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Self-hypnosis - on a “favourite“ phobia. Seven steps to a victory of

of a phobia are treated Today by means of psychotherapy, medicinal therapy and a combination of one to another. Meanwhile, the American psychologists Brian Alman and Peter Lambru consider that excellent remedy for fears and alarms is self-hypnosis, and arm all persons in need with concrete exercises.

Step 1: To understand why we need our phobias?

Before getting rid of the phobia tormenting you, wonder as you without it will live. The matter is that in certain cases our fears carry out a certain protective function, and are anyway favorable our unconscious though at the conscious level we, certainly, deny it.

Sometimes neurotic fears and panic attacks appear in our life absolutely not incidentally, - we try to solve these or those problems with their help unconsciously. For example, in a situation when the relations between spouses for some reason “cracked“, the woman more strong to attach to themselves the husband, can unexpectedly “get sick“ with an agoraphobia and refuse to leave the house without the spouse. Or - at the young man forced to study at institute which he entered at insistance of parents the phobia of public transport can develop.

without having understood for itself the psychological reasons of our phobias, without having understood, than they can be favorable to us, without having found in themselves courage to look to the truth in eyes - we risk to remain hostages of the fear for a long time. Or, having hardly got rid of one phobia, we can appear in the power of some another at once.

Step 2: You want to relax? You breathe more deeply

“As it is easy to relax? Very simply - to learn it is correct to breathe“ - claim the doctor of psychology Alman and to Lambr in the book “Samogipnoz“. Since the childhood to us repeat that it is necessary to breathe a full breast that the stomach was flat and tightened. Perhaps, from an esthetic point - it is absolutely quite good, but such breath does not suit for the correct relaxation.


for a while about an esthetics - health more important. Deeply inhale a stomach, and then slowly exhale through a mouth. Measured, deep breath starts reaction of a relaxation and relaxation that pulls for itself the whole chain of positive physical changes in an organism: delay of a warm rhythm, inflow of blood to extremities, muscular relaxation. It is worth beginning occupations with training in diafragmalny breath with self-hypnosis.

Step 3: We relax muscles

If at you inside everything contracted from a nervous tension if you literally shiver from a stress - define that place where tension is especially strong. It can be forehead muscles, the raised shoulders, the gritted teeth... Try to measure mentally force of your tension by means of a speedometer. Then, for several seconds strain already intense places even stronger. Then make a deep breath and detain it. Slowly exhale. Present that together with air you are exempted from all collected tension, and the arrow of the imagined speedometer - creeps down.

Here approximate option of suggestion for muscular relaxation.

Fixedly looking at the hand, or at a bright spot on a wall, or listening attentively to some sound, I can help the body to relax.

Ya mentally I present tension squeezing my body in the form of the hard bandage which are pulling together me which I can break.

Deep breath breaks off these bandage.

to me it is good

. I believe that my health will return to normal, and I will be able as before to enjoy life.

Step 4: We use figurative creativity

If to you it is terrible or you feel approach of panic attack - present that you do something not connected with your fear - you walk in park, you take the warm, weakening bath or you prepare the favourite dish.

For example, imagine yourself, cooking something tasty. Present what appetizing aroma, proceeds from the culinary masterpiece created by you. You hear as pobulkivat sauce, feel gentle, delightful taste of everyone, the ruddy piece sent by you to a mouth... You played appetite? Well and it is wonderful. Now remember how you had dinner together with the person dear to your heart as warmly and it was cozy to you together... Similar figurative creativity helps us to operate our feelings and feelings.

Step 5: We apply Albert Ellis`s technique

the Famous therapist Albert Ellis developed the technique combining self-hypnosis and it is rational - emotivny therapy. Following it, during self-hypnosis of people has to communicate with himself as the patient mentor and the loving parent. Feeling approach of an attack of fear, you can pronounce about yourself approximately following:

I am

Ya self-controlled and I can relax, having concentrated on breath.

Ya I slow down breath.

I remember

Ya that I can cope with feeling of alarm. With me it was earlier.

Everything will be good


Ya I close eyes to a moment and I represent a peace situation. Having felt approach of alarm, I begin to breathe more deeply.

Ya as if I switch on and off light, or - slowly I diminish or I add a sound by means of the loudness regulator.

Ya itself I regulate the state.

Step 6: We rehearse possible stressful situations

In the book Alman and Lambr is told about the woman by the name of Bettie for many years suffering from an agoraphobia. Being afraid of a panic attack in the public place, it left the house only accompanied by the husband or children. Nevertheless, she managed to cope with the fear. At first she learned to relax by means of self-hypnosis, and then set a goal - to mentally visit the neigbour. The woman scrolled in the head each movement - from the first step for a threshold of the house - to a door of the apartment of the neigbour.

Then Bettie began to rehearse mentally and other exits “in people“: here she goes along the street, and here - drives the car on the market, walks in park... The woman adjusted the imagination on a successful completion of the mental walks and, eventually, won a victory over the fear. Those who know firsthand what is an agoraphobia, will understand what triumph was tested by Bettie, having carried out the first - a real and independent exit from the house.

Step 7: We tame fear

in the Effective way to cope with fears and phobias gradual schooling of to a frightening situation is. Such method approaches including to those who suffer severe forms of phobias. You are afraid to go in the elevator? Begin with coming into its cabin at least for several seconds. Still after a while try to pass in the company of the friend one floor, then - a little. Then make pass - voyage from one neighboring floor to another - in loneliness and t. d, etc.