that we walked not on the Great Wall.

Some fellow approached

Alice, blew on it from a jar a huge soap bubble why Alka became centimeter more happily. Foreigners photographed my small paparazzi which with the words “Pigeons, Ulybochka!“ ran on the Arbat in search of models. Somewhere danced, somewhere played...

“Mother, I want here, to live on the Old Arbat!“ - the daughter told.